I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
30 Let“s pretend nothing happened!
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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30 Let“s pretend nothing happened!

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Emery Darcy was still in an embarrassed and stunned state, as he still felt strange in his current body and missed his powerful anterior body.

The only thing that made him feel a little grateful at that moment was the fact he showed ML about the pleasures of sex, at least Emery thought it was to help the MC get out of trauma faster.

The bad part is that the fallen angel had taken advantage of him?

Not that he could find it bad! I mean, he enjoyed it and everything, moreover, the angel's voice was so seductive and smooth, that he even forgot how to think straight!

"Oh, karma is fast in this world!" thought Emery Darcy sighing with sadness.

"Keep your eyes closed a little longer," Azarphy said in his hoarse and sensual voice, which almost made Emery get hard again.

"Okay," he said lightly, but he was a little embarrassed to be in this situation.

"Open your legs," said Azarphy with a very soft voice, but it made Emery want to open a hole in the earth and throw himself there!

Oh, he had closed his legs when the angel was masturbating him, it was instinctive!

Emery opened his legs that were still weak, his face was beyond red, he hid his face in his hands.

"Why are you hiding your face?" Azarphy asked finding Emery's grace hiding the beautiful stained face.

"It's nothing!" Emery said with a very low voice, but a little angry. Like he's really explaining why this perverted angel!

Azarphy used his divine powers and burned the white liquid in his hand, forming a small white flame. Only then did he manage to breathe properly again.

It's been a long time since he felt the feeling of possessiveness for anything, but Azarphy felt he wanted much more of this human.

Of course, he pushed those thoughts away from his mind.

If he dares to go further the human could end up dying, because of his high divine power.

"You can open your eyes," Azarphy said returning to control his emotions.

Emery opened his eyes and winked slowly into the penumbra of the room. He still felt the angel's body on his back. He soon settled on the stool, putting a space between them.

Now Emery could think correctly!

So, what would he do?

Of course, he was going to pretend nothing happened!

"Yes, let's pretend nothing happened! Whether with Arabeth or with that fallen angel!" thought Emery making a brave resolution on his mind.

Of course, Azarphy could read Emery's mind. This made him angry and amusing at the same time, he had never seen a human make such a slight relationship with a demon and an angel!

Anyway, the young bishop could not form any kind of relationship with other people, at least not the kind that would be an intimate friend or a lover.

In the past life he was betrayed by his family members, who were the people he should trust if even his family members hurt him, so how do people who are not even related by kinship will treat him well?

Anyway, to placate the furious wave of desire and the images of intimacy he had with Arabeth and now with the fallen angel, Emery Darcy used the most absolute power humans had inherently in his DNA, the power of dissociation and association, which allows everything to be compared to any situation that makes no sense if they are compared!

The human mind is very mysterious!

Anyway, Emery Darcy has already resolved in his heart that what happened between him and Arabeth was just a lesson on how to be a good gong in the BL relationship...

Already what happened to the fallen angel... It was just an accident!

Yes, it's an accident!

A very hot and pleasurable accident is true, but still an accident!

Soon the young bishop, who was already calmer and refreshed, had even cleaned his little friend downstairs, lay down again in bed and closed his eyes to sleep. As Emery Darcy's body was quite weak and he had done some mental and physical "exercises" a short time ago, it didn't take long to fall asleep.

Azarphy was shocked by Emery's carefree attitude, he did not know whether to laugh or loosen rays in the sky due to his frustration and irritation!

If he expected some kind of deep conversation... Well, Emery didn't want to have that kind of confusing and troubling conversation!

Pretending nothing happened is better!

Arabeth, on the other hand, was looking suspiciously at the young bishop who quietly snored, many things passed in his mind, especially when he passed step by step on what happened in the world of dreams.

The young demon felt strange because he wanted to feel again all those pleasurable sensations, but felt furious to think he was easily subdued by a human with a weak exterior.

Arabeth also looked at Giovanni, who had an angelic beauty, as well as young Emery, of course, the former had youthful beauty and it was uncertain whether he would keep this face innocent, while the young bishop would hardly change the angelic beauty of that face.

Arabeth had a summons contract with Giovanni, he wished this novice ardently, even before the contract, before he wondered how he would make Giovanni realize his existence and accept him, but now he was wondering if he should do the same thing Emery Darcy did to him.

Arabeth had this sweet feeling in his heart for Emery, but fear was greater than sweetness, this would be the first time since he exists in this world that he felt afraid of a human being.

Anyway, Arabeth wasn't so attached to these things about fidelity and fixed sexual partners, after all, he was a demon, though when he imagined Giovanni doing the same sexual things that Emery did to him, doing it to another man... Even if Giovanni did that to another woman... Arabeth felt furious!

Arabeth is a demon, a demon who made a contract with Giovanni, so in Arabeth's mind, Giovanni could only be his and no one else! Whether it's other humans or other demons, no one could take Giovanni away from him!

Strangely the thought of Arabeth and Azarphy were similar, both experienced a sense of possessively about a certain human, even though they felt irritated by being superior to humans.

"What if this shameless human man tries to seduce Giovanni?" thought Arabeth worried and with conflicting feelings, because he knew he could not stop the young bishop, even if he wanted to, he could not stop Giovanni either.

Many laws restricted demons when they could invade the dimension of human beings because if there were no demons, they would have already dominated human beings and made them slaves.

Anyway, laws restricted what demons could or might not do in this dimension, for example, they can't directly kill a human being, they can't materialize their original forms only some part of their bodies can be seen, they couldn't interfere in the fate of humans with their forces... Among other laws that guarantee an amount of order in the dimension of humanity.

Of course, demons had their subterfuge, such as influencing other humans to kill their target or sow discord so that a certain target would make mistakes and die... This kind of thing, which depends on the free will of human beings to listen or not to the suggestions of demons.

However, there was nothing Arabeth could do against Emery Darcy, either by this ambiguous feeling in his heart or because literally, the young bishop has no weaknesses in this little abbey.

Arabeth even failed to influence the young bishop through dreams, as a consequence his conscience suffered severe damage, in addition to having his tofu eaten by the young human, this was very embarrassing even if it was only in the dream world!

After all, that was Arabeth's domain!

How humiliating was it to be defeated in his domain?!

Emery Darcy slept quietly in his bed, but he soon hugged Giovanni's body in his past life he had a pillow for him to hug, now that he was in deep sleep, he can't help but have old habits and grab the thing closest to him.

Arabeth saw all this, but in addition to looking with jealousy and envy at the two young men who seemed to have come out of a heavenly painting, he can't do anything about it. The demon first felt powerless in the world of humans and can only resign himself to waiting for the right time to show himself to Giovanni, hoping that the young bishop would not seduce his new master!

If Emery Darcy knew what Arabeth was thinking, he probably would have said, "Finally, ML is showing off its true colors!".

Yes, the young bishop would not have been surprised, because he already knew that Arabeth was of the super jealous type, of course, he would still be concerned about the possibility of activating a flag of death because of ML's fury, but compared to MC, the ML looked like a spring breeze.

Azarphy looked at Emery with a deep look, but soon he also adopted Emery's stance, he was also going to pretend nothing happened.


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