I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
34 Giovanni is unfortunate, but Arabeth is also unfortunate
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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34 Giovanni is unfortunate, but Arabeth is also unfortunate

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Giovanni shook these longing and painful thoughts away. He didn't want to think about his family, who seemed to have forgotten about him.

Now the aromatic and delicious dishes have made the lean belly of this 16-year-old snoring loudly, which left Giovanni apprehensive and embarrassed. After all, by tiny mistakes he had already taken several punishments with sticks, so it was no stranger that young man was looking with a terrifying look at Bishop Darcy.

Emery just sighed to notice Giovanni's suspicious gaze and watching his complexion become pale in fear, of course, he knew that the young novice would not put much faith in him or trust him.

It was already a miracle Giovanni was not shaking like a green stick when he realized he was in the room of one of his ecclesiastical superiors. It would be normal if this young man was afraid and even acted terrified, due to the various traumas of the previous day.

"Let's eat, you too Louis will eat with us," Emery said with his face speechless, but said everything very politely to his butler/bodyguard and the two young teenagers. There was no disdain or a gloomy look, which usually the upper levels of the clergy had.

Theo timidly sat in the chair, while Louis picked up two more chairs that were in different locations of the room and added on the small table.

Giovanni was watching with an uncertain look whether or not he should sit down, but the soft gaze bishop Darcy gave him made him sit quickly, the young man felt strange, there was a warm feeling in his heart, but there was also a lot of caution, after all, the last person who told him that he wasn't going to hurt him and who gave him a gentle look had raped him in the kitchen and beat him up.

The 16-year-old felt an emptiness in his heart and a trace of bitterness in his mouth when he began to remember that dawn and when he thought about the death of his friend Lattanzio.

"Aren't you hungry?" Emery Darcy asked when he observed that Giovanni was eating like a small bird, while everyone was already ruining the dishes. The novice young man had a resentful look on his beautiful blue eyes and the pallor on his skin seemed to get worse, even his lips were becoming purplish as if he were frightened by something or with deep pain.

Giovanni finally came out of his dark thoughts, but the throat was still tight, not because of some wound, but he felt like crying. Of course, he wasn't going to cry because he'd be punished for it. Smiling meant weakness, crying meant weakness, he was just a weak novice that everyone could step on and trample and shed tears would make no difference in his current life.

For the first time in his life Giovanni hated feeling helpless and felt angry at having no power to decide his life, that was a new feeling for him, yet yes, he forced himself to eat all the food and forced himself to live one more day.

Arabeth who watched Giovanni's every movement could feel the hatred and anger of the 16-year-old, but there was still no sign of revolting against a society and the church, he just felt powerless and would try to live in the best possible way, that is, cloistered somewhere.

The demon marquis only sighed at the thoughts of his new master, for he was still not mature enough for him to make an appearance. That way if he showed up in front of Giovanni like this, it would be very likely that Giovanni himself would exorcize him or seal him somewhere.

One should not be fooled, novices even before they became priests already learned how to banish demons, some would have talents and join the ranks of the exorcists, others would only know how to defend themselves against demons.

Exorcizing someone was very different from taking a demon out of their own body, the first requires a specialized study of holy words and having a high affinity with the power of light, while the second is just need a basic knowledge about sealing demons, some powerful magic of any element and a high willpower to cast the demon out of the body itself.

Of course, when it comes to basic knowledge does not mean that everyone has access, the common population and nobles do not have access to this kind of knowledge, even royalty becomes helpless when it comes to demons, so the church at this time had great power in your hands.

Arabeth then sighed once again and resigned himself to remain hidden until the moment was propitious he hoped his new master would turn around and go away from the church, for it would be an absolute certainty that if he were discovered he would be sent again to hell and it would take many years to centuries to recover and have a chance to invade the dimension of humans once again.

"Louis, are you going out today to send the message to my father?" said Bishop Darcy calmly, he had not forgotten that he should send an answer to his father about returning to family territory and that he would run with the other heirs.

Louis had brought the paper and magic pen yesterday and, in the afternoon, after rescuing Giovanni, Emery had written his answer to his father and placed a magic seal to ensure the safety of his message.

Now he just needed Louis to send the letter to his father, but he would have to go to the nearby town to use a message teleport and small items. Emery could not send the message from the church teleport, as this teleport is closely watched with many restrictions.

The messages sent by this teleport were violated and verified, the church was very suspicious about betrayals and leaking secrets abroad.

Of course, priests who wanted to do their shady things would use some teleport from nearby towns, all you had to do was pay 50 silver coins for each teleported item.

So, Louis was supposed to leave Matteo Abbey today or tomorrow to send the message to the Castle of the Grand Duke of Leon.

"Yes, young master. I must leave right after lunch," Louis said with a gentle smile. It was he who had brought the letter from the Grand Duke to Emery a few days ago when he went to town to receive the monthly money that is sent by Emery's father.

"However, young master, shouldn't you send a message to your teacher? If you send a message to it, it will make it easier when you leave your post in the clergy," Louis said with a cold look. He still did not fully believe that Emery would give up his ecclesiastical career so easily.

"Um... Do I have to talk to my teacher?" asked Emery a little worried about getting in touch with someone who knew the original Emery Darcy very well.

Louis was just an employee of the Grand Duke and who raised Emery since he was a child, but as long as Emery wants to return to the main family, Louis will not oppose or distrust anything.

For this reason, when the original Emery Darcy did not want to return to the home of the Gran Duque's family, Louis coldly left this young master alone and then began Emery's fall, until he became an attraction of a brothel.

Louis was the character who was most afraid of Emery, but he is also the character he preferred to sleep next to side in a bed, only to make sure that this golden character would not run away and leave him to die!

Oh, so hard to want a quiet life!



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