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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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50 Let“s talk honestly?!





Emery and Yani left already activating the "Short Invisibly" spell, which allowed them to be invisible for about 10 minutes, Emery also used the "Silent" spell that made his steps silent and their voices couldn't be heard by people outside the Spell.

This helped the two a lot to move faster and without raising anyone's suspicion. This would be the first time they were alone, literally alone, without Azarphy or Arabeth around.

"Bishop Darcy, I'd like to ask you something, " said Yani breaking the silence between the two, as he walked down the third-floor hallway, they had to go down three flights of stairs to get to the ground floor to go to the Novices' Dormitory.

The corridors of the abbey were long and with several large windows in stone arches. This made the environment quite bright depending on the time of day, but also made it easy to become cold because of the winds.

"Say what you want to ask, " said Emery softly. It was the first time he was having a conversation with the MC, at least a conversation initiated by the MC of the original novel.

"Why did you help me?" asked Yani stopping to look at Emery's expression, but the black hood covered part of his face, and couldn't define what expression he was making.

Emery was silent for a while, they didn't stop walking, as the spell of invisibility had a short running time. Of course, it didn't help that Emery was so slow. Yes, his current body was so annoyingly slow!

"I've heard rumors about what Father Rutger did to you... So, I just went to see out of curiosity. The rest just happened," Emery said hesitating a little as he spoke. He didn't know if he could touch on this kind of intimate subject with Yani, besides, it was a very painful subject.

Of course, what he said was a lie, but Emery couldn't tell the truth. That this world is a novel and that it came from another world. That would sound crazy somehow. He also couldn't say that he knew about the future and how strong Giovanni would be and that he (Emery) wanted that person to owe him a debt of gratitude as a future guarantee.

In addition to looking stingy, this could be considered some kind of mental disorder. Giovanni wouldn't necessarily believe him.

It is not as if there was no gossip at Matteo Abbey, the novices were not blind and saw the state of Giovanni. The priests should have known what the famous exorcist had done since there was even a priest who witnessed the moment that Father Rutger was kicking Giovanni on the floor.

So what Emery said cannot be considered a lie.

Yani was silent with this response from Bishop Darcy, he didn't know how he should feel because the **** occurred hundreds of years ago for him, but for the current Giovanni, this was last night.

He could feel Giovanni's soul stir uncomfortably, but Yani also didn't know how to comfort this 16-year-old teenager. He could feel the young man's shame and sense of humiliation, but he was also not good at saying good words and appeasement.

"You know, it's not your fault," Emery said with a sigh as he watched as Yani was silent after he said he knew about the abuse he went through.

"I know it's not my fault, " said Yani in a cold voice. He's known about this for a long time. He still let any feelings for Father Rutger go a long time ago because he wouldn't allow himself to remember that kind of bastard.

"Yes, it's the fault of this sick bastard," said Emery, who took Yani's small hand and squeezed it to pass on some comfort. Emery said those words, but he felt it wasn't enough, but he also didn't know how to comfort anyone.

There was also the great disparity of reality between the original world and this fantasy world, for example, in Emery Darcy's original memoirs they had no information about psychologists or psychiatrists. There were some health homes, but generally, mental health problems were treated as demonic influences that were treated by healing priests or exorcist priests.

The right thing would be to take Giovanni to a psychologist to deal with this trauma and of course to fire the police to catch this bastard Father Rutger, but the reality of the fantasy world that would just be a crazy dream.

"I don't know how to comfort you ... But I'll be here if you want to talk about it or anything" Emery said a little sheepishly. He was not very good at dealing with people, even in his past life he only dealt with people when it was necessary. Oddly, Emery was being more friendly and more talkative to Azarphy than to a normal human being.

Yani felt strange to receive this kind of warmth, he also felt envious of the current Giovanni, because he had no one to help him in the past or who just offered a word of comfort.

"Thank you," said Yani a little embarrassed. Yani thanked him, again he was with a confused heart. Was Bishop Darcy really a good person? Or was he a spectacular actor? He didn't know, but he hesitated again in his mind.

"Why don't we change the subject? What do you intend to do now? Will you stay here at the abbey or will you leave?" asked Emery when they reached the second floor. He was curious about the opinion of "Giovanni", now that he had a choice on the subject.

Yani was silent and left Giovanni who was listening to everything answer him. Of course, Yani felt a little warm in his heart because someone was asking for his opinion... He had a choice to make, which was unexpected.

Giovanni felt even hotter than Yani, as he was even younger and even needier. Giovanni's emotions were shared with Yani, who understood how the other felt about this question.

"I plan to leave the abbey. What I'll do? Well, I would like to travel and see the world more. I got so caught up in this kind of place, that I want to see big open spaces." Yani said with a very pure smile, but Emery didn't see that smile since Yani had his back to him.

Yes, he was going to travel the world and live the life he wanted!

Of course, he still had to find the avatars of the gods and send the message about the Titans' plans. However, things would be different from the past when he was forced to follow a path of no return to survive.

Giovanni and Yani felt that the world was too big and they wanted to know everything, they didn't want to be trapped and they wanted to know, see and appreciate the world.

"That's good. What's your plan to get out of here? I also intend to leave the Abbey Matteo soon. Do you want to accompany me?" asked Emery finding it interesting how "Giovanni" behaved increasingly confidently.

Yani was surprised by Bishop Darcy's answer and question, after all, their situation was different. Bishop Darcy has a good reputation and has the power within the church, why would he like to leave his status behind?

"Where does the Bishop go?" Yani asked curiously. What would a person like Bishop Darcy do to leave his prestigious status?

"I'm going back to my family's home in the Aurore Empire," Emery said shortly. He was a little too lazy to explain in very detail about all this being heir and his considerations about the future.

"Will you give up the clergy?" asked Yani half incredulous with Emery's tranquility when talking about this kind of subject. They reached the first flight of stairs.

"Yes, I will give up the post of the bishop and leave the clergy," Emery said very vaguely. Emery didn't explain much more about this. Yani indirectly assumes that Emery is choosing to live a rich life as the son of a nobleman. However, reaching the position of Bishop requires ambition, but now Bishop Darcy did not seem ambitious. Which was strange.

It's not that he doesn't want to tell Giovanni the truth, but he himself wasn't sure what was going to happen when he returned to his family. He didn't even know if he and Giovanni would be together at that moment, the fewer people know, the easier it will be for him to get rid of his identity as Bishop.

"Will the church allow you to leave? Won't they excommunicate you?" asked Yani surprised at how Bishop Darcy threw his status without thinking too much. Many people wished to reach bishop Darcy's status, but that would only be a dream.

"I don't know if they try to excommunicate me. I will try to leave the church without causing a problem. But if that will be not possible, I will also not feel sad if they excommunicate me. This may sound very arrogant, but I trust my family to help me with it," Emery said, shrugs as he spoke.

Even if it was arrogant and then what?

Shouldn't he use his family's resources?

Of course, he must use these resources to have a free and rich life!


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