I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
14 Meeting the MC of the novel! PART 2
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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14 Meeting the MC of the novel! PART 2

A gentle reminder for the characters that appeared:

1. Emery Darcy - Gong

2. Giovanni - Gong and Shou

3. Arabeth - Shou

4. Angel - Shou

OBS: I'll put that in the synopsis too. The ******* is at the end of the chapter.


Finally, Emery pretended to find the MC of this novel, as he was acting as if looking for some novice to serve him. There was Giovanni D'Lucas, next to the Head Chef, would probably be fired at that time.

Emery looked at the right hand of the 16-year-old who was in a cookie shape so swollen that they were fingers and palm.

Emery Darcy sighed with astonishment and admiration, he mentally praised the beauty of the MC and cursed the author, who was very mean for giving such a delicate beauty to MC, especially in this perverted world where the weak is literally/figuratively eaten by the fort, including his tofu!

Of course, the powers that would awaken from the MC would be as horrible as its appearance was beautiful!

Also, when Giovanni became an adult he wouldn't be as delicate as he showed now and not so sweet, he would become a very handsome man who would make women actively pursue him.

Giovanni D'Lucas had brown hair with wicks between coppery brown and dark brown, the hairstyle was like those of novices, extremely short hair. His eyes were sapphire blue as beautiful as the summer sky, his eyelashes were dark, his lips were full and small, like the petals of the red roses, though his face is in a pale sick, did not diminish the beauty of his traits, his small nose was a little reddish and the cheekbones were stained by fever.

Emery Darcy knew that mc was infected due to being abused and by the severe wound in his right hand, as well as a broken rib that prevented him from breathing properly, so he wanted to take care of the MC to minimize his pain, thus cultivating some kind of friendship.

"Then we would exchange good words and I will send Giovanni to the ML, while nods to them from my carriage that will depart for my territory! What a beautiful ending!" thought Emery with happiness. However, his face was expressionless and he seemed to emit an aura full of arrogance and authority.

Bishop Darcy has read many books in his past life as librarian Lee Fei, not only knowledge books, but also these novels of reincarnation and rebirth, so he knows that even if his story does not have a direct connection with the MC, it would always be good to cultivate some friendship with the MC to avoid future disasters.

In addition, Emery Darcy's eyes filled with water (mentally) when he saw the situation not only of Giovanni D'Lucas but of all those young teenagers who were between 15 and 17 years old, who had a life equal to that of a slave.

"You come with me!" said Bishop Darcy in a commanding voice, with no room for questions, as he pointed to the 16-year-old with a swollen hand. Only the teenager looked like he was in a trance or too shocked to respond.

"You, bring this useless one," bishop Darcy said, speaking to the novice who was serving him as a temporary employee.

No one said anything to stop Emery Darcy from taking that teenager, so the novice accompanying Bishop Darcy went to Giovanni and took his left hand and pulled the 16-year-old who looked more like a zombie than a human being, taking him to Bishop Darcy.

"We're coming back, don't be far behind, otherwise you will be punished," said Emery without turning his gaze to the other novices and leaving the kitchen, accompanied by Louis, the novice and Giovanni.

"Why is being evil so refreshing?" thought Emery happily walking down the aisle, being followed by his butler, by the MC being practically dragged by the other novice.

"Is that being evil? You just said a few words!" the angel protested in Emery's mind. He couldn't understand the actions of this strange human.

"Haven't you seen my powerful aura of the great villain?" replied Emery mentally with great pride.

He was relieved to have accomplished this task without many impediments, Emery hoped that the priest there would question him, but it seems that Bishop's status was enough to shut up that person.

"Great villain? You just stood still like a beautiful statue, while your butler bribed the cook with a few silver coins... Then he said two words... Is that being a villain?" the angel asked full of doubts. He had seen many villains and humans worse than scum, but Emery seemed only very innocent with his proud performance.

"That's the Gangster method! I bribe a little there and a little here, then use my status to press everyone!" said Emery trying to explain his 21st-century reasoning line.

The money was not to shut people's mouths but to show that he (Emery) has a lot of money and comes from a very wealthy family. That was just a reminder that people wouldn't go against him in the future.

Can this attack be called a silver bullet?

When does money speak louder?!

Emery had even sweated a little, thinking he would be questioned or called to a conversation with that priest responsible for the kitchen. That would be bad since he didn't want to get involved with this person who mistreated poor teenagers.

"Money can solve everything with easy! So I have to go home as soon as possible!" thought Emery a little anxious. Of course, he knew it wasn't just the money, but bishop's status and the status of the title of Duke Leon, who weighed heavily for people to respect the young and handsome Emery Darcy.

"What is a Gangster?" the angel asked curiously, interrupting Emery's thoughts.

As he walked in the long corridors of the Abbey with his followers and the MC, Emery explained some of the concepts of the 21st century to a curious angel.

Thirty minutes after Bishop Darcy's departure, all returned to his usual duties and the slight pressure they felt in the presence of the young bishop was dispelled. The priest in charge of section 5 of the kitchen, was sitting in a slightly comfortable chair, his eyes seemed to contemplate the wall while he was thinking.

"You give this message to Father Rutger," said the priest responsible for this section of the kitchen, delivering a sheet of light brown paper to a novice who was nervous.

The novice was nervous about this mission the priest gave him. All novices knew that this Priest Rutger was a famous exorcist who had come from the Kingdom of Phaty.

This exorcist had been allocated to this region of Dawn because of the pandemic that killed many in dawn's kingdom, so there was a lack of exorcists in this region. The region only had 10 exorcists for 5 abbeys, and there were 3 exorcists in this Matteos Abbey alone because the highest concentration of nobles was located in this region.

So, it was necessary to send exorcists from other countries to Dawn's country, which was heavily hit by death because of the pandemic. Then the exorcist Rutger is a guest exorcist who for now will be staying at Matteo Abbey temporarily.

However, soon he would be allocated to Geron Abbey in honor of the good luck angel Geron, the lucky ones, and must leave two weeks later for his royal destiny.

All novices and some priests knew that exorcist Rutger pretended to have a noble character, but in fact, he treated others like insects and also liked to be violent.

It had been the exorcist Rutger who had raped Giovanni D'Lucas, calling him a whore and slut, blaming the poor teenager for seducing him!

Yes, the exorcist Rutger is one of the great villains of the novel Darkness Song, but precisely the culprit for the initial fall of the protagonist and the beginning of his suffering, besides being guilty of making a mistake in the exorcism of the demon Marquis, thus trapping the demon to the poor MC, in addition to sealing the demon in the mortal world, not allowing the demon to return to hell.

The priest who sent the message to the exorcist Rutger was what had found Giovanni on the ground half-naked, all bruised. Exorcist Rutger was already standing and tread not Giovanni's hand, as if he found little of the violence committed by him.

Of course, at the time he didn't care much about that novice who had been physically and emotionally abused, he had only come to the kitchen to warn exorcist Rutger about the death of Father Lattanzio.

For this priest, the little novice was nothing more than a slave or a diversion, so what reason did he have to worry about whether this teenager had been abused or not?

However, now Bishop Darcy had taken this novice whose name, the priest in charge of the kitchen, did not remember. What did that mean?

Most likely this novice could be some protégé or even a little lover of Bishop Darcy!

Bishop Darcy was not only any bishop, he was a very powerful exorcist, also had a powerful family behind his back, a family that could make this abbey or even all the abbeys become dust!

The priest sent the message to exorcist Rutger so that he knows he will be in danger soon because of the inconsequential and evil acts he had done with the novice the day before.

Now the priest after sending this message washed his hands of this problem, it was up to Father Rutger to try to save himself, this priest thought it was not related to it.

Unfortunately for this unnamed priest, Emery Darcy did not care about it, he only coldly ordered the death of this priest from the kitchens and the chief.

Then a week later this unnamed priest was murdered without knowing the reason for this "cruel" fate, of course, this is a story for another chapter.


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