I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
37 Something strange happens to Giovanni
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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37 Something strange happens to Giovanni

Giovanni felt a little ashamed to think that Emery's face was even more beautiful than usual, even though he thought the other was sick. There was a strange and seductive aura around Emery.

Which was pretty weird!

Giovanni amazed those thoughts with strength and sat on the bed to observe the bishop, he did not want anything to happen to that person. After all, wouldn't he be guilty if something happened?

"What happened?" asked Louis a little worried to see his young master who used to be energetic, but now slept like a baby.

Giovanni explained what he thinks happened. Louis looks suspiciously at Emery but says nothing. Theo just thinks the bishop got some fall flu.

"I and Theo are going into town to deliver the letter from the young master. When he wakes up, can you tell him we're going away for the day? It looks like it's going to rain later, so we're going to sleep in town," Louis said, handing Giovanni a small leather bag.

Louis had a large leather handbag hanging from his belt, he gave a smaller one to Giovanni and then explained that there was money and a communication stone in case Emery needed to talk to him later.

"Young Giovanni, I'll have to trust you to look after the young master. He's a useless person who doesn't know how to take care of himself. So help him as much as you can," Louis said with a smile full of helplessness.

Louis and Theo left for the city, the trip took about two hours, but as they were going by ordinary carriage and it's not a magic carriage, they couldn't come back because of the rain that would make the trip very dangerous.

The normal carriage is pulled by horses, whereas the magic carriage was a magic high-tech carriage, which only needed to put magic stones to start the engine and everything was similar to navigating a Google Maps.

A map would appear and people could choose the route and the magic chariot would go all the way. Of course, there still needs to be someone in charge in case any obstacles happen, such as bandits on the roads, landslides and other things that would affect the path of the journey.

Once again Giovanni and Emery were alone.

Azarphy who watched this was a little dissatisfied with Emery, who after enjoying it for the second time, wisely put himself to sleep using a sleeping spell.

As Azarphy was interested in Emery's reactions, he slept didn't make things fun.

Giovanni suddenly became sleepy and also slept next to Emery.

"Oh... Something is shining in this human's head," Azarphy said looking at Giovanni who had just fallen asleep.

"That... That's impossible! The weather god wasn't hibernating? So how do I feel the power of time present in this boy's body now?" thought Azarphy a little disturbed.

The god of Light is the strongest, but three gods were equal in power, the god of time, the god of death, and the goddess of life. The four gods formed the set of various lives in the various dimensions of this world.

The god of light was the best known and most loved, the god of death was the most feared, the goddess of life was the warmest and the god of time was the most mysterious.

Once Azarphy met a priest of the time god, that priest was like the original Emery Darcy. He was very talented and was a representative of the time god in the worldly world.

Azarphy, who was curious about the god of time, appeared to this priest and proposed an exchange with him. Azarphy would give a blessing that gives more vitality to a person and the priest would give him a minor blessing of time. They both made a contract and they both got what they wanted.

The priest had his vitality increased which increased control over his sacred powers. Increasing vitality does not mean increasing life, but it does help to control the powers, which allows for even more training. In the end, the priest after intense training prolonged his life for another 100 years.

That was over 500 years ago. Which was nothing to Azarphy who had millennia of existence?

Azarphy got what he wanted a minor blessing from the god of time, which allowed him to study the laws of time. The minor blessing allowed him to only look like the time for a short period, as time passed by, Azarphy studying, the minor blessing evolved into a major blessing.

What allowed Azarphy to freeze time in a much larger space, in the future, who knows, he might be able to freeze time all over the world?

Of course, it was just a silly thought from Azarphy.

However, even after 500 years, Azarphy could not find anyone else as the priest of the temple of the god of time, because the type of genuine priest was very difficult. Only true representatives of the divine will could manifest the sacred powers of a god.

People like Emery and that priest were rare. Everyone thinks the power of the god of light is pure light, but they're wrong. The true power of a representative of the god of light is healing.

People confuse the power of the god of light with the power of the goddess of life. The goddess of life has healing as the least of her blessings, the true power of a priest of the goddess of life is the power of reincarnation.

The true power of the god of time was not only to control time but rebirth. The power of the god of death was a long life, which is quite ironic.

Anyway, after 500 years Azarphy was seeing a rather pure power of the weather god in Giovanni's head.

"What's going on?" Azarphy thought it was curious. Would that be some revelation from the gods?

Arabeth who could also feel that there was a new power in Giovanni's body, he was worried that someone was trying to steal his young master!

"That shameless bishop was no longer enough, now there's another one wanting to take my new master away!" Arabeth thought dismayed. Only unlike Azarphy who is, he had a high position among the angels before he became a fallen angel, Arabeth had no way of knowing what kind of power that was.

Arabeth only felt that this power was causing physical and mental changes in Giovanni who seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep.


1. The magic carriage I'm talking about is more like a steampunk-style car. In fact, get ready for a mix of fantasy world and steampunk technology!


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