In cutivation realm with anime system
1 new life new systeme
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In cutivation realm with anime system
Author :blazuki
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1 new life new systeme

Note(english is not my first langage. So forgive me for ant mistakes)

One Day josha opened his eyes and saw beatifull woman looking at him anxiously

'what the fuck' He didn't know who she is. then suddenly he start remembering when he was going back from university to his home the from nowhere he got a hit by lightning.

And there he is looking at the woman who brathed easy when she saw him opening his eyes.

' god my head' josha felt pain mixed with flash-backs. ' everything is clear now. Am no longer in the earth. This world is a world of cutivation like the ones on the novel. And am now at body of This kid who' s name is the same of mine and He is orphan and called trash because of his lack of talent also he is from rik clan and in live in thier resident at sun city . And This woman is my cousin who helped me after geting my ass kicked by some membre of myclans..' josha thought

" seeing that you are fine I'll go. i think now my debt with your dead father is paid so next time when you fight i wont save you" then she left.

Suddenly he Heard a sound

[ ding. anime system has bound with host successfully]

[ state:

Name: josha

Age : 17

Cultivaton level: Chi gathering level one


Cultivation technique : fire_leafe (mortal level)

(Note:there is five levels mortal earth Saint Heaven and god)

Skill : fire snack:masted(mortal)

Occupation :non

System points:10000


Josha was suprised. Then he callmed down after all it's usual to get a system on novels he read

'let me see the Shop... Let see the skills'

He clicked on Skills and saw many also ones from anime like chidori ' kamehameha.... Ect

' since am weak for now let me buy these two


Then He bought kaiokan and thunder_god seal wich cost him 5000 each

He felt the skills imprinted in his head

[ ding. Congratulation for host for his first use

reward : starter pack. Wanna open]


[ Pack opened:

x1 Bloodline : sayan

x1 Cultivaton technique : the demon_sage(god)

x1 system storage : size of a small world

x1 system using guide


he felt the informations imprinted to his head

In order to buy things you need points. To get points you need to do missions kill monstres. And there is a cool thing. You can get points and special skills by acting like a anime character in some situations

'after ciltuvation i' ll go to hunt beast to geather money and points. i don't have enough money for food or parent to fund me any way'

Then he closed his eyes and start cultivating the demon sage wich give both Chi of sage and body of demon .

'I' ll sleep for now and tommorow i'll have some fun '

The system has a function that allow him to cultivate while sleeping.

and josha start his heroic path to become the greatest worrior. What will hapenn when he wake up. Watch next on icrwas


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