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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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31 The Innocent Giovanni

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\u003c\u003c\u003cThis chapter contains partial descriptions of sexual abuse, which makes the chapter sensitive. If you can't read this, the sensitive parts are marked.\u003e\u003e\u003e

When Giovanni woke up early in the morning, first he did not open his eyes, he was afraid to wake up and feel pain, he felt light that he wanted to die at that time.

There was confusion in his mind, he remembered almost everything that had happened the day before, he remembered Rutger's sweet words saying he would not hurt him, from the strange look Rutger had by staring at his face, also of the smile when he confessed to this priest that Lattanzio was his friend and made him laugh.

\u003c\u003c\u003c\u003c The next scenes were very painful, but they would be marks forever inside Giovanni's mind, he had never been treated with such brutality in his short life until that moment that Rutger pushed him into the dispensation of the kitchen lifted his cassock and he made kneeling on the stone floor while abusing him repeatedly.\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c\u003c\u003cHe would remember for the rest of his life from Rutger's warm and hurried breath around his neck, his voice as he cursed him like a bitch, the grunts he made as he threw himself into him, while Giovanni himself diminished his screams and no longer begged for help, for he had realized that no one would come to help him since at that time no other priests were working. \u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c\u003c\u003c Sure, even if other priests saw what Rutger did to him and then what? He was just an unnamed novice for these priests, they would never punish Rutger who was an exorcist because of a novice from the kitchens.\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e

Giovanni's breath stirred himself becoming fast and panting as if something was squeezing him, as he remembered these sad and terrible scenes from last night. The teenager with 16-year-old began to panic as if he had returned to that dark, damp place where he met hell.

Then Giovanni opens his beautiful blue eyes and his soft and flexible body struggles to try to get rid of the grip of the person who held him all instinctively, but his body was still weak and tired, moreover, the young man remembers that if it is Rutger, what he really could do against an exorcist priest?

Soon the teenager stopped struggling and his eyes finally become focused, finally, Giovanni realizing that he was not in that closed and humid space, that he was actually in a soft and comfortable bed, that sunlight was already penetrating through the windows, that even the Velvet curtains could not prevent the luminosity from breaking into the enclosure.

Only then did Giovanni feel better, it wasn't dark and wet, the light shone even if it was little that calmed the teenager's, frightened heart. Now that he had calmed down, he felt a gentle breath in his short coppery brown hair, that's when he finally realized that there was actually a person hugging him and that his nose was even leaning against that person's chest.

Giovanni panicked again, but he didn't move this time, but his heartbeat as fast as a frightened hare, he tried not to move too far, but he still tried to get away a little from that person's body.

Slowly, but surely Giovanni managed to get away from the grip of the hug, but the man's arms were still on his slender waist. The young man only got enough room to look at that man's face, Giovanni was surprised to observe the face that looked like an angelic painting.

This man's lips were full and reddish-tipped like peonies, his eyelashes were long and redhead, his eyebrows seemed finely drawn and his eyes even closed. Giovanni could see his eyes were almond-shaped, that is, they were round and had a slight inclination upwards, which left that man's face with a soft appearance.

The red hair seemed short, messy and unruly with small curls at the tips of the hair, there were some wicks on his forehead and ears, the complexion of the man looked porcelain, almost as creamy and smooth as that of a woman, or even more beautiful, since not there was makeup covering the skin.

"It's not Father Rutger!" thought Giovanni relieved, he didn't mind another man there, as long as it wasn't Father Rutger, the teenager wouldn't panic.

Who knows it was because the man had a beautiful and soft face, or because the man was asleep and looked like an angel resonating with quiet breath, but Giovanni could not be afraid?

Giovanni didn't understand why he could feel that sense of security. He well didn't want to question, after all, this all seemed more like a dream than his real life.

"My hand..." thought Giovanni now that he was no longer frightened by the man by his side, he finally realized that his hand that should be broken at this point was healed and there was no pain, nor if he wants sequelae, his right hand was as good as if he were new, even the bruises of the previous punishments disappeared and the skin of his hand seemed soft and soft.

Gradually Giovanni was gaining awareness that his entire body had been treated, the wound in his sex and his anus was also treated, he could feel that there were bandages on his knees and elbows, but the pained hoped to feel when he aroused his body weren't there anymore.

The pain he expected from his ribs also did not appear, he remembered well the kicks that Father Rutger gave in his stomach and chest region. Giovanni could not breathe properly at that moment, he fought hard to fail to suffocate. Now everything was healed... So mysterious...

"Like everything was a dream..." Giovanni thought a little confused because it was strange that someone was taking care of him so well that his old bruises had also disappeared.

It had been a few years since someone had really cared about him since his parents sent him to boarding school at the age of 10, which reminded him that he had also been able to do for a while with messages from his family, although they might have forgotten him.

Giovanni feels intrigued and curious, he did not understand how this miracle occurred, but everything from the previous day was a nightmare? Was Brother Lattanzio still alive? But mostly, who is this angelic-faced man sleeping next to you?

Giovanni's hands had long, slender fingers, now that all the wounds and bruises disappeared, they were soft and soft, he held out his hands to that unknown face.

Perhaps Giovanni thought he was dreaming, so he became so daring to bridge caressing the soft cheeks of the unknown man, his long fingers outlined the beautiful face. Then they went to his messy hair, the wicks were soft and light, the young man's fingers passed through the man's hair without any obstacle.

The sleeping man seemed to like the affection Giovanni was doing in his hair but surprised the young man who felt the unknown man's arms tightened even further around his waist and pulling him into his embrace, now Giovanni was with the nose leaning against that unknown person's collarbone.

Giovanni felt a peculiar perfume that seemed to come out of that man's skin, it wasn't a feminine perfume, but a perfume that was refreshing reminded him of the scent of the forest after a rainy day when the green there was so lush it seemed up to someway a sacred place.

At this point Giovanni's body felt relaxed, he knew there were a lot of problems to face as soon as this "dream" ended, but for now, he wanted this moment to last longer.


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