I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
43 Is it possible to have two souls in one body?
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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43 Is it possible to have two souls in one body?

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Giovanni had only spent a day with Bishop Darcy, but this had already changed much in his destiny.

With a Bishop by Giovanni's side, there was no way the church could get rid of him as it did before.

"This Bishop... Are you sure he doesn't just want to have sex with you?" the young Warlock asked with a look full of worry. Wasn't Father Rutger enough, now he'd have to worry that his young Giovanni was tormented by a bishop?

Giovanni was a little surprised by that question. He wanted to answer immediately that Bishop Darcy was not like that, but he remained silent. Giovanni didn't have the confidence to say that Bishop Darcy didn't want to have sex with him, because he also thought the same thing about Father Rutger, but he didn't things end terribly?

"So, let's take a test?" the young Warlock said with a mischievous smile, which made him quite charming.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, you still haven't answered me what you are? Did you come to steal my body?" asked Giovanni with caution as he looked at his older version.

Young Warlock was surprised by Giovanni's cautious attitude, but then he laughed. He had a thick voice and his laughter was loud, but he still had a mature sensuality that would make many women sigh and men wish, which made Giovanni feel confused.

"We are the same soul. Over time you will end up assimilating me and not the other way around. For now, this is impossible, because your body and your powers are very weak, if we both merge now you will die by mana explosion" said young Warlock as he finished laughing.

Giovanni still looked cautiously at young Warlock, it's not like he can trust that person... Oh, that was him!

This is so confusing!

It's very confusing to feel like he couldn't trust himself!

"You're thinking too much. The time I can take control of your body at this point is only one day if I don't use any of my powers. If I use powers, I can only stay a few hours, since his body is too weak to withstand the powers I have developed in the last 20 years" said the young Warlock, finding funny the face of his young self that seemed confused.

Somehow weird, this Giovanni was kind of cute!

"The stronger I get, the longer you can take over my body?" Giovanni cautiously asks the blue eyes seemed to show a little youthful impetuosity.

"It's not like that. The longest time I can take over your body in a week. My mental power developed in a very volatile way, since I was forced into extreme circumstances. No matter how physically strong you get, my mental power is very volatile for you to bear," said young Warlock seriously.

"But what if my mental power grows, then can you take over my body any longer?" asked Giovanni, wondering to what extent this older version of yours wanted to take advantage of his body.

"If your mental power grows too much, you don't have to worry about me taking over your body. After all, when this moment comes you will have the ability to absorb the fragments of my soul. I have already said we are the same soul, only that the fragments of my soul are stained with the powers of the god of time" said the young Warlock sighing of Giovanni suspiciously.

Giovanni looked at his older version with a curious look, but he had a high guard. He was very sensitive to the sacred powers and the Mana. He could feel that there was something different about this young Warlock.

It was like a subtle aura that surrounded young Warlock's "body." However, Giovanni previously thought it was the power of young Warlock, but now he thought it might be something else.

"Did you use the powers of the god of time to come back?" Giovanni asked only to confirm his suspicions.

"Not exactly. I made a contract with a fallen angel who had a blessing from the god of time. This blessing was one that froze time. Technically it was useless, but when the world was destroyed, I could freeze the space around me" the young Warlock said with a sigh, but soon remained silent.

Young Warlock didn't want to talk about it anymore, he didn't mean he'd lived 1000 years wandering through the dimensions. Therefore, he witnessed the destruction of many dimensions. He had studied a lot and perfected his blessing of time, of course, this was still not enough to go back to the beginning of it all.

In this case, he lied to Giovanni by saying that it was 20 years of training that separated the powers of the two. He didn't want to scare Giovanni, the truth is it was hundreds of years of training.

There was no way Giovanni's body could bear so much power from his soul, so he also could not take Giovanni's body as he pleased. Each time he used his powers through Giovanni's body there would be heavy penalties.

Which was very inconvenient and could also put Giovanni's life and his own life in danger.

"What should I call you?" Giovanni asked after young Warlock was silent for a few minutes. He wanted to ask more, but as the young Warlock was silent it was better not to ask, because there would be two results to his questions, the young Warlock could lie to him or that person could be angry with him.

"You can call me Yani. You may remember that our mother called us that when we were little," said young Warlock Yani with a sad smile.

Yani is the diminutive of Giovanni, that's what his mother and sisters called him when he was still a child.

"Yani... Yes, it's been a long time since I heard that nickname" Giovanni muttered lost in memories of his childhood.

Giovanni and Yani shared the same happy childhood and part of their troubled adolescence, the turning point of the two was also the **** made by Father Rutger, but the difference was what happened after they cleaned the dead best friend's room.

Giovanni was helped by Emery, while Yani was not helped by anyone until he was expelled from the clergy to die in a desolate forest. Of course, there was Arabeth who sided with Yani and helped him on the difficult journey of self-discovery and develop his Warlock powers.

"So, what do you mean by testing Bishop Darcy?" asked Giovanni, coming out of his melancholy thoughts.

"I'll say it, but first let's get out of here, " said Yani, also awakening from his thoughts. With a snap of fingers, the scenery changed and they were in a comfortable living room.

"What?" asked Giovanni, surprised to look around. The style of this room was very different from what he had already seen, there were crystals everywhere and the chairs looked soft and comfortable.

"Surprised? That's the style of the Elves, they live in a lot of luxury. Everything you know about elves being nature beings who don't care about worldly things... Just forget about it. Elves are the most intelligent and arrogant beings you will encounter in your life. They want to live better than everyone else, so they care so much about things being luxurious and refined," said Yani looking at the surprised Giovanni.

Then Yani told Giovanni his plan, that when he heard young Warlock's plan, he felt very shy and ashamed.

"I think in the language of beast-men, this plan is called the Honey Trap," Yani said a little thought, a long time ago that he had interacted with the beast-men people, so he wasn't sure if that was the right term.

"Well, this will show the true colors of Bishop Darcy, if he is equal to Rutger," said Yani trying to convince Giovanni that he could use the body of this young man.

"What if he is equal to Rutger?" asked Giovanni fearful of discovering bishop Darcy's "true colors."

"Then I'll kill him. Isn't his butler out? So, I'm going to kill him, and then we're going to leave," Yani said without even blinking in his answer. He had an ancient soul. He had killed people before and he struggled to survive in the Apocalypse.

Killing one more person made no difference to Yani!

The only care he should have was with the butler Louis, because from Giovanni's memories and what Giovanni felt, Louis had a strange and unfathomable power, which could be dangerous to Giovanni's weak body.

So, to kill Emery you had to do this in the absence of butler Louis!

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