I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
41 The truth about the Human Dimension
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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41 The truth about the Human Dimension

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The world was connected through astral channels, which were dimensional tunnels, the central point that connected all dimensions was the human dimension. Despite being called human dimension, not only lived humans but various forms of human-looking lives, such as Elves, Beast-men, Drows, Dwarves, Dragons, finally a variety of species that had an appearance close to those of humans.

Therefore, when the Apocalypse happened in the human dimension because it was the moment that the astral canal opened to the other dimensions, all species in the Human Dimension suffered or fought for survival.

Demons and angels would start the clash that lasts millennia, each species with its selfish motivations. The battle was dirty and nothing glorious, there were many victims of these clashes, not to mention the diseases that were generated by the demonic energy coming from demons by staying too long in their true forms in battle.

Diseases, curses, blessing, destruction all mixed in this clash, of course, that humans suffered more because of the weaker body constitution.

The other dimensions regard the human dimension as a harvest ground or a treasure hunting ground or even a promising battlefield. The species in the human dimension were considered small disposable insects.

"This is crazy!" said Giovanni, shocked by all this information. He couldn't accept that the world in which he lived was a field of fun for other dimensions.

"The gods are very cruel. What is quite pathetic is that we have many religions that follow these gods who dismiss us as garbage," young Warlock said in an indifferent tone. At the time when he heard about it, he was shocked at how things worked but was not so surprised since he had seen many things during his years traveling the Central Continent.

Satan is the god of demons, but even he had an avatar in the human world who looked like a normal person. Yama who is known as the god of the underworld and also the protector of the phantom dimension also has an avatar.

The god of light, the goddess of creation, the god of death, the god of time, the god of nature, the god of darkness, the god of the earth, the god of the oceans... Anyway, all these gods had avatars to lead the troops that came from the other dimensions, so they could control gains and losses in these battles.

"Beyond the selfish gods, there are still the fallen gods and the children of the gods to complicate the whole situation. In a nutshell, we of the human dimension will be strong or we will be swallowed up in the Apocalypse," said young Warlock sighing as Giovanni's eyes got bigger with surprise.

Young Warlock looked at him young and had complicated feelings because that was his purest and most innocent version, but also the weaker version of himself.

"The old professions will also rise at this time, such as Necromancers and Alchemists, of course, they will be weaker than the Necromancers and Alchemists of the other dimensions. Because the churches actively hunted these professions. Do you know how crucial it is to have quick-cure pills during war or to be able to use the bodies of deceased warriors to enter camps impossible for living humans?" the young Warlock recounted how the battles of the apocalypse were different and more dangerous than described in the holy books.

Of course, the churches contributed greatly to the weakness of the inhabitants of the human dimension, not to mention that the churches supported their gods in battle and did not care about the locals.

What could Giovanni answer? He had never seen a necromancer or an alchemist!

Anyone identified as Alchemist or Necromancer in the Kingdom of Dawn was hunted and killed, except for the two empires (Aurore and Sauros), the Free City of Asgard, and the Republic of Wizards, the other countries of the Central Continent hunted and killed necromancer or alchemists.

For example, in the Kingdom of Dragons there were no problems with Alchemists, these people could live very well and with dignity, but for the Necromancers... They were hunted and killed, the Dragoness (citizens of the Kingdom of Dragons) are very proud, what they were most proud of were their powerful bodies, they were disgusted to know that their bodies after death could be violated and used as puppets.

Already in the Elf Empire, there was a great division of opinions about the alchemists and necromancers, for the Elves of Nature the Alchemists were seen with good eyes and the necromancers were not. For the Black Elves, alchemists were viewed with disdain and the necromancers were seen as equals.

However, for the human dimension, this was a loss in the same way. The Central Continent was one of the most developed continents of the human dimension, followed by the Eastern Continent and then the Western Continent, the continents that stood at the poles were considered wild and more rudimentary.

If the necromancers and alchemists of the Central Continent were considered average when compared to other alchemists and necromancers of other dimensions, one imagines how much worse are the alchemists and necromancers of the other continents!

Now returning to the strange conversation between Giovanni and his older and stronger version.

"What are you and why did you show all this?" asked Giovanni suspiciously. It's not that he didn't completely believe young Warlock's words, but what all this had to do with him was a mystery.

Well, it was a mystery that young Warlock hadn't chosen to show all this to someone influential and who could do something, but Warlock chose to go back to the past where he was very young and weak.

That's why Giovanni didn't understand young Warlock's purpose.

"Well, the world was destroyed when the human dimension collapsed. This was caused by a group of Titans. And I'm not talking about the kind of giants. The Titans are ancient powerful gods that existed even before this world. Well, they're more troublesome than the current gods, but they were sealed many Eons ago. That's what the gods thought," said young Warlock sighing as he remembered the shocking truth. He had to keep explaining things to Giovanni so that he would understand the gravity of the situation and be willing to help.

The leader of these Titans is Cronos and he wants the dimensions to collapse to weaken the gods and also for them to create a new version of a world in which they are absolute rulers.

Of course, destroying today's world was only part of revenge against the gods who harassed them and then cruelly sealed them for millennia.

"The disappearance of the avatars of the gods is caused by these Cronos. It seems the brothers of Cronos devoured all the avatars which stole 50% of the powers of the gods. Therefore, the gods could not manifest themselves and end the apocalypse. Then when everyone realized that the human dimension was collapsing, the Titans attacked and finished the service," said young Warlock sighing. He was only 40 years old when the end of the world became something concrete and he almost had his soul obliterated.

At least that's what young Warlock thought, who would have thought that the lesser blessing he had exchanged with a fallen angel decades ago would be capable of a miracle?

"I showed all this to you because this is the future of this dimension. You don't need to stop the apocalypse, but you need to find the avatars of the gods and try to awaken their memories to get that message across. From what I investigated before the world was destroyed, the avatars were captured around two years from now," said the young Warlock facing his younger version.

What would Giovanni do?


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