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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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33 A busy morning

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Giovanni was stunned to be awakened by Theo, first of all, he did not know Theo. If well, that Giovanni was not close to anyone, since it was a few weeks since he had been transferred from the other Abbey and then was thrown to do services in the kitchen.

He was only close to Father Lattanzio because the old priest loved having a night snack and was always in the kitchen. Giovanni stayed to take care of the kitchen at night shift, where he had to wash dishes with hot water and also had to wash the blood and garbage that always accumulated in all kitchens.

This very serious easy, if the church was not hypocritical and tried to be modest, then they could buy magical items to help clean up.

Well, that was a distant dream.

The church was very stingy and they had novices as servants, so they would not spend on magical items. Also, the church despised these technologies that facilitated people's lives. In a way, they thought that the people who used these magical technologies were challenging the dogmas of the church.

Of course, the church could only say that veiled. The church was influential, but could not beat the Aurore Empire and the Sauron Empire, which were the largest producers of magical items in the Central Continent.

The Aurore Empire is known as the largest magical empire in the Central Continent, while the Sauron Empire was known to its magical knights. The two powerful empires were very attached to magic, so it was not good to antagonize these powerful powers blatantly.

But going back to Giovanni's unique situation.

Giovanni could be considered an ideal person to be one of those priests who live cloistered praying because he preferred loneliness and did not make much contact with the other novices or priests.

Secondly, the 16-year-old was surprised to see the solemn and handsome-faced bishop who called him to eat at the table.

"Good morning, Giovanni, " said Emery with his face without expression, but there was a little kindness in his blue midnight eyes.

"Good morning, Bishop!" Giovanni said with his hoarse voice and a little tremble, with a little uncertainty about how to act.

"Theo, help Giovanni wash up and you're going to get ready too," Emery said politely. Louis looked at the two of them with a gentle smile and already brought the new clean clothes of the two people.

Giovanni was surprised to see the polite and even gentle attitude of this bishop, for it was quite unbelievable that even a priest addressed him in such a polite manner, after all, he is just a novice. He was far below the church's power pyramid.

Worse he was a novice of the dirty kitchens!

The worst novice status anyone could have!

Giovanni flashed several times, before being dragged by Theo, who was lower than him and even thinner, so he was helped wash his face and pass a damp cloth with hot water by his slender body, before finally wearing the old novice outfit.

The novice outfit consisted of a brown tunic of heavy and uncomfortable fabric, even the slaves would not wear such a bad outfit, as well as hemp sandals and a hemp rope where a bow was attached at around the waist so that the clothes would not get too loose.

In short, it was an outfit that resembled the monks of the middle ages of the Earth, there were few changes such as the issue of underwear and that the tunic had a few embroideries symbolizing Matteo Abbey, in other words, was a type of uniforms of the novices from that abbey.

"Was I very good? Will the MC like me?" thought Emery a little nervous, despite being with his face without expression.

"Is it important that novice like you?" Azarphy asked full of curiosity. After all, Emery's position was far superior to Giovanni's, it made no sense that Emery wanted the goodwill of this novice.

"He's the MC! The MC of a Dark BL! He's the strongest guy in the world!" Emery responded to Azarphy very excited as if he had found a celebrity or the straw that would sustain his short life.

"What is the MC?" asked Azarphy confused. He had listened to this Emery term several times, but until now he did not understand what the red-haired human was talking about!

"MC is the world's leading character. You can be the person who's going to do everything in the world to change or shock the world with its potential... Right... It's very hard to explain what an MC is..." replied Emery a little hesitant. He started talking confidently, then realized that talking that way seemed crazy.

How should he explain that this whole world is part of a book of his world and that Giovanni is the main character who will change the course of this world?

Doesn't that sound crazy?

"What nonsense is that you're talking about! Unless he is the avatar of some divinity, this human can't be able to change the order of the world!" Azarphy replied a little angry, after all, a human who could change the world?

Don't play!

What was this world, full of dimensions with its own rules?!

Is it so easy to change a world like this?

"Unless this human is sent to begin the Apocalypse... But I don't feel the energies of the collapse of the dimensions in this boy's body and soul!" thought Azarphy looking more closely at Giovanni.

"Yes, the soul of this human has a peculiar power. But it is not a power that can shake this world, "Azarphy thought when his eyes shone like golden lamps.

"Azarphy! Hey, Azarphy, are you listening to me?" Emery called a few times. He was excited talking about various types of MC to try to explain the concept, but the angel seemed not to be listening.

"Already this handsome guy, his soul doesn't even belong to this world... If anyone can change the foundations of this world is him" Azarphy thought full of interest, looking at Emery who despite showing his serious face, he was very agitated now.

"Azarphy? You won't answer me?" asked Emery a little annoyed, having thought so much about how to properly answer this angel, but he didn't even hear what he had to say.

"I'm here," Azarphy said without realizing he was smiling. Then Emery and the angel continued to talk mentally, while Giovanni and Theo did their morning cleaning.

Which was quite unusual, since they showered yesterday? They were supposed to take a shower in three days, but Bishop Darcy and Butler Louis looked like people who cared too much about cleaning.

After clean and tidy the stunned Giovanni is taken by Theo to the table, there was a variety of tasty dishes, which Giovanni could only look from afar in his normal days in the abbey.

The last time Giovanni ate a sumptuous meal was when he was very young and alive with his country in his family's castle.



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