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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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39 Giovanni“s long dream part 2

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Anyway, after many "kind aids", the teacher seemed to have reached the limit and cornered Giovanni in the hallway on a quiet night. The teacher tried to force himself on Giovanni, but the young man managed to escape and there was a great deal of confusion.

The Abbot in charge of Lancaster Abbey almost had a heart attack upon learning of this, so he took advantage that the Kingdom of Dawn was facing a pandemic and that Duke D'Lucas was busy with the people of his land. He sent Giovanni for an "exchange" at Matteo's Abbey.

Of course, the Abbot had to deal with this teacher who almost put Lancaster Abbey at risk by harassing the son of a powerful nobleman from the local kingdom.

It was an interim measure, so the Abbot of Lancaster did not send Giovanni's full documents. However, the pandemic became something almost deadly and many people died, Giovanni had to spend that whole year in the Abbey Matteo.

On the one hand, as Matteo Abbey was far from large urban centers, there were fewer deaths. Of course, after the pandemic, the exorcists of this abbey had to be relocated to the Abbeys that stayed in the cities to help maintain the small demons that arose because of the great aura of death and despair caused by the pandemic.

Giovanni saw "Giovanni Double" spending that long year at Matteo Abbey. There no one knew who he was, the treatment was like hell, but as Giovanni was a very introverted person, he could not express himself correctly.

In the end, he ended up washing dishes and the teachers didn't pay attention to him. He could only stand on the sidelines watching people learn to use guns while he sat in a corner.

The only person who cared about him was old Lattanzio, he seemed like a good person and always talked to him about the cheerful things and adventures of his youth. Sometimes that person also gave you tips on how to better use some enchantment or how to break curses.

Father Lattanzio's stories were full of his experiences as a priest and exorcist, so Giovanni was very grateful to this old priest, who helped him learn more things and not fall so behind the other novices.

Finally, Giovanni saw "Giovanni Double" going through the terrible night he was raped and when he took a beating. Giovanni's heart stirred and he was frightened, but he felt much more shame than fear.

There was also something unknown in his heart... Is that what they call hate?

Anyway, things went by and Giovanni was just waiting to see how Bishop Darcy took him away from all that. As he was with his mind lost after cleaning the room and the body of his dead best friend, it was as if he was seeing a long path full of snow.

Giovanni had no idea how he was taken by Bishop Darcy or how he had stopped there; he looked with some interest at this scene.

Only this scene never appeared time passed and Bishop Darcy never came. "Giovanni Double" was demoted to the cleaner of the eastern courtyard as he could not wash dishes, because of the broken hand and the fractured rib.

Giovanni observed the life of this other him with a worried look, he felt a feeling of sorrow in his heart, as if he feared to see the rest of it all. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to watch all the events.

"Giovanni Double" became ill because of the injuries of the **** and being beaten so violently, he got feverish and began to delirious. He was placed in a bed to rest, which was not lacking were beds after the pandemic.

Then, Giovanni the most bizarre thing happens, the young novice was possessed by a demon and even had sex with a demon!

In demon classes, Giovanni learned that having sex with demons turned anyone into the demon's wife. In other words, it was better to kill the victim of possession as well.

Anyway, Giovanni saw all this unfold in horror, the worst is that Father Rutger was in the middle of the exorcist priests to try to get the demon out of the young novice!

Of course, that only worsened the situation, the demon began to denounce all of Rutger's crimes for all to hear, moreover, this instilled in the heart of the young novice even more hatred!

The pressure was so great for Father Rutger that he erred in a stretch of the song of exorcism, causing the demon to become bound to the soul of the innocent novice!

Giovanni watched all this amazed, of course, then everything was a succession of pain and suffering for the young novice. He was whipped 100 times and threw water with coarse salt to cause even more pain, then the young novice was thrown into a nearby forest because they did not want to kill and bury in "holy lands".

The clergy thought he was going to die outside or be eaten by some animal. No one knew that this novice had a very strong soul, so the demon that was bound to him could not directly harm his life. On the contrary, the demon helped him fix the broken bones.

Giovanni then saw when Abbot found out about the young novice's origins and the Machiavellian plan to turn that person into a saint, thus creating a false death.

Father Rutger was not going to be punished too harshly, until Bishop Darcy, who finally showed up, threatened to denounce everything that was happening. So, Father Rutger was uncommitted... And that's it!

He was not arrested or punished for the death of a son of a Noble Duke!

Giovanni watched all this dismayed, he watched attentively Bishop Darcy, who despite having an image similar to Bishop Darcy that he knows, but the aura around that person was different.

Despite Bishop Darcy's face of poker, there was arrogance in his lines and disdain in his gaze. Which was quite different from the warm look and the quiet attitude of Bishop Darcy that he knew as if they were two different people.

Or who knows, Bishop Darcy he knew was just pretending to be warm and quiet... Could it be that Bishop Darcy knew of Giovanni's origins and was treating him well for it?

Giovanni continued to accompany this young novice who had his name and appearance. This young novice gave up faith and began his journey down the path of a Dark Warlock.

The young novice who had a flexible and soft body over time became a relatively tall, strong-legged man. The young man used a sword and a magic weapon as he traveled across the Central Continent.

At the beginning of his journey, this young man became a conqueror of women, he worked as a private language teacher and the violin teacher ended up sleeping with his employer's wife or his employer's daughter.

When discovered, he would put things together and leave far away, leaving many hearts broken along the way and a lot of hatred in many prestigious families.


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