I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
46 Shall we take a walk in the garden? part 1
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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46 Shall we take a walk in the garden? part 1

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Emery forgot to ask how Giovanni ended up sleeping next to him again, after all, the two had only had breakfast and should be very awake.

Emery's situation was special, as Azarphy was taking liberties with him and playing immorality with his body!

Emery could only cast a sleeping spell on himself to make Azarphy stop his little sex games. Giovanni had no reason to sleep, right?

Of course, Emery didn't pay attention to that detail.

He was a little too shocked by the discovery of the magic of sleep ... The original Emery used this for unspeakable things ... There are many things that the original owner of the body did that would be considered crimes, of course, that Emery would have a long headache while accessing the detailed memories of that body.

Therefore, he didn't stick to the small details around him. Of course, there was a fallen angel around him to further increase his worries.

"I was going to put the food on the table now, so go wash your face and hands to come to eat," Emery said, forgetting the customs of this new world. He was so distracted by other thoughts that he ended up saying things that are not the customs of this world.

Yani looked strangely at Bishop Darcy, but he used magic to cleanse himself. Giovanni's 16-year-old body was that of an apprentice-level wizard, which was quite simple to use "Clean" or "Glow".

He would use Clean to clean himself and Glow to make his appearance better, as he planned to use the honey trap to "test" Bishop Darcy. Glow is a spell to improve the appearance of the person, giving more shine and softness to the hair, the skin becomes more beautiful and the lips become more attractive.

A spell stronger than glow would be "Pure Beauty", which is a School Wizard-level spell, which is a level not yet capable of the current Giovanni. Of course, this is a spell learned for those who follow the path of the Arcane Wizard.

The mages are divided into two classes, Battle Mage and Arcane Wizard. The first is suitable to go to the battles and defend the country. The second are scholars of matrices and magical knowledge.

The Wizard has their classification systems, such as Beginner, Student, Apprentice, Scholastic, Teacher, Master, Grand Master, Wizard Elite (add a specific Elemental), and Archimage. The higher the Wizard's rating, the higher the size of your Dan for storing Mana.

There are a few different paths in the Rank of Battle Mage, from The Apprentice, the path that unfolds is another, such as Soldier Mage, Lieutenant Mage, Captain Mage, General Mage, Mage Commander, and Marshal Mage. These are wizards who participate in battles between kingdoms or war between fiefdoms.

Their title is Mage, everyone already knows that Mage is the Mana warrior and a Wizard is a student of magic. Of course, being studious has its advantages as magical items that can be both attack and defense.

In the case of Battle Mages, there are even stricter rules, as Mage who have the title of General above cannot participate in the battle between fiefdoms, as they can cause great destruction. Mage below the Commander's level cannot participate in the strategic decisions of a nationwide battle.

It has long been established that the powers of human beings were stored in three places in the body, Dan, Dantin, and Soul.

Dan is formed by a jewel inside the brain that is connected to the central nerves and is complemented by a set of 12 jewels in the bones. Dantin is like an hourglass of sand where two main energies are stored, vitality and strength.

The Dantin is located in the stomach, completed by the set of small vortexes that are located in the chakra points of the body. The soul is represented by a single jewel in the heart, and by this jewel that sacred energy, natural energy, demonic energy among others, is filtered and distributed through the body through the blood system.

All beings of the human dimension had Dan, Dantin, and jewel of the soul, but not all developed magical talent or physical talent or talents for energies. Besides, it takes an empirical study or academic study to be able to develop and control powers.

Some cases where talent is greater than knowledge... Well, it usually generates an explosion of mana or vitality, if you have a talent that goes in the direction of the jewel of the soul, there is a great risk of this human being hunted by supernatural entities to be devoured.

Mental energy is part of Dan's power, the higher the mental energy, the greater the risk of losing control (emotional problems) and killing someone (because of negative feelings) or harming one's own body (if you have self-loathing). Strong mental energy means that the jewel of the soul is also surprisingly rare and strong, which makes a person to be a rare and precious prey to foreign races such as demons and spirits.

Arabeth initially chooses Giovanni to be his young master because he wants to devour that mental energy or if he is lucky, he can make a contract in which the young human sells his soul (Giovanni) which would be even more beneficial.

"Oh, I had almost forgotten that the MC is a talented wizard," thought Emery a little surprised to see Giovanni using his Mana to clean himself, which was faster and more efficient.

"Sometimes I forget I'm in a fantasy world," thought Emery sighing with regret.

Emery felt strange, was he getting used to this world already?

Hell, not!

He was just still thinking about his original world and couldn't cut the habit there. Well, it's only been two days since he woke up, he still has time to adapt.

"I almost forgot, Azarphy, do you want me to talk about your existence?" asked Emery, remembering that he couldn't let Azarphy eat since Giovanni woke up.

"For now, it's better not," said Azarphy, disappointed not to be able to eat as he would like. However, he didn't want to get involved with other humans.

Humans were too troublesome!

"Don't worry I'll put too much food, so I'll go out for a while to take a quick walk around the garden. So, you can eat the things I'll leave on the table" said Emery to console this great fallen angel BOSS!

"Are you going out? Are you sure, your butler isn't here" said Azarphy looking estrangement at the handsome Emery. With a figure as attractive as his, Azarphy feared he would get into trouble out there.

He felt worried. Emery was a rare beauty, as things were going on in this abbey, it was quite credible to be taken advantage of.

Okay, Azarphy was exaggerating a little, after all, Emery is a Bishop unless an Archbishop arrives at Matteo Abbey, Emery could not be pressured by anyone.

"It's not like anyone dares touch me anyway. Well, I'm also a bit of a wizard, so I can defend myself," Emery said pensively.

Although he hadn't practiced this "magic" yet, he felt he could do something big if someone posed a threat to him.

Emery just didn't know if he could kill since he never did it, but fighting with everything he had, Emery would do it to preserve his little life!

"Still yes..." Azarphy said in doubt, because he wanted to eat good food, but was also worried that someone would take this good human to something dangerous.

Of course, his motives were very selfish and a little wicked.

"Oh, are you worried about me?" said Emery jokingly, it's not like he didn't feel his back creeping and the danger his chrysanthemum was going through. Only he couldn't scream and say "don't covet my chrysanthemum!", that would be very shameful and arrogant!

"With that appearance of yours, you can be robbed!" said Azarphy full of justice.

It would be more believable if Azarphy hadn't hugged Emery from behind and his hands that were caressing the young Bishop's belly.

Oh, be more serious!

Don't whisper in my ear!

You do it knowing I'm going to get hard!

"I'll eat!" said Emery sighing and ignoring Azarphy, coming out of the angel's shameless embrace. He had already put the food on the table, which temporarily distracted Azarphy from his perverted intent.

Emery wasn't going to give up his chrysanthemum!

It wasn't the struggle of a weak shou, but in this world that had sex as something to reproduce and not for pleasure... Emery knew that people didn't know how to prepare their sexual partners... He didn't want to have his anus torn or get an infection.

So what if he has healing powers?

It was still going to hurt like hell!

Besides, with this weak constitution of his, he'd be very dead if the angel decided to go too wild or spend hours doing it!

Don't think he hasn't read novel BLs enough!

The fallen angel had a strong and dominating gong vibe!

Emery could already predict that he would be one of those shous who would stay in bed all day because of the pain and tiredness!

He didn't want that!

Yani watched Bishop Darcy closely, he felt a sacred aura around that bishop but did not know if it belonged to him or was anything else.

"Giovanni come let's eat!" said Emery sitting in the chair and calling the distracted Giovanni.

"Is there anything on my face?" thought Emery to see Giovanni looking at him so intently.

Emery knew that the body he was in was very beautiful and that he was at great risk in a world as terrible as this, but at the same time, he only had two days left in his new body. He has not yet become accustomed to being a rare beauty who attracts birds and butterflies around him.

Therefore, he could not interpret the look of "Giovanni", who seemed slightly delighted and had some dark interest in his male beauty (Emery).

Emery just knew it was bad to be beautiful, but he really didn't feel that he was a rare and tempting beauty.

So, Azarphy sighed as he read Emery's confused mind. That was why he didn't want Emery to leave there unprotected.

Emery and Giovanni outside would be two fat lambs ready to be bullied!

Ah, he was very worried!

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(1) - Dan: It is used in Chinese alchemy. In some novels it is used as an alchemist system, it can be associated with pills as well. They are the size of a bean or a pill in our modern world. https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alquimia_chinesa

(2) Dantin: It is like a vessel that stores the power of any kind that we authors like to imagine. It is usually in the stomach and is connected to the chakra. Very used in Xianxia novels.


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