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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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27 Training to be a good Gong

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Lee Fei's long index finger, was strong and full, was not long and fragile as it should be that of a library employee, as he did many exercises and had a diet to gain mass and strength in his body.

Due to events of his adolescence and part of the life of the young adult, Lee Fei had decided that he would never be on the weaker side, so he trained in Muay Tai and did bodybuilding, which left his entire body full of muscle lines.

So, when the finger full of lubricant made its entrance into Arabeth's pink hole, it was strange and surprising, for the young man who was kneeling in bed. The cold and oily liquid helped Lee Fei's long, thick finger to gently enter that narrow entrance.

At first, Arabeth thought he should fight and resist, his body even tried to escape, but Lee Fei's left hand firmly held the young demon's slender waist. As soon as the finger began to move inside its narrow cavity, Arabeth felt small waves of pleasure spreading throughout that region, reaching his penis that became stiff again.

Arabeth panted, when the second finger joined the first, he bit his lips swollen fiercely, not wanting to show that he felt pleasure in it, did not want to give that satisfaction to Lee Fei.

Lee Fei bit Arabeth's cat ears and spoke softly:

"It's good?" the hot halite beating on the already sensitive ears of the demon Marquis, who was already repressing himself to make no sound.

"Perverted!" Arabeth called in a very low voice and with his intriguing green cat eyes shining with little tears that looked very soft and smooth.

If Lee Fei didn't know that Arabeth is a big perverted demon, who liked wild sex, he would have been touched by that sweet expression on that demon's face. His two fingers moved faster, touching the sweet pink hole here and there, causing Arabeth to shake and bite on the bedsheet.

"You seem to like it a lot, I wonder who the real pervert is really here?" said Emery, taking a gentle bite on the back of Arabeth's neck, who felt melted but clung to the sheets to keep from showing that he was on the defeated side.

Arabeth still did not understand that sex had nothing to do with a winning or winning side. In hell, what matters in sex is domination. Whoever mastered it first had the right to pleasure and to dictate what the genes of the next generation of children would be like. For this reason, Arabeth often became helpless when he was being dominated and taking pleasure in being in the "submissive" state. However, he was always buying current sex with his past experiences in hell, which had to do with his partner's domination, whether consensual or not.

However, when the third finger entered, Arabeth almost collapsed into bed with his body shaking all over, his knees were getting weak and his mind was getting confused.

"Should sex be like this?" he thought with a little innocence, for what he knew about "sex" between humans was what he had witnessed in his short stay in the human world.

That is, nothing good he had learned about it, not to mention that in the world of demon's pleasure was linked to the domination of his partner, whoever was the strongest and fiercest was the best.

Arabeth was increasingly surprised by the sensations Lee Fei caused in him, the gentle actions and subtle actions, such as kissing with such passion, even the delicate kisses distributed throughout his body, were things that this demon could never imagine that men other men.

The reality is that even the sex between a man and a woman was ugly and painful, there were few cases where one saw the woman having real pleasure, or that the man did more than caress women's breasts and stick his penis in females.

Some women had sensitive bodies and didn't need much to feel excited and take pleasure, but most women needed more stimuli to be able to feel pleased with their partner, of course, that at this patriarchal time women could only lament their destinies with these awkward men in sex.

Lee Fei's finger movements inside Arabeth were slow moments and others were so fast, it made Arabeth's head dizzy. The pleasure was very great and Arabeth enjoyed it again, while his lips bled, for as a matter of pride he only issued a few grunts and dared not moan, even if he was floating with the waves of pleasure.

Lee Fei was a little surprised to see Arabeth's body shudder and collapse in bed, with just a few fingers, he smiled a little embarrassed for the young man who was panting for air as if he had just come out of a furious wave in the ocean and sought air to save himself from the drown into.

He thought Arabeth would be tougher, of course, could it be because of the human body he chose to transform, so he was so weaker?

Lee Fei had doubts about whether to continue with the sexual act or whether to leave Arabeth anyway because the demon's body was languished and weak.

However, Lee Fei hardened his heart and convinced himself that it was for the good of Arabeth and the MC that he had to make that effort... It's not because he was very excited and interested in having sex, even if this was his dream, after all, a virgin was always a curious person.

Or rather, he was putting the use of the various knowledge about homoaffective relationships he learned by reading BL novels... Anyway, the reason is not important, only what matters is that Lee Fei was determined to eat the ML tofu of this novel!

Men when they have their minds full of lust until they forgot the consequences of the next day!

Intuitively he knew that if he wasn't the one who was considered the gong, he'd end up being the only one eaten in this Dark BL novel!

Finally, Lee Fei convinced himself that it was for his future survival!

Lee Fei puts the young and languid Arabeth facing up, his torso was between the rosy and red tone, the citrus green eyes were shining with unfallen tears, his body had a slight glow of sweat and his breath was interspersed, like a person who just ran a marathon.

He spent a few seconds admiring the beauty that was that young boy, even if it was just Arabeth disguised as Mu Qiao, his favorite celebrity, there is no human being who doesn't appreciate a beautiful person, regardless of sex or sexual orientation.

When he sucked Arabeth's rosy nipples, it was purely out of curiosity!

Of course!

The nipples were as beautiful as a rose petal!


Arabeth, who was still recovering from the sensations Lee Fei's fingers had caused throughout his body, was surprised to see Lee Fei grabbing his legs and opening them up like a human female.

Then he had his nipples sucked, Arabeth writhed wanting to escape this human's sassy mouth! Lee Fei's tongue was wreaking havoc and leaving Arabeth weaker and lost! He felt that the big penis beating near his secret entrance, which caused him a mixture of anguish and desire, which he did not know how to control.


The electrical sensation that that evil mouth caused in his body... Arabeth never thought he would label a human being to be mean than him!

"Enough! I'm not a female. Human... Ngh... Ngh... no..." Arabeth said trying to contain his moans, he grabbed Lee Fei's black hair and tried to pull him away, but his arms were too weak!

The young demon wanted to fight it, as instinct he tried to rebel, but his body was not corresponding to his calls, he just made it look like he was fighting symbolically in protest.

That way he looked like he was playing charm and just provoked Lee Fei!

In other words, Arabeth was digging his own grave!

Or so it was apparently.

Lee Fei stopped what he was doing, he looked at Arabeth's dismayed look and green cat eyes bright and pitiful.

"Don't you want me to continue?" Lee Fei asked looking at Arabeth. Of course, even in the dream, he had to have the other's consent.

Of course, if it were in the real dream world, where everything was just imagination ... Doing it was fine, it was not important because it was just a dream and then Lee Fei could beat himself up for being a pervert in particular.

Now in that case, in which Arabeth is not just the fruit of his imagination, but the ML of that world and that he had real power in this unknown world of the book ... Lee Fei still didn't have a brain sunk in the water!

Arabeth was surprised by Lee Fei's question and looked into the dark brown eyes that were almost black, he felt strange in many senses. First, because of the awkward position, they were in, and second, he was very curious to continue having sex, but he too was scared of the way he was being treated.

So what could Arabeth answer?

"After all ... aren't you going to continue?" Arabeth asked a little incredulously because Lee Fei had a lot of work and satisfied him in many ways, but in the end, he decided he wasn't going to eat the dessert cherry?

"If you don't want to, I won't continue. If only I feel good, what is there to have sex then?" said Lee Fei sighing in regret.

Ah, he wanted to eat ML's tofu to show him that sex between men is good too, but if he forces ML, what's the point of all this?

Not only was ML going to play this with the MC and then the MC was going to find out that he, Emery Darcy, had corrupted the ML and soiled the ML? Wouldn't that be looking for death itself in the future?

Arabeth felt irritated, well, it was the first time he felt sexual frustration. He was still hard as a rock and now he had to discuss philosophy with the human?

Unfortunately, Arabeth was not touched by Lee Fei's attitude, because ... Well, he was a demon after all. Arabeth did not understand what consent was or was not, as he was already submissive, he thought that Lee Fei had to go all the way oppressing him to the end since he was weak of the relationship.

Of course, later on in the future, Arabeth will understand how important consent is, but for now, he just felt sexually frustrated.

"Damn human just finish what you started!" Arabeth said that through his teeth because he was irritated to speak such shameful words.

Lee Fei, who received the go-ahead, opened Arabeth's legs again and prepared to sink into the body of this poisonous-tongued demon.

"I told you to continue and don't open up like a woman!" Arabeth thought irritated by Lee Fei's actions. This position was even more humiliating than leaving him with the four limbs on the bed.

Lee Fei's penis was not large and scary, like most of what is described by the BLs novels when one is a gong (same), but it was also not something comfortable that would fit easily within Arabeth's narrow cavity.

Then the young demon felt a sharp sensation when Lee Fei penetrated in his damp hole, at that moment he tried to "fight" more fiercely, also tried to get out of the young human dream world, but his powers seemed to have abandoned him. His conscience was trapped inside this strange human's dream, there was nowhere to run in this situation.

Arabeth felt humiliated and ashamed, not because of sex, but as he easily gave himself up to all that with a human, which he considered to be inferior to himself.

He thought it was so good!

That's what made him feel humiliated!

"It wasn't supposed to be like this!" Arabeth thought embarrassed and just a little worried about his heart that seemed hectic about something.

Of course, he thought that, based on his experiences in the past, when he had sex in hell. The pain was already a constant companion there if the individual was weak, but the pleasure was something ... Well, it was not uncommon, but the weakest rarely felt them... Arabeth was on the weak side and thought that everything was going to be wild and painful, but it was just a little painful and it was very pleasant so he felt strange, as if something was wrong.

But make no mistake, Arabeth's knowledge about sex is not because he was weak, but that he was always on the winning side and ended up being the dominator, so in his view the winner always caused pain to seek pleasure without caring about the other.

Lee Fei grunted like a primitive animal as he felt the penis that was rigid and throbbing to be compressed into that damp and pulsating hole, one of his hands held one of Arabeth's legs and the other held the round hip, his fingers sank into the delicate skin of the young man until they leave deep red marks.

"You..." Arabeth wanted to curse, but he lacked air when Lee Fei began moving inside him. The movements were quite slow initially, Arabeth could hear Lee Fei gasping, as he pushed his penis further and further into him.

Arabeth wanted to curse his stupidity for making this space in this human's dreams because the senses in this place were even more sensitive to make this place as realistic as possible.

Even Arabeth's own human body was part of this too sensitive reality!

Arabeth cursed in an unknown language, when he could breathe properly, some little tears fell from his beautiful citrus eyes, he did not know if he cried because of the impotence he felt before the human who entered and left from inside him, or if it was for the pleasure that infiltrated his entire body.


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