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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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28 Playing with the Demon

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Lee Fei's movements finally picked up a rhythm that struck a nerve point in Arabeth's damp cavity, which almost made the demon begged for the human to stop, that he couldn't stand this strange sense of pleasure all over his body. But clearly, Arabeth refused to beg this shameless human who was penetrating inside him with his hot and rigid penis.

           Lee Fei could finally unleash all his potential for sex, the groans drowned at the hands of Arabeth, who by pride did not want to moan so openly, did not want the young human to think that he was better than the other humans who did these things with the men.

           But Arabeth didn't realize that even his moans muffled by his slender hands were seductive to anyone who heard, let alone for Lee Fei who had never had a partner to do that sort of thing.

           Then Lee Fei grabbed Arabeth's thighs and placed him sitting on his lap, the pulsating penis went even deeper into the young man, who threw his head and arched his back, breathing harshly, while letting slip a moan full of pleasure between his soft lips.

           His slender hands clung to Lee Fei's broad shoulders as he tried to keep a balance, while the young human's stockwork was getting faster and deeper.

           Lee Fei's arm held firmly on Arabeth's waist while keeping him stable, while his left hand's fingers held on to the young demon's short hair while pulling his hair with some force, leaving the part between his soft neck and the delicate shoulders exposed.

           Lee Fei bit that sensitive part between his neck and shoulder, Arabeth moaned very embarrassed and tried to hide his face on Lee Fei's neck, his slender arms hugged the young human's strong neck.

The two seemed to be in a rather romantic and erotic embrace, but Arabeth would fiercely deny if anyone asked if he was enjoying this situation.

           Arabeth's breath on his neck was panting and trembling, the sound of his sex entering Arabeth, along with the offerings, grunts, and groans, where the sounds complement the environment of lust and dirty sex.

           Lee Fei couldn't control himself, as was his dream, his physical state was great and his energy was fabulous, so the stockings in place of diminishing and losing speed, on the contrary, was getting stronger, Arabeth wanted to whine and ask that he stopped moving inside him, but when he tried to protest his mouth was taken in an even angrier kiss than those initially given by Lee Fei.

           Arabeth's moans and protests were drowned out by kissing, Arabeth's mind was getting confused and his body once again went through a tsunami of pleasure when he enjoyed it again and felt rather weak in the arms of that shameless human.

           Arabeth, who was still being penetrated in his cavity by Lee Fei, amid his pleasure and confused mind, felt frightened by the possibility of staying longer in this dream world.

           The young demon knew very well that dreams could give the feeling of days and years, unlike Lee Fei who is human and would not be affected by this time factor, Arabeth would be greatly affected and his mental power would be severely damaged.

           However, there was nothing Arabeth could do to leave Lee Fei's dream world, only at that moment did he realize it was a mistake to invade the dreams of a strong exorcist, for there was no way to break that dream with his dark powers, not when the "possessed" person had a strong conscience and was protected against the powers of darkness.

           Arabeth lamented in his heart about this thoughtless decision, he just wanted to provoke the young Bishop Emery, who had a beautiful and flexible body, so young and full of sensuality, but as he would imagine that the bishop's soul had another form, which was tyrannical and s in shame?!

           Very scary!

           "Isn't that good?" Lee Fei asked all of a sudden while putting Arabeth of four on the mattress. Arabeth grabbed the black sheet and bit the pillow, he refused to answer this human who had even less morale than he a demon marquis!

           "Don't be like this... Didn't you want that?" Lee Fei said a little fun seeing Arabeth looking at him angrily, but the delicate eyes were on the red edges for having cried recently.

           That was a vision that would make the heart accelerate!

           Lee Fei can't help but have his heart swayed, of course, his impulse became more "excited," almost made Arabeth scream and curse this human, but he refused to give that person without morals this taste!

           "Arabeth... Arabeth you're so tight! Marquis Arabeth... I'm so inside you..." Lee Fei continued to tease Arabeth with words as the stockwork in Arabeth's damp hole increased.

           "Stop saying... my name... your... Bastard... perverted human..." Arabeth said panting, but he couldn't contain his frustrated groans and he looked with resentment to Lee Fei.

           Lee Fei laughed fun, hugging Arabeth from behind and kissing his soft and warm neck.

           "Arabeth is a very beautiful name... Arabeth... Arabeth... So tight!" Lee Fei whispered in Arabeth's ear because he thought those citrus eyes angry at him very cute.

           "Bastard!" said Arabeth in a tearful tone. The pleasure was too great, he felt he could die!

           He's an immortal, so he wasn't going to die, but anyway...

           "Don't touch there!" said Arabeth alert, when Lee Fei's hand grabbed his penis and started masturbating it as he penetrated him more slowly, but the feeling was doubly distressing!

           "Arabeth here's so hard... Arabeth, your chrysanthemum is getting tighter... Arabeth..." Lee Fei's voice was full of provocation, almost going crazy the Demon Marquis.

           "Stop calling my name!" Arabeth said with his eye-reined voice, he felt so hot in this damn human body!

           Arabeth can only hear Lee Fei's laugh, he wanted to hit this idiotic human, how did he still have the strength to talk to when he was doing it to him?!

    When Lee Fei played with the words again, Arabeth's body collapsed on the mattress, his legs were weak and shaky, he had no more strength in his body and his mental energy was out of his control, he was now stuck with Lee Fei until the human set him free!


           "You're so beautiful Arabeth... His eyes are very beautiful," said Lee Fei turning Arabeth at him, Arabeth's eyes had little tears causing the cat's green eyes to become even brighter.

           Lee Fei kissed Arabeth's two wet eyes, this caused an itch in the devil's heart as if a kitten was playing with him.

           "You're a pervert!" said Arabeth appearing to be ashamed, even if his words were a little cruel.

Arabeth felt dirty from his orgasm and satisfied, but he felt restless because he didn't have the strength to break free from the pleasure that the human gave him.

           "But you've cum often... I think the pervert isn't me?!" said Lee Fei passing his hand through his sweaty hair and looking in a fun way at Arabeth's reddish face.

           Wasn't it fun for a demon to call him a pervert?

           Why did this Arabeth look so innocent and cute?

           "You!" Arabeth couldn't deny it. For a demon who wasn't ashamed of anything... He now wanted to open a hole in the ground and hide there!

           "I'm still pretty hard... Arabeth, shall we continue, right?" Lee Fei asked with an innocent look, but his hard penis didn't seem innocent at all!

           Arabeth who had barely regained his breath was soon forced to lose his breath again. Lee Fei seemed tireless and Arabeth just wanted to sleep!

           "Be kinder, don't be so fast! I feel like I'm going to be broken!" said Arabeth throwing his demon dignity away.

           If he didn't say anything, this human would devastate him in bed and he wouldn't have the mental energy to he thinks!

           "I thought you liked more ferocious and heavier things," said Lee Fei looking at Arabeth, who looked pretty cute tempting with his legs on his shoulders.

           Lee Fei was ready for another round but was surprised by the demands of Arabeth, who were coming out of the character of the original novel.

           While he was acting cute and shy... Far from the character who had a heavy taste in sex.

           Lee Fei felt he had something wrong with it, but he was much more concerned with testing all his theories about sex between men now...

           He'd worry about that sort of thing later!

           Or simply, follow with his motto... Let the characters in the novel work out, when he's away, everything's going to work out.


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