I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
29 After the dream with the demon, was he taken advantage of by the angel?
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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29 After the dream with the demon, was he taken advantage of by the angel?

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Lee Fei was holding the lotus position, which was one of the dozens of positions a man could make along with his sexual partner, which allowed full control over Arabeth's body as he sank further into it.

Of course, there was a problem with this whole thing of having sex in the dream world, especially for human males, because it meant that the penis in real life was erect and that it was painfully pulsating.

That is, soon Emery Darcy's body would be full of desire and he would start masturbating, so he would start moaning and grunting until finality was fun, the problem that after or during the enjoyment Lee Fei would wake up again in Emery Darcy's body.

"So bad..." Lee Fei muttered against Arabeth's fragrant neck, which furiously already bit Lee Fei's shoulder, both not to moan with pleasure, and to punish this shameless human.

Lee Fei lamented a little, he did not stop his movements inside Arabeth, but he slowed down, only that every even slow-stoned seemed deeper and touches a very sensitive nerve of the young demon, who already had tears in his eyes and wanted to beg for him end this unbearable pleasure in his body.

Then Lee Fei's fingers glided through Arabeth's short hair, stroking his head gently, the young human's movements were getting softer and smoother until Arabeth managed to catch some breath and face Lee Fei.

Lee Fei's eyes were dark and deep, Arabeth could not sustain his gaze for long, he feared the powerful consciousness of this human.

"What I did to you now was good, wasn't it?" asked Lee Fei with a hoarse voice, but there was endless kindness in his timbre.

"What an attitude is that! From a pervert to a wise, gentleman? Does this human man want to drive me crazy?" thought Arabeth surprised and a little angry.

Arabeth had so many times enjoyed that he had lost count!

He was dirty with semen, sweat, and some blood!

Strangely he felt very pleased!

How terrible!

"What have you done..." Arabeth spoke in his sweet voice, but with a very soft volume, as he was tired of moaning so much. The young demon thought of everything Lee Fei did to him, there wasn't any part where he could complain that he wasn't treated well... He was even treated too well!

But he was never going to say that!

"Perverted human!" thought Arabeth sniffling offended by Lee Fei's question.

Lee Fei laughed at him, but he continued to provoke his nerve point in Arabeth's chrysanthemum. He had to enjoy every moment before waking up to reality!

"You know... I'm a demon... So..." Arabeth spoke hesitantly and there was confusion in his citrus eyes, should humans not fear demons as if they were a plague or a cursed being? At least that's what the clergy of most religions are preaching around. Isn't that human a Bishop?

This human was not only unafraid but still dared to do such shameful things to him! Where's the church morale? Where are the teachings of the clergy?

This Bishop is even more perverted than himself, who is a demon with the title of Marques!

Lee Fei did not answer, because he did not know how to answer Arabeth's implicit question, it was not as if he had some deep feeling for this young demon, that his worldview has been reversed or something. But he was just showing that sex between men was not dirty or ugly, as both ML and MC learn at the beginning of the dark BL novel.

However, how could Lee Fei say it out loud and not sound insane?

The characters in a book will never believe that they are characters in a book! He didn't even believe it was in a book!

Arabeth ended up biting Lee Fei's shoulder in anger that the human ignored his question! Lee Fei responded with a very soft kiss on the cheek.

Arabeth: (...)

I am expressing my anger here! Don't behave like a shameless flirt!

Arabeth wanted to continue questioning, but was silenced by a kiss and being tormented by the human's erection that looked like he would never fall at this rate!

The stockers became slow and torturous, but Lee Fei's caresses on Arabeth's body were kind and gentle, the demon thought his conscience was going to break down while he was engulfed by these opposite sensations.

Finally, Lee Fei released Arabeth from the dream world, he woke up on Emery Darcy's body, as he already imagined it would happen, he woke up with his penis pulsating and erect, a slight pain already spread through his sex, which was quite sensitive.

Arabeth, on the other hand, felt relieved that he was able to return his consciousness, despite having taken some damage to his mental energy, the citrus green eyes faced the flexible and beautiful figure as an angel of Emery Darcy.

The young bishop stood up and ran/staggered behind the wooden canvas and sat on the stool to take care of his pulsating penis. Arabeth had a confused look, for the pretty redhead figure was very different from the tall, dark man who was in Emery Darcy's dream world.

Why was this young bishop's soul different from the appearance of his body? This was one of the many questions Arabeth had in his mind because, in addition to the difference between the soul and the body, there was a big difference between the dream environment and the real world!

However, Arabeth knew he would not get any response at this point and not shortly, part of his consciousness was impaired, he would have to recover first before he could contact Emery Darcy again.

Of course, Arabeth developed some contradictory feelings in his demonic heart, as a little fear for young bishop, at the same time, that there was a peculiar feeling, something he had never felt before.

Was it a warm feeling and made you feel sweet?

Well, Arabeth didn't know how to define that kind of feeling, since having good feelings wasn't very common for demons.

The fallen angel, who observed both Arabeth's actions and the young bishop's actions, did not know what had happened in the dream world, so I had no idea that Emery Darcy was ashamed, was not because of masturbating, but he was ashamed to have such a sensitive and flexible body, that he was far from his old body, which was full of strength and firmness.

Emery Darcy felt very vulnerable, he also wondered if Arabeth would be watching him masturbate with this beautiful body like an angel, but that was not there very virile, frankly, he felt with wounded pride.

Most likely if he knew that Arabeth was afraid of him and dared not look at the figure of the young bishop, but the fallen angel who seemed not to like humans even more than Arabeth was looking closely at every movement of him masturbating ... Emery would be sure to be shocked, of course, he didn't know any of this.

Emery who was focused on relieving his hard penis suddenly felt something against his back.

"That sounds interesting, did you have fun with the devil?" Azarphy's voice was soft but still was no less seductive.

"What do you....?" Emery tried to speak, but he soon felt strong hands on his pulsating penis. They were warm and calloused hands, but they were hands that knew how to make Emery lose the air and offer with pleasure.

Emery Darcy tried to look down, but something seemed to prevent him from looking down.

"Don't look, if you look will go blind," Azarphy said in a hoarse voice in Emery's ear, who felt he had gotten even harder down there.

Emery can only close his eyes, he felt a body on his back, the gentle breath of the angel on his neck, he felt his mind become chaotic and his heart became erratic.

Azarphy put one of his hands in Emery's eyes as if he did not trust the human, the other hand was moving with precise movements in Emery's hard penis.

"Is your penis getting bigger?" said Azarphy provocatively, causing a sense of desire and emptiness in Emery.

Ahhh, karma arrived too fast for Emery, who had provoked Arabeth minutes ago!

Azarphy's body was warm and firm, Emery fully supported himself, while letting the angel touch him as he pleased.

"Won't even fight?" asked Azarphy amusing to see Emery lean on him.

"Ngh... Why?" asked Emery with difficulty thinking, because the angel bit the lobe of his ear and sucked so slowly, that he swore he could enjoy only that.

Azarphy also did not understand why he was doing this!

He was only very angry to realize that Arabeth caused this state in Emery. He looked so cute embarrassed and with his eyes a little damp, causing endless temptation.

Arabeth did this!

Azarphy felt angry about it!

That was the human he had found to be his entertainment after centuries of solitude!

He doesn't want to share this human with anyone!

"I'm just curious," Azarphy said with his hoarse and low voice, causing ripples in Emery's heart.

If before, Emery thought Azarphy's voice was pure temptation, now he was sure.

"Did you have fun with the devil?" asked Azarphy for his irritation because he sounded very possessive and that was a bit humiliating to him.

"That... Ngh... it's a secret," Said Emery trying not to moan for being so meanly provoked down there.

Azarphy felt angry at the same time as he thought he was stupid to ask, after all, he could read Emery's mind!

So, he became rough with his hand on Emery's penis, making Emery's body shudder upon reaching the enjoyment, he fouled Azarphy's hand with his white, sticky semen. His legs became weak and he was panting, Azarphy's hand was still in his eyes and he had his whole body resting on the angel.


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