I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
25 A great demon has become a nekomata shou Demon Cat !
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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25 A great demon has become a nekomata shou Demon Cat !

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Lee Fei sighed in his heart because he felt that the demon Arabeth was even more insidious than in the book he had read. However, he did not let go of the soft and flexible body that the demon had taken shape he was not willing to release Arabeth until he taught him some things about life.

"Now that you know..." Arabeth's voice was sweet and soft, like honey, which left Lee Fei helpless as he felt compelled to push that demon into bed and ride on it until Arabeth cried with pleasure.

Lee Fei thought of the story's plot for a few moments, so he made a very brave decision, he was going to eat the ML tofu of this novel, for the very good of ML and MC!

In history, the MC took almost 12 years to then eat ml tofu, because he thought the act of coitus between men was wrong, because of the psychological trauma that the villain Father Rutger caused in Giovanni.

Anyone who was a fan of a BL with many sex scenes would eventually end up frustrated with MC's actions, which threatened to eat ml tofu in many chapters of the book, but in the end, did not eat!

Lee Fei would deny to death that he had been distressed by seeing this kind of scene! Oh, his heart was sorry and his big bird felt sad too!

So, Lee Fei with his big heart decided to teach some modern or not so modern things, about sex between men, so he doesn't have to wait long to have his tofu eaten in real life by the MC.

It had nothing to do with Lee Fei being a virgin and being quite excited about the appearance of the demon Arabeth being the celebrity Mu Qiao... Of course, Lee Fei could blame Arabeth himself for invading his dreams and sowing the lust in his mind.

The truth is that Lee Fei is quite a virgin, but like every virgin, he has a very rich imagination and wanted to do some things with this beautiful young man who gave himself promptly in his arms.

The librarian didn't care if it was the devil or if it was a wet dream with a man, in Lee Fei's mind a dream was just a dream, that didn't define his sexual orientation or who he would come to like in the future.

Of course, that was the thought of a nearly 30-year-old virgin man who refuses to have an intimate relationship with anyone, regardless of whether he is a man or a woman, because of traumas of his teenage years. In other words, these are thoughts of a person without experience, that is, they are not reliable thoughts!

Only first Lee Fei wanted to make some changes with Arabeth's appearance, after all, that was his dream, so why not make it all more interesting?

"What?" Arabeth said surprised to feel a strange power swallowing his power. It was Lee Fei's will that was taking over his dream world.

Arabeth felt a warm power involving his mental body, despite the heat of this energy, there was a force that Arabeth could not fight against.

Beautiful black cat ears appeared on Arabeth's head, black hair became a little longer and thicker. A beautiful long and flexible black ass appeared right at the end of his back, just above his gorgeous soft ass.

That was so humiliating for Arabeth!

He wasn't a cat, that is, whatever Lee Fei transformed him!

He was a Demon Marquis!

Damn it!! Only his title should put fear in the heart of any human!

Why did this human who looks like a delicate human but had a soul different from his appearance? Did that ever make sense?

This human was still a human, but he wasn't afraid of a Demon Marquis!

On the contrary, Lee Fei dared to play with the Demon Marquis!

"Cheeky human, what do you think you're doing?" Arabeth asked furiously, his long tail shook from side to side showing off his nervous state.

It was a vision that gives a lot of cuteness to Lee Fei!

Everyone had wet dreams and various perverted desires, for Lee Fei was mixing a little cuteness in the middle of all sex.

Well, he was a great virgin, so his preferences sometimes ran away from reality.

Lee Fei did not respond to Arabeth, but again took his tempting lips in a kiss full of voluptuousness, his tongue quickly subdued the young man's sweet tongue, his right hand held thick black hair hard, causing Arabeth's head to lean, deepening the kiss.

Arabeth let slip weak groans of protests and he no longer made himself pleading, putting his arms around Lee Fei's neck, leaving the bodies even closer.

Arabeth suffered from trauma typically known as "blank mind", which is what happens when lust reaches the extreme.

Well, Arabeth is the youngest son of the great demon Lust (Duke), so he should be immune to this kind of mental trauma, but now the energy of Lee Fei's soul was subjugating his mental powers.

The dream world that Arabeth built to arrest Lee Fei has become the power of Lee Fei himself!

Lee Fei with his free arm managed to lift Arabeth off the ground and take him to bed, after all, had not been in vain every year of exercise and training, his body was strong and muscular.

Quickly, Lee Fei discarded his robe, revealing a well-constructed naked body, the lines of the muscles were visible and the pectoral was quite strong. Lee Fei's skin was golden as wheat and his nipples were from a darker rose, the lines of defined muscles would cause some girls to scream with pleasure, while others would blush with ashamed.

Arabeth wasn't a girl if he wants him to be a human being, but he felt that Lee Fei's vision of the body was very good!

"Argh! What am I thinking?" Arabeth wondered if he had suffered even more mental harm, as he thought a handsome human?

Arabeth's cat ears contracted in a very cute way, of course, Arabeth didn't know he was making these moves, given that he never had those kinds of ears in his life.

Lee Fei smiled maliciously at Arabeth's tantalizing sight behaving like a shy and confused guy.

Where was the dreaded great demon from the original novel?

As soon as the only piece of clothing Arabeth had on his body was thrown somewhere in the room, the groans of provocation and pleasure came out of the soft lips of that libertine demon.

Of course, no one knew who the virgin human or smaller demon of lust was most libertine?


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