I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
45 A male beauty that makes the eyes shine
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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45 A male beauty that makes the eyes shine

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When Emery opened the bag, he didn't know whether to cry or laugh when he saw a large amount of food, clothes, and money. It seemed that butler Louis was afraid that his young master would starve in his absence one day.

"He must have put that amount of food in fear that you'd be poisoned by the food in the kitchens," Azarphy said as he saw what was in the bag. In addition to the money and clothing that were already there for obvious reasons, this amount of food could not be easily justified.

"It's not that. He knows I'm not good at dealing with people of lower status," Emery said with a sigh. The truth is that the original Emery Darcy was too arrogant and lazy to deal with people of lower status than his. Also, he was very spoiled by butler Louis and hardly ever went out to eat in the abbey's community canteen.

The rare exceptions were when great big wigs appeared as Holy Knights, Archbishops, other bishops and cardinals. So the original Emery forced itself to participate in the tasteless food of the canteens.

The food prepared in order and payment for the cooks of the abbey were different from the "free" food that everyone ate from the canteen, at least the taste was better.

Besides, the original Bishop Darcy made Louis deal with people of lower status, which was quite common for the nobles. The current Emery is also behaving like this, letting Louis deal with other people, of course, the reason is quite different since Emery didn't know how he should act with the other people in this world.

Not to mention that he did not know who to trust, he could hardly trust Louis, but in this case, he had no choice because, without his butler Louis, he would probably end up destined to have the tragic death of the original Bishop Darcy.

Unfortunately, there was no magic attack item or a wand or staff. There was a jeweled-looking sword that had an almost sacred glow to it and there were some gloves that also looked like magic. Of course, there was still the chaplet with pearl beads in gold threads, with the symbol of the sun and the moon at the end of the chains, in addition to the exquisite book with golden letters entitled "Sacred Book of Light''. These last items should be the usual items for any clergyman, of course for Bishop Darcy there were only the richest and the best things.

Emery looked at the sword and then looked at his thin arms and soft hands, surely Bishop Darcy wasn't someone to use swords. However, the gloves seemed more real for him to wear. Or would he use the sword and gloves at the same time?

"Even if you used a sword at the same time it is still heavy. It doesn't matter if it's sacred or not. The gloves are only used to extend the sacred power and aren't tricked with magic to make things lighter," Azarphy told Emery mentally, he was also looking at everything in the bag.

"Bishop Darcy must have found this sword beautiful and brought it just to appreciate," Emery thought quickly and didn't dare move the sword.

However, Emery also looked at food strangely. There were some dishes and silverware, fine wines, and some unprocessed foods like strange fruits (which he hadn't seen in his life), herbs, vegetables, eggs, in short, there were many types of food, some radiated an almost ethereal glow and others looked a little ugly, not very appetizing.

"But some of these foods don't seem to have been made by the abbey kitchens" Emery commented while looking at the beautiful and tasty desserts, apple pies, blueberry pies, raspberry pie, stuffed cakes, simple cakes, cakes with exquisite decorations, small stuffed sweets, among other sweet foods.

"Apparently your butler likes sweet things, " said Azarphy with a little hunger. He also liked sweets and of that exquisite kind was even better!

Azarphy was a foodie, so he has no problems with taste, he eats everything from sweet to the most bitter-tasting foods.

"Do you want any of them?" asked Emery thinking it would be good to eat some sweets. These sweets reminded him of the Western desserts he ate at university during his work break-time.

"It is better to first eat lunch and then dessert. It's already 2:00 in the afternoon and you ate eight o'clock in the morning. If you don't eat properly with that weak body of yours, you'll end up fainting," Azarphy said suddenly, making Emery laugh.

Azarphy was surprised to hear Emery's laugh, he felt something move in his chest. His laugh was like the gentle breeze of the hot summer. Putting that together with his beautiful face like an angel, he was so handsome that Azarphy even doubted that the Archangel Gabriel (his superior) could overcome this human in beauty.

Emery could no longer keep the façade frozen when he heard Azarphy speak so fairly, when in fact the fallen angel just wanted to eat more.

Oh, that was so cute!

"Yes, let's eat, " said Emery with a warm smile, making Azarphy feel even stranger because something in his chest seemed to shake more than normal.

A pity that the warm smile lasted so little, the face returned to seriousness once again. Azarphy sighed and felt a little confused to find it regrettable that the smile didn't remain.

The good thing about space items is that the things that stay there can be preserved for a multitude of times, the bad thing is that space was limited and couldn't put living things inside since space remained frozen.

Emery got up from the bed and went to the table, even though his white bishop clothes were crumpled, he didn't care about it. He'd like to take off those uncomfortable clothes.

Bishop Darcy's outfit today was a long white robe with the emblems and banners with the symbol of the Rising Sun Church, in short, he still had to wear pants and a shirt under that tunic, not to mention the intimate clothes of fine and long fabric.

Luckily it was autumn and it was colder, but in the summer these clothes must be unbearable to wear!

Emery stopped before taking the items out of the space bag and thought it was best to take off that long and bothersome tunic, he took it off and put it on top of the armchair near the fireplace that was out.

As Emery's body was more to the flexible side and as he is in a body that was pampered to the end, his light skin looked soft and beautiful. His long legs filled her tight white trousers well, in fact, they showed even more of his pretty figure.

The clothing under the cleric's tunic was as extravagant as the gold, silver, and diamond crest (the symbol of the god of light) on Bishop Darcy's tunic. A long-sleeved shirt in royal blue silk, with loose arms and fastened at the wrist by two diamond buttons. Silver threads were sewn on the front that intertwined until the end of the shirt as if surrounding the white ivory buttons that went almost from the collar to the end of the shirt. Combined with the black leather trousers that were not too tight and the soft leather boots also black, Emery looked very handsome and brave, much less saintly and a more charming man.

Beautiful wasn't a word that could easily describe Emery since the whole set made him seem holier than noble and more beautiful than an angel.

Azarphy, who had already seen Emery naked when he showered, shouldn't be so impressed, but even then, he felt something beat in his chest and felt disturbed.

"So, it's better!" Emery said, breathing relieved. He still felt weird with those half-puffed sleeves, but it was better than the weight of the cleric's tunic on his body.

"Um ... yes you are quite handsome." A young man's voice interrupts Emery's happy bubble, who turns surprised to see Giovanni sitting in bed with a watchful eye on him.

A few moments ago, Giovanni agreed that Yani would take care of his body for that day to put into practice the plan to test what Bishop Darcy wanted with him.

Yani awoke a short time ago, he blinked his eyes to the clarity of the afternoon that invaded the room, he then looked around the luxurious and comfortable room. He rubbed his eyes and looked at his hands that were smaller than he remembered.

"Did I really be 16 again?" Yani though she thought it was a little surreal to have a body again. The fragments of his soul wandered for a very long time, he had even lost hope previously of being able to return to the past.

When suddenly his soul was pulled by something and he found Giovanni, who was his younger version and had that long conversation.

I still do. That was kind of surreal!

Then Yani heard the rustling of clothes and he became tense, but seeing that it was only Bishop Darcy taking his clothes off the clergy, he was more relieved.

Until Yani saw Bishop Darcy's handsome face and he was wearing noble clothes that revealed the outline of his body more than the clerics' tunics.

Seeing Giovanni's memories wasn't compared to seeing the real person, it was like seeing an actor on the movie screen and then seeing the actor in an autograph section, the reality was often better than seeing through the screen. That's how Yani felt when he saw Emery so at ease.

Yani had lived a lot and seen many people through this vast world, in addition to traveling between dimensions. Of course, there were many feminine and masculine beauties, in his opinion none of them surpassed Arabeth.

For Yani, the human version of Arabeth was the epitome of beauty

Until that moment, when he saw Bishop Darcy's face.

Ah, a rare beauty!

If someone painted Arabeth and Emery in a painting that item would be considered sacred in the blink of an eye!

Of course, if someone dared to sell to the church... If it was Yani, He is sure he'd keep that kind of painting to himself.

"Um ... yes you are quite handsome" so Yani said it without thinking too much. He used to be a very honest person, especially after becoming very powerful, because he feared nothing else.

"Oh, you woke up just in time," said Emery, a little embarrassed with his ears becoming a little red. Emery tried to smile at Giovanni, his smile came out a little funny and then his face hurt. He didn't really have a face that used to smile, it was like he was frozen.

Oh, his face is hurting now!

But his shame at failing to smile hurts even more!

"Pfft" Yani laughed at Bishop Darcy's rapid change of expression and laughed, even more, when he saw him rubbing his face with total seriousness.

Bishop Darcy seemed like a person who didn't use to smile much so he felt uncomfortable smiling or expressing strong emotions with this beautiful face like a statue of Michelangelo.

"Oh, the MC is in a good mood!" thought Emery was still smoothing his cheeks, he really had cramps in his face!

How shameful!


Visit my P-A-T-R-E-O-N for advanced chapters. I even have chapter 81 in the advanced chapters: https://www.p-a-t-r-e-o-n.com/Take_the_Moon


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