I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
26 The pleasure that comes in waves
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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26 The pleasure that comes in waves

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R-18 (Contains sex scenes)

Lee Fei's lips came down in Arabeth slender neck, sucking the whiter skin was sweet and soft. Arabeth felt uncontrollable shivers and a strange heat between his legs, his penis became more and more rigid and wanted to say hello to this shameless human!

That was a humiliation for Arabeth!

Get excited with so little!

It was his first time in a human body, so he was surprised that the sensations will be so intense with so few touches on his skin.

Lee Fei spent time in Arabeth's chest alternating between licking and sucking the little pink nipples, which became rigid and sensitive, while Arabeth struggled between moaning and getting breathing, his whole body seemed on fire.

Arabeth's fingers held the black sheet hard, his white joints, but he did not hide his beautiful face, which was stained with pleasure and did not omit his groans that were becoming increasingly scandalous.

After all, demons don't feel ashamed!

Although Arabeth did not know why he felt apprehensive in his demonic heart!

It was a disturbing feeling that made his mind go to the blank state, where he couldn't think properly!

Lee Fei was also not ashamed of anything since here was the territory of the world of his dreams, there was only him and Arabeth in this place.

He didn't even remember ml or MC anymore, his mind only had one thing... He had to lose his virginity!

He even forgot it was just a dream, he was taking this task very seriously!

Well, he's just a human who got caught in the trap of a demon of lust.

Of course, Lee Fei could be the hot lover he always imagined it might be when he was masturbating at night.

Now he might get a taste of it, right?

Arabeth's complexion was creamy and delicate, even had a peculiar taste on Lee Fei's lips, he felt it while his lips headed to the little bird of this shameless demon.

Arabeth's penis was rigid and toned between pink and red, first Lee Fei took Arabeth's sex with his big hand, his long fingers stroking from the bottom up at a slow pace.

Arabeth writhed in bed, wanting to close his tight legs by beads of the enervate sensations Lee Fei was causing, but obviously, Lee Fei didn't let it happen, placing his body between Arabeth's slender thighs.

He continued to manipulate the little bird with his hand until he felt a little pre-cum liquid on his fingers, there was a malicious and satisfied smile on Lee Fei's face, as he looked at Arabeth who had his eyes shining with unfallen tears.

"You're so bad..." Arabeth's voice was hoarse and smooth but still had that seductive charm.

"I don't want to hear that from a demon..." replied Lee Fei, while his dark eyes focused on Arabeth's citrus green eyes, his mouth was already swallowing the cock of this immoral demon little by little.

However, the only immoral was Lee Fei himself who did not let a demon escape from his perverted claws!

Oh, Arabeth gave himself up on a platter for this human!

Arabeth arched his back with pleasure, while his mind was lost in the heat of Lee Fei's mouth. His wet mouth so slowly sucked his penis, that Arabeth wanted to act violently and force Lee Fei to do faster, but he had no strength in his body to fight.

The pleasure was too great and torturous to such an extent that Arabeth, who had never begged for anything, not for a human, in all his existence, wanted to beg Lee Fei to do something about it in his mouth that would end that torture.

Lee Fei, who did not know about Arabeth's thoughts, continued with his slow and suffering rhythm until Arabeth's entire body shuddered and a white liquid poured into Lee Fei's mouth. The demon was airless and waves and more waves of pleasure spread throughout his body as if it were some kind of infinite tsunami, he didn't know how to deal with that kind of sensation.

For demons what mattered most was to dominate in sex, the pleasure did not come from sexual intercourse, but to completely dominate the person who was below them. They considered that the pleasure humans felt, these sensations were beneath "eternal" existences that demons themselves placed.

Of course, some demons with time living among humans learned about pleasure, that it was easier to corrupt someone when mixing sex and pleasure in the same formula, it was also good to see that they being abhorred by humans could cause these arrogant humans shouted and moaned helplessly under their bodies.

In Arabeth's case, he is just very young in the human world, that like all demons knew humans watching them from somewhere in hell, or receiving information from the rivers of fate, that as many angels as demons had access to.

Arabeth was just a rookie!

With no experience dealing personally with humans!

If he had known that humans could be so fierce in bed, he certainly wouldn't have invaded Bishop Emery Darcy's dream!

While Arabeth got lost in the sensations of pleasure, which were new to him, Lee Fei magically pulled out a lubricant, after all this was a dream world, so taking a lubricant out of nowhere wasn't an impossible thing.

Lee Fei swallowed all of Arabeth's cum, he felt it was strange, but it wasn't bad. He didn't know if it was because it was a dream or because it was a demon, but it didn't feel bad. He licked his lips and felt like a predator, which was going to prepare its prey to be captured and tamed slowly.

Lee Fei knew that the most important part of his work had come, because it would be at that time that he would change the fate of the MC and ML of that novel, he had to do things very well.

"What are you doing?" questioned Arabeth panting, sweat trickled down his face, the short bangs stuck to his forehead and his lips were swollen, the citrus green eyes had the pupil dilated, he exuded a very sensual and beastly air at the same time.

"I'm helping you prepare for the future!" said Lee Fei with a serious tone in his voice, as if he wasn't passing lubricant on his long fingers to shove them between Arabeth's two fat and soft buttocks.

"You... Human do you want to do the same thing Father Rutger did with Giovanni in that kitchen?" asked Arabeth with the tone full of malice, obviously there was wickedness in his voice as if he wanted to label Lee Fei as a rapist.

Lee Fei stopped for a moment, looking into Arabeth's citrus green eyes, he quickly remembered one of the main reasons that the tofu of this ML was not eaten, in addition to the trauma of the MC, was because Arabeth always asked that kind of question, either by wickedness or just curiosity.

Lee Fei bit Arabeth's cat ears in punishment for his cruel and mean words. Saying that kind of thing in the middle of sex was really bad taste and would make people feel bad.

Unfortunately, for Arabeth, Lee Fei was determined to teach this demon marquis good manners in bed!

Arabeth felt himself getting weaker and his cock went up as if he had never cum before. Because his cat ears seemed so sensitive!

Ah, that perverted human!

"No, I'm not going to do the same thing as that scoundrel. This is far from the same thing! All I can say is you're going to like it very much. Something! Also, you should stop asking this kind of thing," said Lee Fei with a malicious smile.

"It's not like I'm lying... You're going to do what Rutger did to Giovanni in that kitchen..." continued Arabeth trying to make Lee Fei feel bad about it, as was typical of demons.

"You should stop saying these things... If you say this to Giovanni, he will get angry and then you will be screwed," said Lee Fei said with a sigh, causing Arabeth to be surprised.

Lee Fei remembered that in the original plot Giovanni will become the strong gong and will have heavy sex with Arabeth, just because Arabeth teased him with that kind of terrible phrase.

Arabeth still sneers some more, trying to make Lee Fei feel like a villain. Well, at least he wanted to regain control of Lee Fei's dream world.

He bit Arabeth's cat ears again, making weak Arabeth want to fight back. Then Lee Fei kissed him again, their tongues intertwined, Lee Fei even more ferocious than before, while Arabeth fought for domination, but he was losing it every second. They rolled over on the bed, even though Lee Fei had his fingers licked with lube, it didn't matter. He realized that he liked to play with Arabeth like that, play and make him fight with this weak body.

Lee Fei after fighting Arabeth, until the other became weak and could no longer fight back, his swollen lips and the marks on his necks and shoulders were evidence of his lost struggles, he put the handsome young man on his back to him, causing that demon to get down on his knee, with those two greasy peaches up, very soft and rosy, tantalizingly in Lee Fei's vision.

Arabeth felt exposed and a little humiliated in that position, but he also did not protest or fight Lee Fei, of course, in his mind this was part of his plan to try to expose Lee Fei's dark side.

Yes, Arabeth believed that sex between men was ugly and dirty!

He was summoned inside Matteos Abbey by the late Father Lattanzio, so what he learned about sex between men was all very dirty and perverted, usually, was a "sex" if no consent and was painful.

Arabeth smiled full of wickedness, as he thought Lee Fei was already in his pocket showing off his true colors. Lee Fei was no different from the Rutger rapist, just wanted to sodomize and abuse helpless younger novice.

Of course, Arabeth was wrong about it, as soon as he would discover and bitterly, or rather sweetly learn about some things that one could do with little lubricants and long fingers.



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