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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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40 Isn“t that a dream?

Note for the plot:

I was using Wizard for both Warlocks and Magician before, but now I will make it specific. Warlock is those who make contracts with demons or angels, these people are not part of the clergy or any sect. Wizards are powerful rulers and the greatest powerful controllers, well-liked in society. Warlock is hunted by churches. "Magician" is a word for Wizard Battle, so, as not to confuse and repetitive words.


What shocked Giovanni most in observing all this, was that the demon followed the young man and protected him, even found teachers to teach the young man the correct way of a Warlock. Since this "Giovanni Double" was losing control of his mental power, which he had discovered after being thrown away by the church.

This young man's mental power was very powerful and he would end up killing himself if he didn't have a person who instructed him not only to deal with the powers but to stop risking his life with this conquering attitude.

At any moment someone could stick their sword in this Giovanni Double's heart!

Anyway, Giovanni, he was even more surprised. It wasn't that the demon only helped this young man, but that the demon was in love with this human being!

The more time he spent the more Giovanni saw the demon and the "Giovanni Double" developing feelings for each other, especially after the demon for some reason managed to turn into a human.

Not just in any human, but in a rapturously handsome human man. So beautiful, that the painters would cry for this person to become their model.

Anyway, in the end, this young Warlock after much mental struggle, he gave himself to sexual pleasures with the demon.

Giovanni was so shocked and embarrassed to see these hot scenes and to hear the groans and grunts of the two men, that he wanted to dig a hole to bury himself there. However, he had no escape. As he had seen his colleagues committing acts of sodomy and sex between men... It wasn't that shocking.

However, it was still strange to see yourself having sex with someone else, or rather with a demon-shaped person!

Either way, things have become increasingly shameless over time. The young man became an adult man (more twenty-years-old) and became even more at ease with his supernatural powers and the companionship of the demon.

Surprisingly, Father Rutger resurfaced in the life of this Warlock and the demon. Father Rutger falls in love with the demon too... Giovanni saw it all happen as if he were watching some horror scenes.

Seeing the older Father Rutger made him feel very bad, of course, in the end, the demon killed Father Rutger after the bastard almost mortally injured the Warlock.

A lot of things happened afterward... Even at the end of the world?

After Father Rutger's death, things went well and the years passed slowly. Giovanni saw the young man becoming older and stronger. He was a well-known Warlock who even the church feared him, of course, part of the blame is because of the demon that accompanied the Warlock.

Then one day the demon's brothers came to take him back because the war between angels and demons would begin, this would be the beginning of the purification of the human dimension and the beginning of the apocalypse.

Giovanni then witnessed things he had only heard of in legends, such as angels rising through the clouds and demons sprouting from the earth. Fights worthy of stories from the holy books.

The angels of the god of light, the beasts (phoenix, dragons, basilisks...) of the goddess of life, the reapers of the god of death, and the astral beasts of the god of time, all gathering for a long war against the fallen demons and gods.

The human world went into chaos and few places managed to protect themselves and maintain order. The priests went to war with their respective gods, so there was no one else who could heal the sick and wounded from the clashes between these mystical beings.

In the end, Giovanni saw Warlock helping several people, but he couldn't forget that Warlock also did horrible things, like killing fetuses from abortions to summon the mandrakes, who were infernal creatures.

Giovanni felt especially bad at seeing these scenes when young Warlock learned all this from one of his teachers. A woman who pretended to be a noble person, but was very dirty and did horrible things like imprison innocent souls from babies!

That kind of person Giovanni never wanted to meet in his life!

The apocalypse seemed to last a long time, the human dimension seemed to collapse, Giovanni realized that it was at that moment that all the great players noticed that there was something wrong.

The gods didn't participate directly in these wars and only sent their most powerful players. The war would have to end with the arrival of the gods to purify everything, even the great Satan who is the chief of all demons would appear to lead the demons back to the dimension of hell.

However, none of them have appeared so far.

"The human world has collapsed and all humans, Elves, Beast-men... Everything that lived in the human dimension was annihilated... That wasn't the end, the other dimensions collapsed decades later. The god of light was hibernating, the goddess of life was trapped somewhere, the god of death had been sealed, and the god of time disappeared without a trace... No one knew about Satan and the god Yama of ghosts was nowhere either" young Warlock's voice sounded in the chaotic environment, causing Giovanni to be surprised.

Giovanni looking back saw that young Warlock was behind him and was talking directly to him. Young Warlock's hair was long and lighter brown than Giovanni himself because young Warlock lived a long time traveling under the sun. His hair was loose and fell below his shoulders, he had a silver tiara that kept his hair away from his face. He wore black robes with leather pants and a baggy shirt. His boots looked something different from what Giovanni had ever seen, they were thick, heavy boots, with the tip made of metal.

There were no expression marks on young Warlock's face, he looked eternally at the age of 30, young, vigorous, and powerful, but the light blue eyes looked sharp and fierce.

The young Warlock was taller than Giovanni, he was 1.75m (five-foot-seven/574,14ft), while Giovanni was 1.60m (five-foot-two/529,93ft), the difference of 15cm made this young Warlock more imposing, which made Giovanni a little uncomfortable.

The memories had stopped at the breaking point of the human dimension, all the characters seemed frozen, but there was still the feeling of panic and despair around.

It was at this point that the young Warlock who is the older version of Giovanni appeared before the Giovanni of 16-year-old.

"Are you showing me your memories?" asked Giovanni a little agitated. It was strange that he looked at a person who looked 90% like him in every respect only older.

There were some differences here and there, because of the hard lifestyle this young Warlock had experienced at the beginning of his journey. Some scars that marked the body and changed the attitude of this person, who had a somewhat wild and dangerous vibration around him.

"Yes, those are my memories. The human world collapsed and they all died. I was just able to send my memories to my past self. Just because I had made a contract with a fallen angel... Who knew this would be useful one day," said the young Warlock, a little thoughtful, the blue eyes had a strange almost ethereal glow.

Giovanni was silent to hear young Warlock tell him this, the two guys stared at each other for some time, trying to feel each other's intention. Giovanni then began to think about the reason for all this and said:

"Do you want me to stop the Apocalypse?" asked Giovanni incredulously. He was just a 16-year-old, that was impossible even if he had all the information about the future.

It was not strange for Giovanni to think this, given that young Warlock showed him all this. However, this also could not be correct, after all, he was just a weak teenager and without supporters.

"Don't be silly, this can't be stopped. The problem is, something's wrong with the avatars of the gods. Without these avatars it is not possible for the gods to be summoned, which means that they cannot purify the human dimension," said young Warlock, mocking a little of his younger version.

Young Warlock explained to Giovanni about the avatars of the gods. As the time of the apocalypse approached, the gods cast their avatars into the human dimension a few decades earlier.

These avatars could look like ordinary people on the surface until the gods called them into battle. Divine avatars were the embodiment of the powers of the gods, they had 50% of the gods' original powers and could also receive 50% of the information from the gods' memories.

The gods could not enter the human dimension without causing some dimensional collapse, the only exception was in Apocalypse, but they only appeared briefly to purify the human dimension after all the destruction caused by Apocalypse.

Outside the human dimension, there was the dimension of paradise, the dimension of hell, the dimension of limbo, the dimension of the sacred forest, the dimension of ghosts, the garden of reincarnation, the city of death, the dimension of ancestral dragons... Anyway, in this world, there were a ton of incredible dimensions.

Unfortunately, the Apocalypse only happens in the human dimension that links all of these dimensions!


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