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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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32 The next day

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An hour later Emery Darcy woke up from his sleep, he had no idea that the MC of that novel already had a good impression of him, but at that moment he was still scaring away his sleep.

Autumn was a season that even when it was sunny still kept a cold temperature or when the day was cloudy the temperature was still warm, yes this is a very misleading season.

At that moment Emery felt cold and did not want to get up from the hot and soft bed, he without realizing he squeezed the "pillow" between his arms, still half asleep he supports his chin on that "pillow", but when the "pillow" mumbled with a protest, Emery finally realized that what was in his arms was not a hug pillow, but if a young teenager soft and small.

"Tsk! It wasn't a dream..." thought Emery Darcy lamenting in his heart, as every person who reincarnated in a world of garbage and who had a good past life, he still mourned his death and his new life.

This lasted only a minute before Bishop Darcy sighed and scare away feelings of regrets and longing, now was not the moment of melancholy, but he needed to move, he had to make a good impression on the MC that was now peacefully sleeping in his arms.

Emery Darcy was supposed to release Giovanni's body, but he was very happy and warmish under the wool blanket and the warmth of the teenager's body, so he snuggled up more to the young novice's warm body.

"Just a little more..." Emery thought by closing his eyes again. In his mind, there was no question of him hugging another man or that this could be misunderstood by other people.

Well, he had sex with a demon and was tapped by an angel last night... He wasn't going to question hugging a young teenager who was more harmless than those two supernatural beings!

When Theo woke up with the knocks on the door, he opens his eyes scared and at first, he was scared because he did not remember that he had stayed in the bishop's room to sleep.

After a few minutes, Theo finally awakened from his sleep and remembers the day before, his green eyes of serpent fixed on Bishop Darcy hugging the novice Giovanni, the two seemed to have come out of the hands of a divine artist, each with his beauty. Giovanni had the innocent beauty of youth and the bishop had a soft and angelic beauty.

Theo blushed a little while watching the two men hugged so intimately, as soon as he swerved his gaze and got out of bed, after all, a person was knocking on the door.

"Who is it?" Theo's voice was still a little hoarse by sleep, he walked a little clumsy though the soft carpet because the sweater he wore was too long for his small, slender body, he was only 14, which made him one of that year's novice novices.

"It's Louis, Theo." The voice of Bishop Darcy's butler sounded behind the door, so Theo sighed relieved because if it were some other priest it would be trouble not to wake Bishop Darcy. After all, Theo was just a novice and there was no way to send a priest away.

Theo finally opens the door, there Louis was with his soft and gentle expression ever, in the skinny arms there were two heavy trays with food and drinks. It was surprising that Louis could look so relaxed carrying these heavy meals.

"Good morning, Theo," said Louis with his strangely magnetic voice, brown eyes were soft, making people feel good under that look.

"Good morning, Mr. Louis, " said Theo timidly, his eyes strayed from the butler's gentle gaze. After spending time in the church orphanage and being sent to the abbey, Theo went through a lot of bullying and had no self-confidence to look people in the eye.

Of course, that Theo also remembered the obscure side of the butler, who for a moment wanted to kill him to silence him. If it wasn't for Bishop Darcy, he'd be dead by now!

"Bishop Darcy is the only normal and good person!" Theo thought without looking into Louis's eyes that he had a fun-filled look.

Quickly Louis entered the room, so Theo closed the wooden door and passed the lock, it wouldn't be very good if any novice or priest saw Bishop Darcy hugging with a novice in a bed, so it would be better to lock the door.

"As always, the young master will not wake up spontaneously," said Louis after placing the trays on the small stone table next to the window. Soon he was opening the velvet curtains, so the sun completely lit up the room, causing the occupants to shrink into bed as if they tried to escape the sunlight.

Bishop Darcy was the first to wake up, but he had a grumpy look, but in his pretty face, this look made him quite cute, snorting he slowly rises, taking care not to awaken Giovanni who shrank in bed as if he wanted to hide under the wool blanket.

Emery Darcy squeezed and yawned, passing his hand through his red hair and who did not behave, he was the image of a young noble master rising in the morning until the sunlight inside in red hair creating a holy halo around the young bishop.

Theo's innocent eyes could not help but observe the figure of the bishop who seemed to shine in the sunlight, the young teenager felt his heartbeat hard and he blushed a little embarrassed.

"Ahh, are you a Bishop or are you a seducer of young lambs?" the voice of the fallen angel sounded in Emery's mind that was still scaring away his sleep.

Of course, upon hearing the angel's voice, Emery remembered last night and his heartbeat erratic. In his mind images of the long night paraded through his mind, making him want to dig a hole to throw himself there.

He was playing with death!

He played with ML demon and he was taken advantage of by an angel who is a great powerful BOSS!

"Good morning... Oh, what's your name?" asked Emery trying not to think about last night.

You'd better pretend nothing happened!

Yes, he would continue with that kind of thought to preserve his short life!

"You can call me Azarphy," said Azarphy looking at the handsome human who looked like a little cat stretching in the sun, in a way it was fascinating, for some reason he felt like stroking this little redhead cat.

"Good morning, Azarphy" Emery greeted quite solemnly, trying to control his little rabbit heart. Breathing strongly a few times, he managed to clear his mind and keep his emotions under control.

Nothing happened!

"If you say," said Azarphy in response. Emery felt goosebumps and a little embarrassed. He felt Azarphy's sarcasm, but he pretended he didn't hear anything.

He had face speechless as always, but as he was with his sleepy face, along with his face that was slightly rosy because he just woke up, he looked even more beautiful than normal.

"Good morning, Theo, did you sleep well?" asked Emery already more wake-up despite still scratching his eyes.

"The bed is quite soft..." Theo answered by impulse, blushing quickly because of his foolish response, he was afraid of being rebuked by the young bishop.

"I think too," Emery said with a smile, he wanted to keep talking to the teenager who had rather unusual eyes, but Louis interrupts the conversation and will help Emery wash his face to prepare for the day.

"Tsk! I wanted to talk a little more..." complained Emery a little boring, but he followed Louis without much fight and did the whole cleaning tour and change clothes. He washed his face, brushed his teeth and put on his clergyman's clothes before he could finally eat.

"Theo you must clean up and then wake up young Giovanni," said Louis with his soft voice as an efficient butler, as he stretched a cloth napkin on Emery's lap, who watched all that food on his little table.

The first day of his second life was very hectic, discovering many things and meeting many unexpected people.

What are the rest of the days going to book for him?

Will he be able to go to each of his family without any problem?

Emery prayed in his mind that the days that would follow would be more peaceful.

Oh, but since when is fate a servant of mortal men?

Autumn just blossomed, but the cold, strong winds were already on the path to Emery's happiness.



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