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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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38 Giovanni’s long dream part 1

Giovanni looked like he was having a very long dream, in that dream he saw time pass him by. It was a very strange dream because he saw himself as time went by.

At the beginning of this Giovanni 2 was similar to his own, childhood in the Duchy D'Lucas, he learns to play the violin, playing with his older brothers, learning to ride. Until the day he turned 10 or 11 years old, his father sent him to a religious boarding school.

His fate was sealed from birth, he was the third son of a noble and traditional family, the first son is the heir (magician and title), the second son goes to the army and the third son goes to church, the fourth son would be a scholar and the fifth son for a political marriage. Everything was planned and right for these noble children.

Giovanni continued to watch the life of the person who was like him, the pain of the separation between him and his mother, the dull look of his father and the sadness-filled look of his brothers and sisters.

The days at boarding school were rather bleak, but he managed to make a few friends his age. But the nuns were frighteningly serious, only a few novices were kind and warm with the children. The years passed like water from a flowing river, so fast that Giovanni blinked his eyes and he already saw Giovanni 2 entering Lancaster Abbey in the capital of the Kingdom of Dawn.

Giovanni was 12 at the time and he was separated from his new friends, ending up in a class of 14-year-old boys, thanks to his magical talents and the title of his family. They put him in a relatively advanced class, which was already learning the sacred language.

The class was full of young people full of hormones, they were all children of nobles, of course, they had already begun their sex lives. Many nobles take their children at the age of 12 to border them so that they may be initiated as men.

So young people can be traumatized by the experience or they may like and become addicted, the more normal ones just found sex something interesting for distresses, the most wanton became depraved young people of high society.

The novices in the Abbeys were routed between the age of 12 – 13 years, this applies to people who are not noble, taking into account that many do not know how to read or write correctly. The first year for novices was to learn to read and write the common language of the central continent and learn about what demons are and what evil is.

Young novices learn early on how to defend themselves from demons and what was this evil that the church of light so much preached abomination, that is, brainwashing was initiated.

Giovanni was an exception to the rule, as Duke D'Lucas first sent him to a boarding school which gave him a better chance to learn various things, such as the ancient language of various peoples, and also to better adapt to the rhythm of the clergy.

Of course, Giovanni had private lessons with strict teachers. The classes were about mana's control in his body and how to channel mana. This was necessary so that Giovanni would not hurt anyone since he had a very powerful Mana thanks to the genetics of his family of wizards.

Giovanni was very innocent among these 14-year-old teenagers already initiated into the sexual world, so Giovanni often saw his roommates committing sodomy.

The irony is that this was the second year of the novice class, where they learned about chastity and about not yielding to the temptations of the world, of course, there were classes on the study of supernatural beings such as ghosts, ghouls, and vampires. How to face these dark beings and how to protect themselves. Besides the brainwashing that evil had to be eradicated and that the church of light was the only one who could do that.

Poor 12-year-old Giovanni saw the young boys touching each other, masturbating, and even doing the coitus act. Sometimes he saw it in his room, other times he saw it in the dimly lit places of the Abbey or the gardens in the middle of the night.

Novices were not as inhibited or innocent as at Matteos Abbey, as Lancaster Abbey was in the capital.

Giovanni saw Giovanni 2 go the same way as him in the last 3 years. All he did was study, read, play the violin, and walk through the garden. With his status as a noble son of a powerful Duke, Giovanni's life was not so bad. What bothered him most at the time was the tasteless food and that it was never full enough, so over time he was losing his fats and becoming slender.

Giovanni would often be punished for stealing apples from the orchard because he was hungry. Only he didn't stop stealing anyway, he was hungry and he was smart enough not to get caught more than once a week.

Finally, Giovanni stopped at the scenes where Giovanni 2 was being harassed by one of the priest's teachers in class 5. It was the teacher who taught him how to deal with weapons since it was necessary for priests when they to have to fight demons, either with the sacred scriptures or with weapons with sacred energy.

Giovanni at the time was 15 years old and had some very interesting classes, sacred scripture classes, talisman classes, blessing classes, and weapons classes.

The gun teacher was a novice who came from another Abbey outside the country, he was there to teach and learn more as a teacher. Giovanni at that time was quite beautiful and attracted the attention of many young novices and young priests, even the old men did not miss the chance to look at Giovanni.

Of course, Giovanni was already so saturated with those looks that he no longer cared. Everyone looked and could not touch, after all, this was the son of Duke D'Lucas, who had an army under his command and is one of the most powerful wizards in the Kingdom of Dawn.

Although Giovanni was not like the other nobles who used his status to persecute or crush anyone, he was more the lonely type and who enjoyed spending time alone doing interesting things.

He had no friends, but only some acquaintances, people who were also sons of influential nobles.

Anyway, with the fame of Duke D'Lucas, no one dared to touch Giovanni, until this new priest teacher came and began to teach about weapons. As Giovanni was already accustomed to people's dirty looks, he didn't care about this teacher either, besides, no one had ever touched him inappropriately before.

The teacher began to touch Giovanni first in fencing classes, where they had to learn to swing a sword. As Giovanni's body hung more towards the flexible and thin side, he did not have much strength, so he had difficulty with the weight of the sword.

Then the teacher corrected him "gently", only that the touches were too long and the teacher's warm breath on Giovanni's neck seemed too intimate, which caused the young man's discomfort, but as it was a matter of learning about the sword, he had to endure.


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