I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
47 Shall we take a walk in the garden? part 2
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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47 Shall we take a walk in the garden? part 2

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The two younger men were eating in silence, Emery stared intently as Giovanni filled his mouth with something similar to Arabic bread only with some meat fillings on top, he looked like he was eating as if he had been starving for many years and not just for six hours.

"Would Giovanni be like Azarphy, would he be a foodie?" Emery thought as she looked at how delighted he seemed to be eating Arabian bread with a filling.

"So good! Oh, it's been so long since I've had a meal!" Though Yani was eating quickly, he felt he had died and entered the dimension of paradise.

He already thought it was worth being reborn!

"Giovanni, I want to go for a walk in the 'garden'. I didn't walk much through Matteo Abbey. I need to know where the exits and the important places are. Do you want to go with me?" asked Emery while eating a muffin with dark chocolate pastry and white and sweet cream filling.

The chocolate was very bitter and with the sweet a little greasy cream. It was so good that Emery looked very happy eating, only the sparkle in his eyes showed satisfaction. Of course, that made Azarphy even more eager to eat.

Oh, this food must have something magical to be so delicious!

This would not be far from the truth, this muffin has chocolate that is made with stellar cocoa that is grown with the cold energy of the night and watered with the coldest waters, it is cold and can strengthen affinity with the water element, of course, the processing of making chocolate makes the ice-cold taste more smoothed and the taste becomes a little more bitter than normal.

The Wizard after arriving at the apprentice stage begins to train with the elements and discover their affinities, this type of muffin would be a treasure for a Wizard.

Emery licked his fingers that had creams because he had already devoured the muffin quickly and was already picking up another. That was a treasure that was being eaten like an ordinary dumpling!

Of course, Emery was already a Scholastic Wizard stage, so he could consume this muffin without suffering damage from excess iced chocolate in his system. Unfortunately, being a Scholastic Wizard was just a "little bit" of magic for Emery, who didn't have much of a notion of the Wizards' stage division.

Giovanni suddenly felt thirsty to see Emery licking his fingers so slowly, his tongue was quite rosy, he looked like an orange cat licking his paws.

"Hey, am I doing the honey trap or are you doing the honey trap?"

Yani thought this while calming his heartbeat, he had already forgotten what it was like to have hormones so volatile... The teenager was so terrible!

"Yes, I also want to get my stuff in the dorm, can you come with me?" said Yani as he recovered from his sudden shock of teenage hormones.

"Of course, that would be nice for me to see the novices' facilities, " said Emery thoughtfully. He remembered that there was a "hole" in the wall of Matteo Abbey where novices would play outside or go to escape some activity or even harassment. He knew he'd stay there, but he had to see it with his own eyes and learn the way.

Yani remembered that in his past life, he had left everything in the dormitory. Of course, when he was expelled from the abbey, he barely had an outfit on his body. For many months, Yani had to depend on the charitable people of villages and small towns, until he reached the big cities and managed to get a job with a nobleman.

Among his things were his family's letters and some magical items that were given by his mother and siblings to keep him safe, but Yani was afraid to show these items and they would be stolen by other novices or by the greedy priests of this abbey, who were unaware of his true identity as the son of a noble duke.

For many years Yani wondered if anything would have changed if he had taken his magical items of protection? Yani always wondered if he could have defeated Father Rutger and not been raped.

Of course, this was a thought that victims have after the **** occurred, that it was their fault, and what they could do differently so they wouldn't have been raped or what could be changed so they wouldn't have to take a beating.

Except that he was raped in that moment of weakness doesn't mean Father Rutger wouldn't make the move on him if it was another time. Yani at that time was talented and knew magic, but Father Rutger was older and more experienced, who would win would be hard to predict, even if Yani had his family items with him.

Anyway, Yani knew in his heart that it wasn't his fault and that Father Rutger was the guilty person and a sick person. Over time Yani refused to let this one terrible night determine the rest of his life.

It was his life and he wouldn't let father Rutger's memory and the church's actions wouldn't destroy the rest of his free life!

Yani tried to live his best, but there were some things he did unconsciously because of the traumas he suffered in that period, such as putting his life at risk by having affairs with married women or enjoying the noble virgin daughters of some of their employers.

All the women wanted to have sex with Yani with consents, but it was risky for his life, given that to maintain the "honor" of the woman the husband or father could kill Yani with all the justifications.

If it wasn't for Arabeth helping Yani escape every time, Yani would have died much sooner. Of course, Yani had to put up with the jealous demon for days and sometimes the two fought physically, ending up full of ugly bruises and abrasions.

Now that Yani had the support of a Bishop, even if that support was temporary, he wanted to recover these items that would be quite useful if Giovanni needed to escape unexpectedly.

Much better than when Yani was expelled from the abbey to die!

"There's still Arabeth... I can feel him around, but the connection is still not strong enough for me to communicate with him" thought Yani, remembering the jealous demon who did everything to seduce him, managing to make Yani successfully fall into sexual debauchery.

Not that Yani regretted it now, but he didn't want Giovanni to be played as easily as he had been before. He had to be cautious with Arabeth.

Yani couldn't deny that he had strong feelings for Arabeth for many years because the two were together at the time that Yani was weak and small. Yani was very grateful that Arabeth followed by his side.

Ha! He was grateful there was a demon!

However, he hadn't seen Arabeth in many hundreds of years, even before the destruction of the scale of hell, it was as if Arabeth had disappeared without a trace. Some Titan might have swallowed the demon marquis.

So Yani vaguely felt an affection and concern, but mostly he felt indebted to Arabeth. However, knowing the demon marquis's personality, Yani couldn't reveal these feelings and also couldn't let Giovanni sympathize too much with Arabeth.

Arabeth was a strange demon who dedicated his entire existence to loving Giovanni, who was a dirty human in his words. Of course, this was Yani's Arabeth, the current Arabeth was still just a demon marquis who wants to make a contract with the current Giovanni to be able to feed on the mental power of the young novice.

Emery, who was unaware of Yani's internal debate, was a little surprised by the 16-year-old's slightly more confident attitude. Which was quite different from the attitude he had this morning, that he was cautious and shook hands with fear.

"Does he trust me more now?" thought Emery a little confused and a little happy. Oh, if the MC trusts him more, isn't that good?

Azarphy looked at this "Giovanni" and felt that there was something strange about this 16-year-old teenager, the power of time was still in that person's body, but that was all he could feel.

Blessings were something strange, they could be given anywhere and for anyone, they could be little, high, or rare. Someone who paid the price well could get a blessing in a temple for this teenager, it wasn't necessary to be in the temple to receive the blessing.

Of course, if one wanted a specific blessing, they would have to go to the temple to select a blessing or order a blessing. The commission was sent and analyzed by the Temple and then the person would have an answer and the ritual would be done so that a new blessing could be created.

Therefore, Azarphy became suspicious about "Giovanni", but he also couldn't claim that this wasn't a greater blessing that had been given to this teenager by a Temple of the god of time.

"A novice in the Church of the God of Light has a blessing from the temple of the God of Time. The Church of the God of Light is really in decline" Azarphy scoffed in thought.


Visit MY P-A-T-R-E-O-N for advanced chapters: https://www.p-a-t-r-e-o-n.com/Take_the_Moon


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