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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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23 Night Activity

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+16 (Can masturbation be considered very serious?)

At this very moment, Azarphy was looking at the figure of the Demon Marquis Arabeth, who was not at all graceful, unlike his Marquesse brothers and sisters. Arabeth was the younger brother and had also not acquired the humanoid form, so he still maintained a beastly form.

As far as Azarphy was aware, Arabeth is the youngest son of Duchess Lust. Lust was one of the 10 great demons that were similar to Azarphy's status. They were great generals and powerful demons.

The youngest son of Duke Lust's house wouldn't be weak and wouldn't even be stupid, which led to the thought of what Arabeth was doing in the human dimension?

What do demons usually do in the human dimension?

Hunt down powerful human souls!

Arabeth looked at the trio of young men who were sleeping in bed, the green eyes shining in darkness were sick jealousy, there were anger and confusion in her aura.

Azarphy who watched this and understood a little what Arabeth felt, could he understand the part of the confusion, after all, how a Marquis of hell could be so interested in such a weak and fragile human life?

The fallen angel knew that Giovanni's soul was powerful, frighteningly powerful, but also greatly coveted by the powers of hell, something like moths are attracted by fire or light.

Giovanni's soul is this fire and moths are demons who want to bond with Giovanni and bring that soul to hell, that would be a meritorious feat that could bring promotions within the ranks of hell.

Of course, Emery Darcy's soul was much more powerful than Giovanni's, but it could not be possible to compare only by observing the density of the souls of both, for the powers of these young people were different.

Emery's powers are like a soft light that warmed Giovanni's heart and powers are dangerous for both the people around him and for himself.

However, time was not ripe so that Arabeth could approach the human, so Arabeth can only look from afar to Giovanni. Both could feel the vague sensation of each other's presence, but they still could not communicate or touch each other.

Even knowing the various reasons why demons coveted the souls of humans, Azarphy still did not understand why there was this competition and this hunger for human souls... Not just for human souls, but in transforming these human souls into blackened souls, dragging a good soul to the bad path.

Was that the nature of demons or was there anything else behind it?

"Oh, it looks like Arabeth will try to influence the young bishop through dreams," thought Azarphy noting dark energy approaching young Emery Darcy, who seemed to sleep quietly in bed.

Azarphy observed for a few moments a time of up to 5 minutes, he told himself that it was to ensure that Arabeth did not kill this human who was his entertainment. Of course, he kept his divine powers prowling Emery, Arabeth could not feel Azarphy's presence because he (Arabeth) was several lower levels lower than Azarphy.

However, he was surprised to see Arabeth retreat in fear as he cast eyes of an injured animal for the young bishop, who had just woken up.

The fallen angel observed emery's features, which were red as if he had a fever, his breath seemed to pant as if they stole his air, but his eyes were clear and clean.

What reassured Azarphy, of course, did not realize that he felt relieved that this human was well.

Soon, Emery Darcy got up from the bed and sat on the bench behind the wooden canvas, mysteriously he did not stumble in the dark when he walked clumsily towards that direction.

Azarphy was curious to observe the young bishop's behavior, but he could smell the lust coming out of this boy's body, while he heard soft and muffled groans coming from behind the wooden canvas. The fallen angel went there even though he knew what that foolish human was doing because he wanted to have some materials to provoke this young bishop.

Azarphy watched Emery masturbate, he was a little confused by the young bishop's expression that mixed pleasure and shame as his hands moved under the long sweater.

Emery's face, which has pale, creamy skin, was getting redder and redder, he put his left hand in his mouth to drown out his groans, probably afraid to wake up and scare the novices.

Azarphy did not quite understand why Emery felt ashamed and why his gaze was aqueous and supplicant, after all, is it not normal for men to masturbate? Or was it something Arabeth did in his dream?

The fallen angel had not gone wrong in his last guess, it had been something that had happened in the dream that Arabeth invaded in the middle of the night. Of course, in Azarphy's vision, it was only a few minutes, but in the dream world, it could have been days or years.

A few hours ago Emery Darcy had convinced not only his butler but some priests who came to snoop around what he was doing, of course, these gossiping priests were there by the order of the archbishop of this abbey.

The purpose of these priests was simply to have some offenses or some of Bishop Darcy's sins in his hands and send the information to the archbishop. This is a world where dogs eat dogs, so it was always good for these people to have secrets from others in their hands.

Whether to get benefits or for blackmail, having some materials would be good anyway.

However, Emery didn't care much about the strange looks of the gossiping priests or his butler Louis when he decided he would keep Theo and Giovanni in his room that night.

Emery Darcy is someone who has a rich and powerful family who can easily hide a scandal inside this small abbey, so why would he worry about the opinion of others?

As long as he had the support of his family and had Louis in his rear, Emery felt he could stay calm in the coming days, waiting for his father's letter of reply, so he could leave the Abbey soon after.

That would be problematic for the two novices who remained in the room with him, but Emery already had a plan to take Theo with him anyway. Fortunately, Louis will accept Theo as an apprentice, so the boy wouldn't be helpless.

Emery Darcy would take Giovanni to a safe place and there allows him to grow and develop his powers, while Theo could choose to pursue his career within the clergy or follow as a young assistant.

Anyway, after dispensing both Louis, his assistant/butler/guardian, and the gossiping priests/spies, Emery still had to calm the troubled Theo, who looked at the young bishop with fear and a little expectation, but there was much more fear, as the body of the 14-year-old was shaking as if he were in the middle of the winter snow wearing only a thin outfit.

Giovanni who just woke up for a few moments to eat and drink water was already sleeping deep in bed, so Emery told Theo to sleep on Giovanni's left side while he would sleep on the right side of the unweakened young man.

Only then did Theo calms down and managed to stop shaking, so he was already sleeping a deep sleep because the young bishop's bed was very comfortable very different from the beds that the novices slept. However, Emery could not sleep, even if there were only a few candles still lit that they barely gave to illuminate the darkroom and was total silence in the environment.


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