I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
17 The angel makes pranks and the jealousy demon
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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17 The angel makes pranks and the jealousy demon

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3 Tiers: Priest Exorcist; Demon; Angel.

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Emery Darcy swallowed dry by thinking about what he was going to do to heal the MC in his secret part in the lower part of his body.

"Why are you being so nervous? It's not like you haven't seen an ass before, right?" the voice of the supposed angel echoed in Emery's mind again seeming to mock the hesitation of the young bishop's eyes.

The words of the supposed angel were shocking since in Emery's mind an angel should not behave so vulgarly. Of course, with the beautiful voice that aroused the desire of his body (Emery), the supposed angel even speaking such vulgar words, he still looked very good.

"That's why I say it's a demon!" murmured Emery a little embarrassed.

"I'm not a demon! What's with that rebellious look? It's not like I'm telling you a lie. It's not like everyone doesn't know about Don Emilio de Alcantara's daughter. The case of you two became very famous," said the supposed angel maliciously.

"Who the hell is Dom's daughter whatever the name?!" thought Emery horrified. Just to hear the angel's sensual laugh in his mind, soon he realized he had been deceived.

"His look of panic was hilarious along with this expressionless face," the angel said between laughter, which made Emery angry and a little relieved. After all, it could be true what the angel said.

The original Emery was nothing chaste!

Which is different for the current Emery!

The truth is that in addition to washing his own ass, this in his past life, Emery Darcy had not touched any other ass or the damp hole of others. Who knows the previous Emery Darcy had his share of anal sex among other perversions? However, the current Bishop Darcy was a very virgin man!

Of course, Emery Darcy did not respond to the angel, it would be very embarrassing if he answered that he had never had sex when his current body was not a virgin and he could not even explain it to the angel if he talked about this kind of subject.

"Louis I need your help," asked Emery with a serious face and not letting slip the nervousness in his handsome countenance.

Then, with much embarrassment in his heart, Emery Darcy asks his butler to position young Giovanni in a very embarrassing position, sustaining the young body in an ambiguous embrace, while the soft and round buttocks were exposed in the air.

Emery took a deep breath as he observed MC's ass with bruises and serious cuts near his hip were obvious purple marks of large male hands, showing how hard the villain had subjected the hero with such violence.

The young bishop then put his hand up the MC's ass, the green energy spread in Emery's hands, he then passed his hands all over Giovanni's soft skin, from soft buttocks to his waist. Thus, he quickly healed the flesh wounds and causing the bruises to disappear. Now there was only the soft and pale skin of young Giovanni, which seemed as soft as the well-groomed skin of some young nobles who bathed in almond milk.

Finally, Emery sent his healing energy of green color to enter Giovanni's anal cavity, the energy seemed to flow like essential oil and was quickly sucked by the rosy orifice, which was inflamed, thus healing the inner wounds of the anus of the MC.

"I'm glad I don't need to put my fingers there..." Emery thought sighing relieved by not having to make this healing process something more embarrassing. He couldn't help but think of the warmth and softness of Giovanni's skin while feeling guilty of having passed his hand on someone unconscious.

"It's for medical purposes!" thought Emery trying to console himself. Just to hear the sensual laugh of the supposed angel in your mind.

"Ohhh, medical purposes... I know!" the angel said ironically, but he thought it was fun to see Emery's angry look, even if this human's beautiful face looked like a block of stone.

"What do you know about medicine?" Emery responded with anger and shame.

"I know doctors shouldn't feel tempted by lust by their patients... Hehehe, but his mind seems a little wrong, is he?" said the angel with sarcasm, he was not too surprised by Emery's wishes, after all, humans were shameless creatures that are easily vanquished by lust.

That's why demons could easily manipulate humans!

"I'm not going to argue with you! You always try to get faults with me!" said Emery with a little anger. He forgot that this person could be a supposed angel, who could easily kill him only with the power of thought.

Emery thought he had listened to the supposed angel sighing in his mind and heard the phrase "What a pity!". However, he pretended that this was just an illusion of his mind.

"Yes, let's forget about him." Emery thought of getting excited again and returning to pay attention to the MC in bed.

Giovanni gave slight groans of satisfaction and pleasure, because of the healing energy that was healing the bruises and minimizing pain, but also because of the movement of energy that seemed to be beating at its most pleasurable point.

Emery Darcy struggled hard to keep track of his healing energy and try not to blush embarrassed by Giovanni's groans, for it was not his intention for things to take this half-erotic course, he just ordered his energy to heal all the bruises, unfortunately, even that nervous point of pleasure had been severely hurt.

Young Bishop Darcy couldn't even look at his butler who was still holding Giovanni in an ambiguous position, for that was a very embarrassing situation!

Even the angel's voice was silent with this ambiguous scene, which looked more like Bishop Darcy was making slutty along with his butler against an unweakened novice.

Everything was strangely silent, only Giovanni's slight groans were heard every few seconds, the cure was almost over when suddenly a statue that was one of the depictions of the god of light floated in the air and quickly threw himself against Bishop Darcy, who by reflection or luckily managed to dodge the statue, resulting in a big knock on the wall, breaking the statue into pieces.

"Oh, it looks like the Marquis got jealous!" the angel's voice seemed cheerful as he talked about a nobleman from hell, which was quite strange. Shouldn't angels and demons be eternal enemies?

"Young Master, are you okay?" Louis' voice seemed hectic, but his gaze seemed to show annoyance and some anger. Of course, Emery didn't realize this, because he was worried about this death flag, he activated without realizing it.

"How could I have forgotten about it... ML is very jealous! In history, he says he became interested in MC even before demonic possession, but I didn't imagine he was already so jealous before he even introduced himself to MC!" thought Emery Darcy feeling a cold sweat coming down his back.


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