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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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24 Being tempted by the Demon

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Emery Darcy couldn't close his eyes and sleep, so he spent a long time looking into the darkness. There was a part of him who refused to believe that he had died and was now in the book he read in his past life.

That wasn't the kind of easy thing to accept!

He wasn't one of those people from the other novels who had a sad and unhappy life, at least when he died, he was still living a very happy life! He had a very good life. He had a lot of money and had a good career!

Even his body was better than the body of the original Emery!

Of course, he didn't have a face as beautiful as the original Emery but dying just to become more beautiful... He preferred his old life back!

As time passed reflecting on his mysterious death, tiredness beat the young bishop who was soon asleep, but his mind, even in his dreams, was in the world of his past life. In this world Emery Darcy ceased to be a bishop, now he was Lee Fei the librarian of a famous University of Hong Kong.

In the dream world, he was tall, with broad shoulders, a golden skin like wheat, eyes with long, dark eyelashes, with dark, deep brown eyes, his black hair like onyx are short and of a modern style. He was currently in his apartment that was in a quiet and rich area of the city, thanks to the heritage he had received from his late parents.

Lee Fei was sitting in a very comfortable armchair, as always reading a book, with a glass of wine and a bottle of wine resting next to him, with only one lamp that brightly lit up only that area of the armchair.

The sound of traffic echoed far away, but one could still hear some noises, it showed how much Hong Kong did not sleep at night, this was a sound that comforted the young librarian who read the book as if this noise told him that he was in a modern and safe world.

Lee Fei put the book on the dresser next door and sighed, for he did not know why he became so melancholy only listening to the usual traffic noises of the big city. There was a feeling in his heart as if he told him that this sound was very important, but he soon threw that thought away from his mind.

The young Chinese looked out the window of his room, which was a panoramic window that could see the streets and parks outside, of course, in addition to the other surrounding buildings.

Again, the feeling of melancholy invaded his heart, he felt that it had been a long time since he saw these landscapes of iron and concrete, but that was foolish after all, he saw this landscape every day.

So, it was at that moment that Lee Fei felt the environment cool slightly and his dark eyes strayed into a shadow that slowly approached him. The young librarian felt his heartbeat furiously on his chest, but it was not fear, but a strange excitement, as if he were expecting his mistress or something like that.

Soon a young man who appeared to be between 20 and 22 years old appeared before his dark eyes. The young man had a little long black hair, with such a beautiful face that it would make any world-renowned model jealous, at least Lee Fei thought so.

The young man's light brown eyes were similar to sweeter and purest honey, full lips were of a very tempting color as juicy peaches, his skin was pale and creamy, there was still some baby fat on his delicate face.

The young man entered his room and looked amazed around him, there were curiosity and perplexity in his eyes that shone with innocence, of course, the young man was half-naked, which ended with all pretense of innocence in his actions.

The small pink nipples stood out from the thin and pale pectoral, which there was no hair all over the young man's body, which was not so rare these days, but left the image of the purity of this young man even more certain.

"I can't believe Mu Qiao is in my room!" Lee Fei said amazed.

Wasn't that his favorite celebrity, who had disappeared from the spotlight years ago?

The famous actor who used to act in historical films and adult series?

Lee Fei had a secret wish for Mu Qiao, but in his opinion, it was normal, fans had secret wishes for their favorite celebrities.

No matter if the celebrity is a man or a woman!

"It doesn't matter now..., but what is Mu Qiao doing in my half-naked apartment?" thought Lee Fei curious and a little shy.

The young man, who until then was admiring the atmosphere, looked at Lee Fei with bright, fiery eyes, then a smile made himself on his generous lips.

Lee Fei fell into a very strange state as if he were hypnotized by the beauty of Mu Qiao. He couldn't think straight, he could only focus on Mu Qiao's beautiful face, the beautiful peach eyes and the beautiful iris of honey color.

He looked at the young man, who was as beautiful as Michelangelo's sculpture, wondered why he thought of Michelangelo when he looked at Mu Qiao.

"That's a dream... A dream... Don't tell me that..." Emery thought to control his emotions. The dream seemed very real as if it had been materialized by some kind of shapely power.

So as if he were possessed, which was probably true, he stood up and grabbed the handsome young man in his arms, which slightly amazed Mu Qiao, but soon a malicious smile, which added even more beauty to this young man, was molded on his lips voluptuous.

Lee Fei looked closely at that cute face, as soon as his lips took those tempting lips hungrily and voracity, Mu Qiao's soft lips easily gave way to the onslaught, the taste of those lips was sweet and cold, like a mint ice cream and chocolate.

Until then Lee Fei had not realized how hungry he was, it was a strange hunger for him as if he needed to take more and more from Mu Qiao, his tongue sank into the young celebrity's mouth. Lee Fei was very dominant, who did with the young man's tender tongue if he moved along with his.

In the dream world, Lee Fei knew how to kiss like he was the greatest stallion in the world... Don't ask with the kind of thing he used to dream of!

The young man's body shuddered with pleasure, Mu Qiao seemed to have a very sensitive body, as he felt warm all over the corner of his body, even if it was just a kiss.

The truth is that Mu Qiao was surprised by Lee Fei's intensity, his little hands clinging to the lapel of his white robe to hold on and not fall, for his legs lost his strength.

Mu Qiao could feel Lee Fei's hunger, he felt the lust take over the environment and the heat takes care of his own body. The body of the young librarian was quite hot, this heat passed to Mu Qiao himself.

When the kiss ended because of a lot of salivae that the two changed. Lee Fei was a bit panting, his big hands were already at Mu Qiao's waist, feeling the bare and warm skin against his long fingers, with a few steps and a push he might as well put the young celebrity in bed and consummate all his desire for that color Po.

As a Mu Qiao fan, Lee Fei was very excited about the possibility.

However, before he had to deal with the proper business now!

"Ah, Arabeth, you'll wish you hadn't invaded my dreams," Whispered Lee Fei in the ear of "Mu Qiao," biting the lobe of his ear, slowly sucking as if it were a wonderful candy.

"Mu Qiao" was surprised to hear this threatening phrase, so soon light brown eyes as honey became citrus green, like the eyes of a black cat. However, the figure was still the same as Mu Qiao's.

"Did you know..." Arabeth's voice was even prettier than that of the original Mu Qiao, so beautiful that it would make men and women imagine this man moaning and sighing in bed would be divine.

Lee Fei wanted to say that at first, he thought he had returned to the modern world, that everything he saw at Matteo Abbey was a strange nightmare, but soon he realized that this was a dream, so he saw Mu Qiao give himself so sweetly in his arms.

By the way, having Mu Qiao, a well-known celebrity in his previous world, entering his home in the middle of the night... That's enough to say it was a dream!

Of course, finding out it was Arabeth who was manipulating his dream wasn't hard. After all the dream seemed too real until the kiss proved very good! He had had wet dreams before and had never been like this!

The only character who can invade people's dreams and create illusions with a sexual intensity of this magnitude that Lee Fei knew was just the demon marquis, Arabeth.

The reason Arabeth acted is to cause discomfort between him and Giovanni. If Arabeth could control his dream, when he woke up it wouldn't be hard to predict that he would have tried to macular Giovanni.

Of course, there was also the possibility of making Lee Fei feel intense sexual desire for Giovanni, which could lead to there is a frustrated and dangerous attempt to approach the 16-year-old. This could generate a negative tension between the two, which would be bad for Lee Fei's future plans on Emery Darcy's life.

This would be a disaster given the fact that Giovanni is already traumatized by what Father Rutger did to him a few hours ago, which could be a future death sentence for Emery Darcy!

Abusing the MC was practically activating a right death flag!

Lee Fei felt angry just thinking about it, of course, he was afraid too. Only he was angrier than afraid, he wanted to teach this troubled demon marquis a lesson!

Lee Fei smiled maliciously. He knew how to make Arabeth pay... He would pay in the same coin what Arabeth tried to do with it.



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