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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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35 Emery is a little fool

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In the case, Louis was more like a cold-hearted nanny, who only had a single master, who is the head of the Grand Duke Leon's family. Whether Emery's soul has changed or not, as long as he returns to the core of the family and works hard... Louis didn't care if it was the original Emery Darcy or if it was another soul!

"I think Emery Darcy would cry if he knew that? After all, he regarded Louis as a very close and trustworthy relative" thought Emery crying in his heart for the original Emery Darcy. He even lit an incense stick to praying for the poor soul of this young bishop!

"You should talk to your teacher because some people may want to make you stay or accuse you of heresy. As your teacher is a Cardinal with a good amount of influence, he could help you as long as we help you with a little money," Louis said seriously.

Did this young master has had his brain-damaged by the many drinks and of weeks ago? Is he thinking it's that easy to get out of the clergy?" thought Louis feeling helpless as he watched Emery wink foolishly at him and then the startled look in his midnight blue eyes.

"Then I'll write immediately!" said Emery earnestly. This concerned your future freedom!

Oh, I don't want the flags of the clergy's death to rise for me!

The professed emery Darcy is Cardinal Lyonnais, he is an old man in his 60s, but as he has great sacred power, he appears to be only 40 years old. As Azarphy has said before, the greater the supernatural power of a human being, the longer that human being lives and the less they age.

Cardinal Lyonnais is a character who was little quoted in the original novel, as the MC remained much of his life away from the clergy. The only mention is of his peculiar death since the killer was the MC's first teacher.

This killer is a wizard who works more with Alchemy and poisons, the Cardinal died for a poison that was not easily detectable, nor by magic items. Which showed how smart and dangerous the killer was.

Cardinal Lyonnais is from the Chastel Kingdom, this is a kingdom that has as its native language French, but as the commercial and diplomatic language is the language of the Central continent, there are not many problems for communication. Not to mention, that Emery and Cardinal Lyonnais can write in the archaic language of the church to communicate if they wanted to.

"Should I help my 'teacher'?" Emery thought for a moment. Soon after he dismissed that idea. Cardinal Lyonnais' death was still a long way away, at least four years away, and Cardinal Lyonnais was not a good person.

Cardinal Lyonnais only became Emery's teacher after he got evidence to blackmail this Cardinal. Thus, Emery Darcy's life in the clergy became even easier and quieter.

"So that the original Emery Darcy could devote himself to cultivating his powers and playing around, he had the Cardinal in the palm of his hand," thought Emery as he reflected on the memories of the original Emery Darcy.

The power of the Darcy Family with the title Gran Duke Leon and the connection of Emery's maternal family with the great Archimage of the Central Continent made Emery Darcy an untouchable young guy.

"Well this person's death has nothing to do with me!" thought Emery resolutely stating that he did not want to get involved with this teacher.

Besides, this professor's killer is a powerful wizard. Emery didn't want to channel that flag of death to himself!

"This letter may without being sent by teleporter from here to the abbey. You should only request a communication stone for your teacher. So, it would be easier to explain the situation," said Louis sighing at seeing his foolish young master.

"Wait... So, I didn't have to write a letter to my father! Wouldn't it be better to ask for a communication stone?!" Emery said a little confused. If he'd known he had this kind of object that looked like some kind of cell phone, he'd have cried to his father to come home by now!

"You're an idiot," Azarphy said in Emery's mind, making the young bishop feel even more confused and a little offended.

No one's ever called him an idiot since he'd gone away from his malicious family from his past life!

"Young master, you should participate in fewer orgies and drink less this is affecting your mind," said concerned Louis looking at Emery as if he were an idiot.

Theo and Giovanni stopped eating and looked scared at Emery, they blushed furiously and filled their mouths with bread, pretending not to have heard anything.

"There goes Mr. Louis again talking about Bishop Darcy's secrets!" thought Theo lamenting in his heart, as Louis could let this kind of dark secret be exposed in front of two strangers.

"I... I will no longer do this!" said Emery hastily, despite his solemn face, his ears were red.

"Don't destroy my image in front of the MC!" thought Emery with somewhat damp eyes as if he had been harmed.

"Well, how we solved everything. I'm going to retire, soon I'll come back to take out the trays. Now I'm going to talk to the coachman," Louis said, getting up from the table wiping his mouth with his napkin.

"Right, I'll wait for you to come back, " said Emery with a little anger, he still hadn't understood, why was he an idiot?

"Theo, you must come with me. As you will be my apprentice, you better see how I do my job" said Louis with a smile that caused chills in Theo.

Theo swallowed the food quickly and drank his mug of wine before hastily following butler Louis, who was very scary!

Finally, Giovanni and Emery were alone.

However, Emery was with his mind elsewhere. Meanwhile, Giovanni pretended not to exist at the time. He felt a strain in his heart as he was alone with the Bishop in a closed place.

That's why the room was in quiet silence.

"Azarphy, why am I an idiot?" asked confused Emery. He was called an idiot by his servant and the fallen angel. Where was he wrong?

"Do you think everyone doesn't want to talk to communication stones?" asked Azarphy first, finding Emery's resentful look quite funny.

Emery Darcy stopped a little stunned, so he began to think that as he had a stone so magical that it was similar to the cell phone because everyone sent letters and did not use the communication stones. Was there anything wrong with the communication stones?

"Is there some kind of signal interceptor that makes the communication stones not work?" asked Emery very seriously. In his world, there were places where the signal was prevented from leaving for various reasons, such as being a military ground or being a place near the prisons.

"Until you're a little smart!" said Azarphy mocking a little, passing his hand through Emery's hair as if caressing a little kitten.

"So, I didn't get it right?" asked Emery a little annoyed by Azarphy's attitude.

"Yesterday he was all sexy and mysterious, now he behaves like a superior person! That's a little annoying!" thought Emery a little resentful, but of course, he wouldn't say it out loud. He felt a little unhappy, as he was taken advantage of by Azarphy and he even mocked shamefully in the hand of an angel!

Oh, he'd burn in hell?

Would any god throw lightning at him and spray his soul for coveting and misrepresenting an angel?

Oh, ah, he was a great sinner!

He forgot that Azarphy could read his mind, of course, the fallen angel read his thought. Azarphy smiled a little, he found it amusing as Emery's mind leaped from side to side.

"I can act sexy and mysterious if you want..." Azarphy whispered near Emery's ear. His voice was a little hoarse and had a playful tone, which made Emery's heartbeat so fast that he thought he might have a heart attack. He even put his hand on his heart, just to make sure this thing was going to stay there!

"Bishop Darcy, are you all right?" Giovanni asked worried seeing Emery who had stopped eating and put his hand on his chest with a strange look.

"I'm fine, " said Emery quickly lowering his hand and showing his serious face, a pity that his ears were red.

Emery wouldn't say that if he could see Azarphy's malicious smile until the fallen angel's gaze was weighed down by lust.

If he saw that, he sure would have pretended he was sick!


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