I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
42 Bishop Darcy“s “good“ fame
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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42 Bishop Darcy“s “good“ fame

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Giovanni didn't know what to answer. What could he answer?

Should he say yes and accept this crazy mission?

Angels and demons, he knew only in theory! Avatars of gods? He'd never heard of it!

"I'm not so sure about that, " said Giovanni after a short time in silence.

"Sure, about what? About the end of the world or do you think I'm lying?" asked young Warlock with a smile that was not a smile, it made Giovanni feel a little scared.

It was very strange to face an older version of himself with such a fierce smile!

"I'm not sure if what you said will become real. It's not that I don't believe what you showed me. But there are some discrepancies in some scenes with the current reality," Giovanni said cautiously, seeing young Warlock's blue eyes narrow dangerously.

"What discrepancies?" asked the young Warlock a little impatiently. Nothing much should have happened now. Young Warlock thinks he arrived a few days before Father Rutger raped Giovanni.

It was normal for young Warlock to think so since this current Giovanni seemed a little innocent and didn't carry a desolate aura. Young Warlock remembered very well what the days after Father Rutger's attack were, he had a heavy aura and also had many negative thoughts of how dark the future would be for him.

"Well, after Father Rutger... You know, he did that. I was helped by Bishop Darcy. In the memories you showed me, Bishop Darcy only appeared a week later and didn't even talk to you," Giovanni said a little shyly. He didn't want to talk about what happened last night. Even if he didn't have dark thoughts or wanted to kill himself, Giovanni still didn't want to think about it. He preferred to bury it deep. Do not touch the subject.

Giovanni felt very bad about thinking about what happened last night, he then preferred to ignore and pretend that nothing happened. Of course, things were a little easier, as he was no longer injured and had even eaten well, sleeping in a soft bed and he felt a little safe being next to Bishop Darcy.

Since Bishop Darcy had a higher status than Father Rutger, he wouldn't be afraid of the damn bastard, maybe Giovanni was being too innocent to think bishop Darcy would protect him on this extension, but that still gave him some security.

Which was quite different for young Warlock who had no support from anyone, unlike people walking away from him so as not to get into trouble.

"Bishop Darcy?" the young Warlock asked with surprise. He stopped for a while at the place and began to think, but he only vaguely remembered that a very famous young bishop was staying at Matteos Abbey at the same time Father Rutger had arrived.

However, the young Warlock hadn't directly seen this young bishop, he was attended by a personal servant and rarely went out to mingle with the people of Matteos Abbey.

Of course, there were some comments the priests made near the novices. Bishop Darcy was known to be very handsome and arrogant. He was also known for being very talented and having strong family support which allowed him to have a quiet life in the clergy.

There were also some malicious rumors that Bishop Darcy participated orgies with the nobles when he was a priest in the abbey of the capital of the Empire of Aurore. No one ever saw him act in this vulgar way, but some priests had traveled to the Aurore Empire and Bishop Darcy was well famous in the capital for being intensely sexual activity.

Bishop Darcy was not only famous for participating in orgies, but he was also famous for having controlled panic well and helped prevent the pandemic from spreading through Archduke Leon's territory. Then Bishop Darcy participated in a campaign in the capital of the Aurore Empire to fight small demons who took advantage of the chaos of the pandemic to spread curses and small mental "diseases".

There was even a very famous case in which Bishop Darcy and the team of exorcist priests of the Aurore Empire had to exorcise several families from the territory of a Baron. Whose culprit was the baron's son who was a Warlock?

The necromancers and alchemists were persecuted by the Church of the god of light, but the Warlock was also persecuted by many temples. Since a person to become a Warlock must contract or have a contract with a demon.

There are Warlocks who have contracts with angels but it is clear that temples will omit this and will hunt indiscriminately. Occasionally, a Warlock who was a good person dies. The public was deceived into believing that all Warlocks are evil, so they didn't care about that kind of injustice.

Finally, Bishop Darcy purified the baron's son and gained much fame and influence, both in the clergy and in the Aurore Empire.

Purifying means that Bishop Darcy killed the baron's son, but purified that person's soul, not allowing the demon to take that person's soul.

Since the Baron's son was a Warlock, purification could only be death. If it were a civilian or a nobleman who had been possessed at most, they would have received a few lashes of punishment, and the demon would be sealed or banished.

This was also the reason for the clergy to send Bishop Darcy on a "mission" to Matteo Abbey because he was getting more powerful; be it its sacred power, its popularity, and its political power in the capital. Bishop Darcy couldn't be killed because of his family, but the Pope of the Temple of the god of light felt threatened because there were many greedy people eager to get the support of the temple's youngest bishop to elevate Bishop Darcy directly to be a Cardinal.

These people could threaten the Pope's office!

However, this was also why Archduke Leon (Emery's father) thought Bishop Darcy could return home and assume his title, given the power and prestige he had achieved in recent years.

Of course, both Archduke Leon and Emperor Galahad V would take responsibility for dealing with the temple of the god of light, since a person who holds the office of Bishop could not be dismissed so easily. Bishops have a lot of knowledge, which was risky for the temple of light who wanted to manipulate knowledge about sacred energy and demons.

Not only the temple of the god of light, but the other temples were like that as well. Since it was this knowledge that made the state accept these temples in its territories.

However, the Aurore Empire was very strong and the temple of the god of light can't do what they want, so it was only left for them to agree. Of course, they could try to kill Bishop Darcy on the way to this agreement or Bishop Darcy would end up being crippled "accidentally" on a mission.

That's why Butler Louis followed Emery Darcy everywhere to ensure the safety of this young bishop on behalf of Archduke Leon's family.

This all opened two paths for Emery Darcy to follow, one who was to reach the top of the clergy the other way was to become a high nobleman.

Unfortunately, this also put a big target on the back of Emery Darcy, both the family of the first wife of the Archduke of Leon wants to kill him, and the senior people of the church clergy want to get rid of him.

There were still people of the imperial court who also did not want the Archduke of Leon to have a successor so strong that he threatened the power of all the other nobles.

That's why the death of the original Emery Darcy was so pitiful!

Enemies everywhere!

The current Emery Darcy knew that his path would be difficult until he got to his family's home, unfortunately, he has no choice and can only bite the bullet and do what he can to stay alive until he arrives safely in his family's territory.

Of course, young Warlock only knew of Bishop Darcy's fame, he didn't know about the repercussions that Bishop Darcy's "heroism" had on the imperial court of the Aurore Empire or about the dark currents that stirred within the highest clergy.

The young Warlock was a little surprised by Giovanni's words because in his memoirs no one helped him and everyone turned away from him, in the end, he was thrown out by the church to die in a dark forest.

Of course, he didn't die and became very powerful, so powerful that the church was afraid of him, but dared not approach to stop him. He was powerful enough to survive in revelation, if the world had not been obliterated, he would still be living well because he was strong.

The young Warlock looked at Giovanni not hiding his blue eyes full of uncertainty and suspicion, Giovanni can only sigh. He also doubted Bishop Darcy's actions, but what could he do?

When he woke up, he was in Bishop Darcy's room and even had a good meal with him. Of course, as there was the existence of Theo, Giovanni felt a little safer than being "alone" with Bishop Darcy.

Young Warlock accessed Giovanni's memories and saw everything that happened, from being taken by Theo to Bishop Darcy's request to a pleasant and hearty breakfast along with Bishop Darcy, Theo, and butler Louis.

Everybody looks happy and normal.

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