I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
15 Healing the MC deep wounds! Part 1
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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15 Healing the MC deep wounds! Part 1

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Emery Darcy took the MC to his room, none of the clergy's staff stopped him and neither questioned Bishop Darcy.

"You go to section 2 kitchen and order two soups of meat, a tomato salad, lettuce, tomato with a tablespoon of olive oil, 4 medium white and unburned breads, two large apples, a pot with honey, a piece of an adult's hand-sized cheese, also order two boiled Gouves eggs and a jar of wine with weak alcohol." Said Emery a little thoughtful, while he said that Louis put the little chest he carried on top of the desk and took out from inside his clothes a small bag that contained some money.

Louis pulled out one gold coin that is 100 pieces of silver and gave it to the novice, along with a list with what his young master Darcy just recited, as if it were magic!

"This is for you to deliver to the chef of the kitchen, tell him also that this request of the young master should be repeated for the next two days, the soup can vary between cod soup, meat, and chicken. Come back with the dishes ready, the young master won't mistreat you," said Louis stroking the head of the novice who trembled slightly nervously.

This novice is 14 years old and is in the first year inside Matteo Abbey, but he has seen the horrible things that priests and bishops did inside, so he was nervous to be dealing with Bishop Darcy's butler.

"What's your name?" asked Emery Darcy looking a little more closely at the novice.

The novice like all the other novices have short hair and had a slim face by hunger. This novice had green eyes and black hair, but his green eyes had some golden hues, which made his look similar there is a snake, which caused priests and teachers to mock him and mistreat him more than usual.

"My name is Theo," said the novice with a very soft and low voice. He didn't like to say his name because of his meaning, which was "Supreme God." This name was like an offense to many priests, which always led to a round of "discipline", that is, many corporal punishments.

"Theo is a beautiful name," said Emery with simplicity afterward did not look again at Theo. He really found that beautiful name, but also did not want to leave the 14-year-old nervous with much attention about himself.

Young Theo felt a little embarrassed, but he also felt a strange desire to cry. But he was also afraid, after all, good words from the top clerics could mean good graces or just a foreshadow for severe punishment.

"Theo will perform the mission that the young master ordered when you come back will no longer need to go back to the novice dorm," said Louis with a sympathetic smile.

Theo just shook his head timidly, before picking up the gold coin and going to the big kitchen and talking to the head of section 2.

The large kitchen of the clergy building is divided into 5 sections, each section is cared for by a priest and a Chef. There's a section for washing the dishes, that was the section the MC was working on, there's a section that takes care of raw foods, like plucking the chickens, taking the leather out of the animals that sort of thing. It also has a preparation section of sophisticated desserts and refined dishes, another section with simpler dishes and another section with dishes that have no taste.

Section two is the simple but nutritious section of dishes, which are allocated to priests of some prestige and exorcists.

Section three is a section of dishes that do not taste good, which is given to priests and teachers who have no prestige or power, it is also given as punishment if someone upsets the superior clerics.

Section four is the kitchen that elaborates refined dishes such as noble sweets and best quality meats, such as steak or calf, there is usually deer meat and boar meat in preparations.

Section five is where dishes are washed and knives are sharp, but the pans used to prepare meals are washed by their respective kitchens.

The first section is the kitchen that serves to process raw products, such as meat still with leather or plucking the birds, that sort of thing.

Both in section two and section four chefs deal with Gouves eggs, thus elaborating preparations with the gems and the egg whites, thus adding this nutritious food that serves to strengthen the supernatural powers of consumers of these meals.

When Theo left the room and closed the door, Louis locked the door, while Emery lay Giovanni on his wide bed, amid pillows and thick blankets, the young novice looked very small and fragile.

Emery Darcy is 6 feet tall and he is taller than Giovanni by 20 cm, of course, emery's figure was stronger than Giovanni's who seemed weakened by hunger.

Giovanni had empty eyes as if his mind were somewhere else, probably raving due to fever and had no notion of where he was. He was mourned by the death of his friend and was injured body due to sexual abuse and the beating he took from Father Rutger.

Emery Darcy in his memories of his past life there was knowledge about homo affective relationships and how to perform sex properly, of course, there were also pornographic things in the midst of this knowledge.

"Ohhh, so do you like that kind of thing?" the angel's voice echoed in Emery's mind again.

"It was for study purposes only!" Emery hit a little too energetic, his normally pale face was quickly rosy.

"What kind of study are these? Ehhh humans study these things now? Especially the priests?" the angel continued to ask maliciously, liking Emery's cute reaction.

"I'm going to deal with serious things now! So don't talk to me!" replied Embarrassed Emery, changing the subject.

Only the angel's sensual laugh seemed to echo in his mind, making him feel strangely warm in various parts of his body.

"That perverted body!" thought Emery embarrassed. The former Emery Darcy was a pervert who had the body easily ready to play sexual games.

"Young master, are you okay?" butler Louis asked as he saw Emery's expressionless face become rosy.

"I just got hot, it's nothing," Emery said swerving his eyes. Only Louis found the answer strange since the fireplace wasn't lit and the windows were open... It's autumn and the wind is cold...

Well, Louis decided to let it go since the young master had the trouble to lie to him.

"He's not cute when he tries to lie?" thought Louis as if he was having fun with Emery trying to deceive him.

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