I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
22 Azarphy the fallen angel part 2
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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22 Azarphy the fallen angel part 2

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Azarphy watched time pass by looking at Bishop Darcy and his small group. After eating, Emery helps young novice Giovanni lie down again, for although he was awake, the young man's mind was still absent, he was doing things mechanically.

Before eating Emery had made Louis (Servant/butler) and Theo (novice) help Giovanni put on sleeping clothes, which consisted of a long sweater and underwear. Of course, the clothes were from Emery, so they got too big and loose in Giovanni's young and immature body.

The fallen angel did not feel sorry for Giovanni, he had seen things wicked for hundreds of years, even before he was a sinful angel, humans already hurt each other like that.

In Azarphy's eyes, Giovanni was just another weak human, who was crushed by a human who thinks he is invincible and who is at the moment strong. Surprisingly, this fallen angel had been interested in Emery Darcy, for him humans were only human, that is, waste of the divine power of creation.

Time passed and soon night, Azarphy had not spoken to Emery Darcy during that time, he felt strange, for he began to realize that he missed talking to someone, even if he was a foolish human, so he felt he lost some of the orphan ho of him as an angel.

Azarphy can always communicate with those who exercised some divine power, such as exorcists, summoners, healers, bishops among other professions of the clergy, could even speak to some wizards of light and wizards of the light element, even with the spirits, but he chose not to have contact with these people because, for him, these people were inferior to himself.

Of course, there were some difficult circumstances that Azarphy went through to trust any of these weaker creatures. The experiences were not good and were generally too problematic to get rid of this kind of relationship, so he chose to remain in solitude than to entangle himself with the schemes of these creatures he considered inferior.

"It must be the boredom of hundreds of years that made me want to talk to this human... Besides the fact that his soul is quite peculiar and I can't understand what this little human think, "Azarphy justified himself the reason he was interested in this young bishop.

However, it seemed like an excuse he was giving himself to allow himself to talk and interact with the human, who by instinct he should despise.

Soon, Emery Darcy along with his butler began to prepare for the night, outside things had calmed down, no one else regretted or gossiped about the death of Father Lattanzio at least not openly.

Butler Louis forced Emery to sit down, that he alone could take care of everything. Emery seemed a little reluctant, before finally letting the butler do what he wanted.

Emery began writing with a magic pen on a special sheet of paper. He seemed serious and focused, but his thoughts were wandering through many places. Since Father Lattanzio's death to his future in this new world.

In the eyes of the fallen angel, the death of Father Lattanzio was very comical, but it was also not surprising, many humans seek power with demons or other mythological entities, rather than conforming to their weak magical powers or with their weak physical strength.

Father Lattanzio would not be the first and would not be the last of humans to try to cross the border between the human world and the third-scale world.

It should be explained that this world in which Emery will have to live for a long time is divided into some dimensions, such as the dimension where hell is and the dimension where the angels of light reside.

Humans have their dimension, which is the dimension in which the plot develops, the dimension of the ML of this Dark novel is the dimension of hell and Azarphy's original dimension is the dimension of paradise.

There are other dimensions, such as the dimension of spirits, which is where the souls of humans, animals, and plants turn when they die waiting for the time of reincarnation, as well as the dimension of limbo, which is where humans are sent when they commit sins, there they suffer penance a few years before reincarnating.

It is a rather common mistake to think that evil humans go to hell and good humans go to paradise. If it were so simple, why then do angels have to stay pure to live in the dimension of paradise, but humans despite their failures could enter the same dimension as the holy being's dwell?

There are many things that people are wrong about as the issue of ghosts when they think they are spirits dissatisfied with something. Sometimes they're just human souls who are attached to their families or are selfish people who make up those who are alive. After all, there are all kinds of people in the world.

Human souls have their elements and powers, so ghosts are scary. Ghosts are humans who have been trapped in the human dimension and with their negative energy created a parallel dimension so that they could wander more freely through the human dimension.

There are exceptions about humans who cannot enter paradise since there is the existence of the saints.

When a human becomes holy, this human can enter the first layer of paradise, which is the only exception on humans to enter the dimension of sacred beings. Even though Azarphy despises humans, he had to admit that among beings created by the God of light, humans were the most adaptable and flexible who could one day compete with angels.

Demons see the human dimension to capture powerful human souls, for even if humans are evil their souls do not go to hell when they die. So that's why demons come to the human dimension to try to raise human souls with pacts or contracts because they can strengthen the power of demons or become powerful demons for a certain amount of time.

Remembering that demons cannot imprison a human soul forever, unless the human soul wants to remain in the world of demons, of course, this is not done consciously, for it has to be a will from the heart of the soul.

There is an unbreakable and immutable rule in all dimensions, beings that do not belong to this original dimension cannot manifest themselves physically in these dimensions with their true bodies, and can cause the collapse of the dimension and can kill living beings of that dimension only for appearing before its inhabitants.

Of course, there are exceptions, as if a human summons a demon to the human world or an angel. Another exception is when a human becomes a saint or becomes a Devil (after wishing to stay in hell). The latter technically has part of its changed human essence, causing a transformation that allows humans to establish himself in both Hell and Paradise.

This also allows the Saint or the Devil to walk in the human dimension with their true forms, the rule only applies to pure beings of hell and paradise.

The angel and the devil will be trapped in this human summoner, not physically imprisoned, but they would be spiritually imprisoned. It would be as if the angel or demon used the energy of that human's soul to maintain the physical body in the human world.

The human must have a very powerful soul capable of enduring the powerful existence of a demon or an angel, humans who have powerful souls are rare and many are unaware of the strength of his soul or access to knowledge to summon the Dimensional Creatures.

Azarphy noted how Emery Darcy decided that his bed was large enough for Theo, Giovanni and him to sleep together, even if the butler protested about being unfeasible this accommodation. However, young Bishop Darcy did not care, so after eating and bathing behind the wooden canvas, Emery Darcy went to sleep with the other two novices.

Of course, the Novice Theo was forced to bathe in the bathtub inside the room and wear clean clothes, which the butler mysteriously pulled out of the leather bag that looked similar there is a space item, both he and Giovanni were now bathed and cleaned.

Azarphy narrowed his eyes by focusing on the butler's image this butler was not a human being, but soon the fallen angel no longer cared, he never interfered in the business of hell.

Of course, he still thought it was funny when demons got off to harm or when they failed, but in general, he was just an expectant watching a show.

"As long as he doesn't harm this funny human... I'm going to close my eyes to this non-human butler" thought Azarphy narrowing his eyes dangerously to Louis, who was withdrawing from the room.

Not realizing the short time watching Emery made Azarphy think that this human belonged to him and it was his particular amusement.

The point is, Azarphy already thought Emery was his!

Of course, it had nothing to do with the delicious dinner food Emery had hidden so Azarphy could eat.

He wasn't a glutton to do that kind of thing!

Just a little Foodie!


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