I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
16 Healing the deep wounds of the MC! Part 2
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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16 Healing the deep wounds of the MC! Part 2

As has already been said in Bishop Emery Darcy's past life he was a librarian who had a hobby of reading everything and with his incredible photographic memory, he never forgot anything.

Some books said that there has to be careful when having anal sex and lubricating well because this sensitive part can be injured during sex. Moreover, being the first time, the person care has to be folded and there has to be massage in the moist cavity.

In Giovanni's case, the brutality of his first time and the injuries of the beating he took after the abuse made his health fragile. Add this to the cold autumn weather and the strenuous activities that the novices performed, besides having washed his dead friend's room, generating a psychological impact that could make him break his mind.

"Louis" Emery called his butler who promptly opened the little chest and from there took out some pots that had some herbal creams.

"Young master, I will pass this cream made of herbs in the bruises that only hurt the flesh, but to the hand, it is difficult to help, because the hand must be broken and the wrist may be unused," said Louis seriously observing Giovanni's hand, then picking up and squeezing lightly broken hand.

Emery closed his eyes and remembered the pages of the novel Black Singing, in which exorcist Rutger after the sexual abuse accused Giovanni of seducing him and maliciously grabbed a stone and broke the 16-year-old's hand.

"Besides, I'm afraid his rib is broken and we're going to have to put a splint to keep everything firm and hope that this rib heals soon or doesn't harm the internal organs," Louis said in his professional butler voice.

While Louis undressing Giovanni from his gray-colored tunic, which was made of heavy and uncomfortable material, Emery breathed deep as he opened his eyes and sees the horrific wounds that were all over the teenager's body, besides it is clear from the wounds that were evident even he is dressed in the robe.

Giovanni's body had a pale white complexion, his little nipples were rosy, his body was slender and thin, probably due to hunger, but Giovanni's face still had baby fat on his young face, which made him look a little fatter, despite his slim body.

The body of the 16-year-old was full of purple and greenish welt, there were few parts of his body that there was no injury, both of the abbey's punishments and Rutger's violence.

Once again Emery's eyes filled with water (mentally), observing Giovanni's fragile body and knowing what he went through, he felt very empathetic towards this teenager.

In his past life, he had become an orphan at the age of 15 and had to live with one of his father's cousins, who did not treat him well, sometimes beat him and others he was punished to spend the night in the cold courtyard to reflect his mistakes.

He only freed himself from this suffering when he turned 20 and finally received the inheritance from his parents, even so, this "guardian" wanted to steal his family's assets, his luck is that his parents were friends with the lawyer who was taking care of his assets. So, everything went well and he can leave the house of those terrible people.

However, when Emery Darcy remembers his past life and compares to the long-suffering that the MC of this novel will pass, there is no way he does not feel empathy for this poor teenager.

Butler Louis begins to pass the ointment on Giovanni's flesh wounds, which moans weakly a few times, then he passes a clean bandage on the bruises that are more serious, like cuts to both knees and elbows.

Giovanni was appearing to be much better, but the real problem and that is harming his health is his broken hand, twisted wrist, broken rib and tears in his anal cavity, of course, Louis passed the ointment in the cuts he had in that hand, but that was not going to solve the bigger problem.

Emery Darcy held Giovanni's broken hand and says a few words in the archaic language of aurora country, so a greenish light shines at the tip of the young bishop's slender fingers, this was a gentle light and that emitted an herbal aroma.

The green light slid from Emery's fingers into Giovanni's broken hand, penetrating inside the flesh and bones, a few minutes later the teenager's right hand was healing with the naked eye.

In the novel Darkness Song, the MC has its hand "healed" or concerted by the power of the demon Marquis, but this does not make the MC happy or grateful to the Marquis, after all, the MC was whipped and expelled from the ecclesiastical community on account of this demon.

So, Emery Darcy didn't think healing Giovanni's hand was to change the plot of the novel too much, at most, it would be less a thing the MC would have to suffer with.

After curing Giovanni's hand and wrist, Emery felt very good, it was like healing people actually increased their powers and energy.

"Oh, you're an interesting human!" the same supernatural voice came back to manifest in the room, of course, only Emery Darcy could hear that voice.

"What's interesting about the healing power? Can't all the healers in the church do that?" thought Emery not thinking much about it.

Although his heart was quite agitated, he felt amazed at manipulating the healing power, after all, this was his first time using this kind of magical power since landing in Bishop Darcy's body.

"Church healers... Hahahaha... These people can really heal flesh wounds, but reconstruct delicate conjunctures of bones like their fingers perfectly... This they can't do, let alone in such a short time, usually, if these healers try to heal this type of wound would be step by step and there would be a very high energy expenditure, besides taking days with rehabilitation of hand movements" angel's voice said calmly, though there is some surprise in the tone of his voice.

Emery Darcy didn't think that curing MC's hand should be so complicated, but the way the angel was talking this shouldn't be an easy task. However, young Emery only visualized each part of his fingers in his mind, every small bone, tendon and other components, even the body mass of the MC's hand, so the healing energy acted as small builders and began to reform the MC's wounded hand.

He did not know if it was his magical power that did so, but as soon as he touched Giovanni's hand a very clear image about the state of the broken hand appeared in his mind. Therefore, it was much simpler to apply the healing and reconstruction of the hand and wrist.

Of course, this is all due to Emery Darcy's accumulated knowledge of his past life. Only he didn't know the healers weren't as fast as he was... He thought the healing process was similar to his... But didn't that seem to be true?

Anyway, Emery pushed these thoughts away, he did not intend to show his healing powers to others. That would be too risky! Your supposed enemies can't know about it!

Wouldn't they send a killer to kill him sooner if that healing power was revealed?

"Let's keep it a secret!" emery thought in a resolute manner.

"But I know about it!" said the angel with sarcasm. Emery felt like fighting with the angel, but it was better to just agree and make peace.

"All right, so it's our own secret!" said Emery agreeing with the angel not to get bored.

"Our secret and Arabeth!" said the Angel with irony, thinking that this human really was a little silly.

"I had forgotten the ML!" thought Emery stunned, but soon he calms down. Isn't it like ml and mc are in the same direction as him, right? So, there was no problem if the ML knew about his powers, as long as he wasn't dragged into something strange, Emery didn't care.

"Hehe, moreover, ml at this stage of romance cannot communicate with anyone, not even with the MC! So, my secret is a little safe for now." He thought Emery relaxing completely and his mind was quiet again.

"Now silence, I'm healing a person!" murmured Emery to the angel who insisted on talking to him.

"But I made no noise, young master" Louis said with confusion, causing Emery to be embarrassed, his face gaining shades of red.

"I just warned you now so you wouldn't make noise during treatment!" said Emery coughing a little to disguise the angry voice. He could hear the angel's laugh in his mind, now he wanted a hole to throw himself.

After a few embarrassing minutes, the angel stops laughing and Emery controls his emotions, returning to pay attention to Giovanni who is still unconscious and feverish.

Emery again chanted the song in the ancient language of the Aurora Empire, making green energy and herbal perfume appear in his beautiful hands. He puts his hand on the supposedly broken rib, the energy penetrated the skin and an image formed in Emery's mind. Soon he began to heal the broken rib of the unconscious young man, so the teenager managed to breathe again normally, without emitting wheezing of pain.

Giovanni's expression improved a lot, which made Emery feel a little tempted by this beautiful and innocent face, so he stroked the young teenager's cheeks, as one tries to comfort him by the things that were yet to come.

"Now, all that remains is to heal the entrance down there, so the MC can regain his full health," Emery thought a little embarrassed, because the last wound was in the anus region, which made him a little hesitant.


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