I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
49 Azarphy is reluctant to let him go
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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49 Azarphy is reluctant to let him go





Hey, how do you expect me to know what mythological creatures do out there?! I'm just an otherworldly human thrown here!

Of course, that Emery didn't say that, because it would be too crazy to say it out loud, he didn't even think that he just felt wrong.

Emery didn't respond to Azarphy, because he felt slightly guilty. Technically it wasn't his fault for not knowing about the mythologies of this world, at the same time, he felt that he stole the ML from the MC. Although Arabeth is technically not an ML yet.

The fallen angel also didn't continue on the subject, he retracted the sacred power around Emery. Bishop Darcy, who saw nothing different, had his mind focused on the plot of the book. He was trying to remember the description of the book on the environment of the Abbey Matteos, who knows, maybe he could find some secret place interesting?!

It was better to think about it than to persist in thinking about guilt, after all, things have already happened!

Azarphy looked suspiciously at "Giovanni", he felt a strong mental power pressing Emery as if trying to manipulate Bishop Darcy's emotions. But the power was too weak and subtle, but the most striking was that this weak and subtle power issues something dangerous to him.

The power is subtle and very refined, but that power appeared to be weak and not a threat. However, for Azarphy it was even worse. It was as if a powerful Warlock was manipulating mental power. He well knew that the Warlocks had the strongest mental power.

Who was Azarphy?

Was his status before he became a sinner something a human could challenge?

"Humans are getting stranger and stranger," thought Azarphy a little stunned by this subtle mental power of "Giovanni".

Warlocks are hunted, but never extinct, it shows how formidable Warlocks are, just as it shows that they are dangerous. Manipulation of emotions if used too much can cause permanent brain damage. Some cases of "schizophrenias" and "depressions" were caused by Warlocks, which further worsened their fame. Of course, many of these cases led to these people dying or committing suicide, so ordinary people fear Warlocks.

Azarphy looked between Emery and Giovanni, he wondered if the red-haired human had any attractiveness, only attracting dangerous people around him. Well, Emery already had that butler who didn't look normal either and had a dangerous look. Could it be something that Darcy's family had? Some kind of gift to attract dangerous people like bees to honey?

After a while, Emery decided to get up and go to the big window of his room, he didn't want to be tortured with that kind of sensual vision of a young man eating candy!

Oh, was he becoming some kind of pervert?

Where was your straight certainty?!

Emery knew he couldn't do with the MC the same thing he did with Arabeth. The two had quite different circumstances, Arabeth knew the wild side of sex, he had some prior knowledge.

"Giovanni" didn't know, other than the terrible experience learned during the abuse he suffered at the hands of Father Rutger. Emery could not "teach" the correct way to have sex the same way he showed Arabeth.

Maybe that would trigger Giovanni!

Well, he could only help from afar with some subtle tips and if Giovanni wanted to open up to him someday.

"Yes, don't think about it too much, " thought Emery consoling himself. He tried to scare away those shameless thoughts from his mind.

Emery who had his back to "Giovanni", he didn't notice the smile full of charming malicious on Yani's lips.

Yani saw bishop Darcy's stunned look, he looked a little silly and funny, while he also saw some kind of psychological struggle that Emery seemed to be having, before getting up to go look at the window.

"Interesting," thought Yani finishing licking the raspberry jam that he had "carelessly" let drain while ate.

There were not many people who could resist his mental power so well, even if he used only a small fraction of that power since Giovanni's body couldn't stand it if he used his mental powers even at the very least.

However, Yani felt a powerful sacred aura repelling his mental powers. It was a very pure sacred aura, it created a little confusion in Yani, after all, no matter how good Bishop Darcy was, that kind of purity a human would never achieve.

Finally, both finished the meal, which made Azarphy very happy because he could eat this delicious food soon!

Oh, the raspberry pie looked pretty good! The muffins were so cute! These cream puffs also looked very attractive!

"So, shall we go to the novices' dormitory?" asked Emery after wearing the "Fancy Dress" spell that modified his Bishop's clothes into a priest's clothes with all the black and hooded style to hide his face well.

He didn't want to draw attention walking around the abbey, he didn't want any trouble, but he also wanted to look outside, knowing where things were important if he needed to run away for some reason.

Yani found it strange that Bishop Darcy was undercover, but he didn't say anything and only took the long-hooded cape of the same black color as Emery's and put it on top of his novice clothes.

"Yes, please," asked Yani politely, as Emery was doing him a favor.

"Okay, but you have to walk in front of me and not get away from me. I don't know much about this abbey, I don't want to get lost or lose you," Emery said sighing a little disconsolately.

The memories of the original Emery Darcy had no record of him walking through Matteo Abbey alone, he was always with butler Louis or some novice was always guiding him.

Unlike the current Emery who had a good memory, the original Emery Darcy had the terrible memory to record places, despite being very good at recording spells and learning the arcane words.

Emery was blessed by a good memory regardless of the situation, this was very good, but sometimes it was also bad because his mind also recorded bad moments, which were hard to forget.

Yani felt strange to see this moment of dependence on the Bishop in him, it made Emery look a little cute and a little foolish.

After all, if he did something like guide Bishop Darcy into a trap, wouldn't Bishop Darcy walk foolishly with him there? Yani hesitated for a moment to continue testing Bishop Darcy because he seemed a bit of an idiot ... who easily trusted people.

"He only met you for one day, right?" Yani asked Giovanni mentally.

"Yes, we didn't even talk much. However, he treated me well and had a look of pity ... Could it be that he knows what happened last night and only welcomed me out of pity?" Giovanni responded with a little reluctance. Yani could feel the emotions of anger, confusion, and the pain of betrayal coming from Giovanni.

"So he's either very good at scheming and acting, or he's really a nice and a little silly person" replied Yani looking closely at Emery who still had a very serious face, but the dark blues looked bright.

In the end, Yani was confused, but he still continued with the "seduction" plan. Only then would he know whether or not the other had a dark heart full of schemes.

"We're leaving" asked Emery a little loudly for Azarphy to hear, which was a bit silly since Azarphy was right next to Emery.

"I'm on your side," Azarphy said in a mocking tone, but even so his voice was very attractive, it made Emery feel restless and made him wonder what the fallen angel did to him for breakfast.

Oh, he had too much of his tofu eaten!

"I'm leaving, remember to clean up afterward," said Emery by mental communication. He had already explained to Azarphy that later he would say that some novice went to clean things up.

"It's all right. You have to be careful" said Azarphy a little reluctant to have his only favorite human going out there into the dangerous world.

Especially now that he suspects Giovanni. But was he also reluctant to part ways with good food? Anyone knows how many centuries he didn't eat anything ... It was something like torture.

"You talk like you can't find me right away, " said Emery a little embarrassed, he felt something sweet in Azarphy's words. It's been a long time since anyone cared about him with some "sincerity" since his parents died in his past life.

"That's true... If you need help, you just need to scream in your mind my name" said Azarphy a little quieter. He himself didn't understand why he was so concerned ... Since when was the human world so dangerous?

"Ah, must it be because he is a weak human?" Azarphy thought for a while to reach that conclusion, it left him a little more relaxed. In the end, for Azarphy nothing could hit or hurt him, but for a human, like Emery, that only one stumble could hit his head and he would die bleeding.

He worried if this human would die since he looked like a good human ... Look at this good food that the human gave him? Besides, he was just as well ... He liked the human's reactions, at least mentally Emery was very funny.

How could he let the provider of good food and fun get hurt? So he is very concerned!

[Author: Ohhh, my gosh! So many excuses!]

"Okay, so now I will," said Emery hanging out with Yani, the conversation between him and Azarphy lasted a few seconds. A conversation with the mental connection was extremely quick.

Arabeth who watches as the two humans leave, he also wanted to go after them, but a voice stopped him in place:

"I have something to talk to you, Marquis Arabeth," said Azarphy taking his human form and sitting at the table where the delicious sweets were.

Arabeth: (...) ⊃゜Д゜)⊃

A fallen angel!

Arabeth was now in serious trouble, forget Giovanni and Emery, he could not even live if something like this was with this fallen angel!


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