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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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44 Contract with the Fallen Angel

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Emery Darcy had woken up two hours after the butler and Theo had left for the city. He hadn't the idea that Giovanni was having a conversation with his version of the future and that they planned to test his character to decide whether to kill him or not.

Emery woke up refreshed and stretched out like a cat that just woke up from his nap. He did this to escape Azarphy's harassment because he felt disturbed in his heart and feared for his chrysanthemum.

He didn't want his chrysanthemum to be taken like this, this world was a Dark BL which meant dirty, heavy sex. Emery bet that people wouldn't pass oil to help have anal sex... He didn't want to be deflowered in the raw!

"Let's not think about it!" Emery decided after lazing. Then he saw Giovanni sleeping peacefully by his side, the wavy brown hair was messed up on the pillow and his peaceful face was quite attractive.

Emery couldn't resist Giovanni's cuteness and fragile state, he began to caress the young novice's hair, time and time again he pinched the cheeks that still had baby fat.

"I wonder what I'm going to do now?" thought Emery watching Giovanni asleep. He already rescued the MC from the novel, but what would he do now?

Should he send the MC home or release him somewhere? What about the ritual to bind Arabeth to be a loyal follower of Giovanni?

"I'll probably have to take Giovanni with me to the Aurore Empire because Louis will want to kill Giovanni for listening to our conversation," thought Emery worried.

Previously, Emery Darcy thought of only making a good impression on Giovanni and only, but now that he had met the MC, he didn't dare to send the MC to the wolves of the church and see him being whipped to almost die.

Even if Arabeth showed up to save Giovanni, but by then the 16-year-old would have lost all faith in humanity, which was Arabeth's initial goal.

Unfortunately, Louis had a terrible habit of telling his family's secrets and Emery's plans in front of weak people, because the butler thought he could easily shut up this kind of person.

Of course, that shut up was killing these people.

However, Emery who came from a nonviolent world, couldn't stand this kind of blunt and cruel method, besides, if he could avoid killing, why not avoid it? So, he decided to take Theo with him, after all, Theo was only 14 years old and was just a child.

In Giovanni's case, Emery never thought of killing this great god MC, after all, this can cause the collapse of this world. At least Emery didn't want to test that theory.

Emery thought it was best to ask Giovanni after what he wanted to do, after all, it may be that he wants to leave the church and go elsewhere, not necessarily follow Emery around.

Not that Emery wanted to take this great god with him, but it wouldn't hurt to take him along the way until they reached the Empire of Aurore, as the Warlocks would have greater freedom there.

What about Arabeth's summons?

"Azarphy, are you there?" asked Emery a little shyly, but as he didn't know who to talk to about it, he could only ask that fallen perverted angel.

"Yes, what do you want?" asked Azarphy suspiciously. He could read Emery's emotions. He knew Emery wanted something from him.

Yes, Azarphy felt no guilt of taking advantage of Emery, on the contrary, he became increasingly bold and confident. However, he was always wary of human requests, as humans are often quite cunning and full of schemes.

"You do business, right? Like with contracts and everything?" asked Emery with a shrewd smile, which clashed to his ever-serious face. For Azarphy it seemed that this human was going to do something big, which for some strange reason made him feel excited!

"Yes, since nothing in this world is free," Azarphy said without talking about the law of cause and effect because it would be too complicated to explain it to a human.

"So, what do I need to change for you to help me summon a demon-like Arabeth's level?" Emery asked with a very dishonest smile.

"Oh, you're going to do something big," Azarphy said as he saw Emery still had his face expressionless. Azarphy could only feel his emotions fluctuating, which made him even more curious.

"Nothing too big, I'm just going to move things along. But you still haven't answered me," Emery said shrug. He turned his gaze to Giovanni who was asleep and pinched once again his fluffy cheeks.

He couldn't let things go too far outside the original plot, after all, he needs to know what's going to happen in the next few days before he goes back to his family's house.

Also, if Giovanni doesn't have a contract with Arabeth how would this 16-year-old become a powerful Warlock in the future?

Taking Arabeth from Giovanni was like taking the sword from a Holy Knight, he would be very vulnerable!

Emery was even wondering whether or not to make Louis kill Father Rutger before they left, after all, a man who rapes a teenager he could die a thousand times!

This would also be something that would gain the MC's favor, so in the future, if he (Emery) falls into danger, he can ask the MC for help, which will already be a future Warlock!

Yes, Emery Darcy's motivations were still quite selfish, after all, he was the only one who would have a very pitiful death if he took a wrong step!

So, what was the problem with using everything he could?

His life is the most important!

"I can't think of anything now, can I charge you later?" Azarphy said thoughtfully. It's not that he didn't think of anything, he knew what he wanted, but if he said it out loud he could scare Bishop Darcy to death.

"I'm not going to be your sex slave, I'm soon warning you!" said Emery a little embarrassed, but he had to make that point clear. It's not that Emery found himself irresistible, but he was news to Azarphy, so he could intuit that the angel wanted to take his chrysanthemum just out of curiosity!

"I don't need a contract to get to you, " said Azarphy with a playful and malicious tone, causing Emery to blush and feel her nipples become stiff.

Oh, he got excited with just one sentence!

He's a lost cause!

No, this weak body for pleasure is what a lost cause!

It is the fault of the original Emery who led a shameless sex life in brothels!

"Cough... Cough... All right, bring the contract and put this clause that I will not be your slave anyway and I will not do anything that puts my life at risk" said Emery coughing a little to ward off the feeling of shame from his heart.

"All right, but I'll leave the part of my terms in the contract blank for me," Azarphy said, forming a contract with his sacred powers.

The role of the contract appeared before Emery's midnight blue eyes, he looked at the contents of the contract. The language was strange, but he could read quietly as if there was a translator in his mind.

"You just need to put a little bit of one of your energies (sacred or natural) or your Mana to sign the contract," said Azarphy to see Emery look long at the contract.

MANA or the energies (sacred, natural, demonic…) had unique signatures in their powers, so contract signatures were done differently than a simple stamp and name signature.

"Won't you ask me how I could read the contract?" asked Emery suspiciously, too bad he couldn't see Azarphy because he wanted to look at what expression this angel was making.

"Why would I ask that? I wrote the contract exactly as you asked. I'm not a treacherous human, I'm an angel" said Azarphy, a little annoyed by the suspicion of the young human.

It's not Emery's fault for distrusting Azarphy since he doesn't understand the minds of strong people. Azarphy is almost as strong as a god because he would have to lie if he wanted to do something?

Emery sighed and thought he was exaggerating, if Azarphy wanted to harm him, he would have been dead for a long time. He didn't forget that Azarphy was a great BOSS!

Moreover, it has been proven before that Emery's body was very susceptible to Azarphy's advances, so it was not necessary to be forced or deceived!

Then Emery Darcy circled his power of nature through his body, using some of his healing energy to mark the contract.

"Ready the contract is signed. Now, I'm going to tell you and help you summon Arabeth, you want to know now?" asked Azarphy after keeping the contract.

"No, now it would be problematic. After Louis comes back, then we'll talk about it again," Emery said shaking his head. He wasn't crazy to perform a summoning ritual without his trusted butler by his side, because someone had to keep watch.

Emery didn't want to be caught by the superiors of the clergy!

Also, if he needs to pick up special materials or items, Louis would be much more useful at it than Emery, who doesn't know enough about this world.

"By the way, your butler left a space bag and warned you wouldn't be back until tomorrow because of the rain. There is a communication stone in the bag in case you need something from the city" said Azarphy seeing that Giovanni was still asleep.

Emery took the leather bag with eyes full of excitement and curiosity, after all, this was a legendary item in the novels, the space bag!

All right, here it was not as glorious as in the novels, after all, it just looked like a leather bag and it wasn't even beautiful, Emery felt a little disappointed that it wasn't a beautiful platinum or silver ring, or a medallion with a large golden dragon designed... Anyway, at least it was a space item!

The fantasy worlds seemed even more incredible in the eyes of a transmigrant like Emery.


Visit my P-A-T-R-E-O-N for the advanced chapters: https://www.p-a-t-r-e-o-n.com/Take_the_Moon


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