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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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36 Provocation

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In the end, I have a question that I would like you to answer.



Azarphy found the human reaction quite interesting, he realized that he liked to provoke this human more and more. So, he bit and pulled the tip of his ear lightly, causing Emery to gasp surprised.

"What are you doing? Are you trying to deviate from the subject?" asked Emery by placing both hands to cover his face. He was ashamed to be acting like this in front of Giovanni.

"It was you who called me sexy and mysterious. I was just acting according to his will" Azarphy said jokingly, but his right hand was quite malicious because he went through the fabric of Emery's clothes and grabs little Emery who was still sleeping between his legs.

Little Emery wasn't really small... But Azarphy didn't seem to mind playing with little Emery.

"What are you doing?" asked alarmed Emery, after all, there was still a young man at the table with them.

"Don't worry, I've stopped time. This is an interesting power that I acquired with an agreement made with a priest from the temple of the God of Time a few hundred years ago. The time in this room will stop for a few minutes," Azarphy said, putting his left hand to cover Emery's eyes, which were already moist because he felt harmed.

In fact, time was frozen and Giovanni only looked strangely at Emery, but there were no more movements coming from him.

"Nhg... Why would you... You're doing... That?" Emery asked panting, while Azarphy's left hand quickly played with his penis that was hard and pulsating now.

"Aren't you the one who wanted me to be sexy and mysterious?" asked Azarphy maliciously, biting the tip of Emery's ear, which can only gently hone his body until he shivered at it.

Emery wanted to answer, but he felt something rising up his body and stopping on his nipples, it seemed some kind of energy a little cold.

"Don't be afraid, it's just a little bit of my sacred energy... I think your nipples feel lonely..." said Azarphy in a playful tone.

"Ngh... You..." Emery wanted to protest, but Azarphy's sacred energy seemed like great hands. The fingers of these hands rubbed his little nipples causing all sorts of pleasurable sensations that clouded his rational thoughts.

"Communication stones emit a certain type of signal that can be captained by a stone known as The Record Stone. The abbey walls are surrounded by these stones. You can draw the conclusion you want with that information now," Azarphy said very seriously, despite doing such dirty things with Emery.

The human's penis pulsed in his hand, it was quite hard and hot, Azarphy quickly recognized the desire that took his mind, he wanted to put that penis in his mouth and suck everything until the human became dry.

Azarphy had been in the human world long enough to know many things and have learned many things, not all the things he learned were worthy of an angel like him.

Emery was completely lost with Azarphy's attitude because he could still explain things so calmly while taking advantage of his body!

How would he think with things progressing that way?

Emery closed his legs as the pleasure became greater, he instinctively raises his hands as if to grab the neck of Azarphy, who wickedly played with his ear.

He really grabbed Azarphy!

Emery felt Azarphy's long, soft hair, his hair seemed to fall below his shoulders, he could feel his strong, warm neck. His skin was so hot that it surprised Emery, he didn't expect Azarphy to be as hot as a human being, despite the cold hands that touched him now.

Azarphy felt Emery's pleasant surprise, just as he felt the human's dependence on holding on to him, while his legs were soft and his body warmed with pleasure.

Emery bit his lips so as not to moan like a shameless person, because his nipples became so sensitive of being rubbed so much that he now felt that that region was shaking a little.

"Do you want me to cool down a little there? I can suck them with my mouth," Azarphy said provocatively in Emery's ear, who shuddered at just thinking about it.

"Your penis has become even harder... Do you want me to put my mouth there?" He asked Azarphy maliciously by squeezing Emery's penis into his hand, causing the young redhead to shudder.

"Have you ever shot... Hey, do you like that kind of thing?" asked Azarphy.

I said, "I'm going to... Emery did not know what to say, he had cummy in Azarphy's hand. He could not deny that he had felt pleasure.

"Too bad, I wanted to put in the mouth," said Azarphy looking disappointed. What made Emery blush to the root of his hair, there he felt so sinful, that he really wanted the angel to do just that!

"Oh, people are coming back, " said Azarphy with a little annoyance. He wanted to keep teasing this human, who had many interesting reactions and curious thoughts.

Time returned to normal, but Giovanni was shocked because he saw Emery with his face all red and a little sweaty.

"Bishop Darcy, are you all right?" Giovanni asked again. For him it was like a snap, one moment Emery was fine and the next he seemed to have a fever.

"I'm a little tired and unwell, " said Emery sighing. He just didn't feel uncomfortable anymore, because Azarphy cleaned him out. However, his legs became weak and he felt sensitive in his nipples.

In fact, he could feel Azarphy's playful look on his back. Emery just wanted to go to bed and hide under the cover, pretending he didn't exist.

He was feeling pretty embarrassed!

"Oh, if you're under the blanket... I can do more things with you" Azarphy said with his beautiful voice right near Emery's ear.

"I wasn't thinking about it when I just want to rest!" Emery protested to see that Azarphy had misunderstood him.

"I know... But I can still do what I said" Azarphy said in a fun tone, but the two hands that held his sensitive nipples were pretty serious.

"Ngh!" Emery groaned suddenly curving on the table, scaring Giovanni.

"Bishop Darcy!" Giovanni got up and went to support Emery, who looked like he was fainting. Only Emery was far from fainting, as well as he wanted to.

"Help me go to bed," Emery asked with a trembling voice, Azarphy's fingers continued to rub and squeeze his nipples. Fortunately, the clergy's clothes are quite wide and Azarphy used his powers to make everything look normal.

Or is that considered Emery's misfortune?

Giovanni took Emery to bed, the young bishop climbed on to the bed and covered himself with a blanket. His body trembled slightly under the blanket, he looked like a person who was cold.

When Louis and Theo returned, Giovanni was looking with a look of pity at a sleeping Emery. Emery had slept half an hour ago, he had a red face and he looked panting.


Hehehe I know I let you down, but Azarphy wants to be TOP and Emery doesn't want to be BOTTOM. Anyway, it will take a while for both of them to change their minds.


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