I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
48 “Sexy halo” of BL characters
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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48 “Sexy halo” of BL characters

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Emery finished eating and wiped his hands using "Clean", of course, that he was all cheerful when using mana for a spell for the first time. He remembered that the original Emery Darcy used this spell to clean up dirt after sexual orgies. After the... Cough... Cough... Yes, the reasons for "Clean" were very embarrassing!

The sensation of the Mana in his hand was quite strange, it was like soft warm on his fingertips and on the warm of his tongue. Spells can be verbal or non-verbal, this time Emery used a verbal spell. But in his memoirs, Bishop Darcy is already at the level where he just needed to think of the words for the spell to manifest in the real world.

Examining the memories of the original Emery Darcy, he could see some of the spells that this person used very often, which has already become conditioned words in his mind. Thus, when he thought of the spell, the words came to his mind very easily, the thought being faster than the real movement, that is, for spells of this non-verbal type, it takes a matter of seconds for them to manifest in the real world. .

Among them were "Clean", "Lube", "Pretty Beauty", "Acceleration", "Disassemble", "Fireball", "Metal Bullet", "Short Invisibility", "Silent", "Strip", "Scent", "Fancy Dress", "Dress Up", "Whisper", "Wind Barrier", "Dry", "Pure Water" and "Water Whip".

Emery was a little embarrassed to see that at least half of these spells the previous Emery Darcy used to engage in his sexual activities until the Water Whip didn't escape that person's shameless actions.

Oh! Those dirty memories!

The interesting thing is that the original Emery Darcy used "Lube" in sexual intercourse, the sad thing is that he wore it the wrong way. After all, it's not just putting the lube on the little Darcy and sticking it in there!

Unfortunately, this was the common concept among people in this world, even Clean wasn't used to clean the anus when anal sex was performed, which was quite disgusting and worrying since there could be a risk of infection and sexual diseases.

The concept of condoms didn't exist, since sex, most of the time was for reproduction. Those who have time for pleasure are the nobles. Ordinary people had many concerns about everyday life and the aging process, they did not have time to explore sexuality, beyond the influence of churches on the masses, which demonized sex for pleasure.

So much so that the correct woman was the woman who felt no pleasure, sodomy was forbidden (sex between men), women couldn't touch each other, if the women of honor felt pleasure, they were whores.

Men went to the brothels to seek pleasure since only harlots could offer this kind of service. Women, on the other hand... There was little to talk about. It wasn't yet at all bad since there were places like the Elf Empire, Human-Beast Kingdom, Free City of Asgard and the Republic of Wizards, in these places the woman was treated as equal and also had a voice.

Of course, these territories had less influence of the god of light, the dominant influences were of the god of nature and the goddess of creation, so they were places that are considered paradises for many people.

Despite being weaker than the Aurore Empire and Sauro Empire, fortunately, these countries mostly had a pacifist culture and were concerned with developing. Even the Aurore Empire was a country that was more developmental than ambitious to expand its territory.

Countries like the Kingdom of Dawn, the Kingdom of Pathy, and the Chantel Kingdom, which are obscurantist, were a minority on the central continent, so these countries were the poorest in comparison to others.

There were still some territories such as the Archduke of Leon in the Aurore Empire and the Duchy of Burleigh in the Sauron Empire, where women who had talents to be wizards had rights, but this only applied to wizard-women.

In other places like the Kingdom of Dragons, as long as the dragoness is strong, no matter if the person is male or female, the power speaks louder.

Nobles usually have a lineage that allows them to have magical powers, the higher the magical powers, be it mana or aura (vitality energy), the more likely they aren't to contract diseases.

Therefore, many nobles lead hectic and sometimes dangerous sex lives, such as going out with married women or going out with several men and women at the same time, at those exclusive and secret noble parties.

The big problem is that the higher the Mana or the lower the vitality energy is the chance of having heirs who have magical talents. Sometimes there was a chance you wouldn't have any heirs!

Therefore, young nobles are initiated into sex earlier at the age of 14 and by the age of 16 they can already marry, this was a kind of guarantee so that nobles could have powerful descendants in the future.

The age of 16 in this fantasy world was, so even shocked, Emery had to accept the long sex life of the original Emery that had begun at the age of 14 before he was sent to the clergy.

Emery Darcy shook his head trying to ward off these dirty thoughts, after all, he was still a very pure man!

Cough...Cough... it doesn't matter if he ate some of the Marquis Devil Arabeth's tofu!

It was just a dream!

He was still a very virgin and very pure man!

Emery at least had some attack spells, a spell to camouflage himself, and a spell to defend himself. If he used the Fancy Dress spell well, he could disguise himself if he needed to run away. The "Dress Up" could be any piece of clothing, including masks to cover his face, and "Short Invisibility" could make him invisible for a short period, which would make it easier for him to escape.

Emery then looked at Yani who now ate some sweets, a slice of raspberry pie that looked very appetizing. Of course, Yani melded a little with the red raspberries, her fingers were molasses with a shade of bright red and her lips also had a little to make her lips even more attractive.

Yani's small tongue quickly licked the raspberry jam from her lips, but for Emery, it seemed very slow motion!

Oh, that's halo from a protagonist of a BL?!

Seducing just eating a pie?

Is that how Arabeth fell for the MC in the original novel?

Emery felt a kind of fire in her lower belly and an irresistible urge to take those lips stained with raspberry jam... They looked very good!

"Giovanni" wasn't even too far away from him, if he stretched out his arm and pulled the collar off his clothes a little, it wouldn't be hard to steal a kiss!

The aura of a BL protagonist was truly formidable! Emery felt his heart tremble, he didn't know whether out of fear or for another shady reason.

Emery felt that he was committing some kind of sin watching Yani lick his lips and fingers, but he couldn't look away. There was also a force urging him to try something to steal some kisses from Giovanni, but he knew that this was a dangerous thought!

Steal a kiss from the MC without his permission?

Wasn't he looking for death?

"Hehehe, are you worried about a kiss? You practically ate the entire Demon Marquis last night!" Azarphy scoffed by poking Emery's shoulder, which was left speechless to answer.

Emery felt warmth around him if he could see he would notice pure white light with a golden aura around him. He just felt ashamed of Azarphy remembering these things to him, so he thought the heat was from shame.

It was true after all!

"But it was all in the dream world and Arabeth came to me!" Emery replied after a while. He wasn't sure why, but he felt a little guilty remembering that he had taken Arabeth's first time with a human.

It wasn't really his fault, after all, he did it to help ML and MC in this world, but he felt responsible after all. The way Azarphy spoke it seemed that he had been a bad man who took advantage of the beauty and then escaped responsibility.

"Didn't you know that the dream world created by nymphs and demons reached the real body of these two types? What you did to Arabeth in the dream, he felt with full force in reality" said Azarphy, a little concerned about the IQ of this foolish human.


Visit my P-A-T-R-E-O-N for advanced chapters: https://www.p-a-t-r-e-o-n.com/Take_the_Moon


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