I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
13 Meeting the MC of the novel! Part 1
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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13 Meeting the MC of the novel! Part 1

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The name of the MC is Giovanni D'Lucas and he is part of the powerful aristocratic family D'Lucas of Duke D'Lucas, which has blood connections with the crown prince of dawn's kingdom.

In the Kingdom of Dawn, there are only three Dukes, each is responsible for maintaining the kingdom, Duke Oliver who is responsible for 50% of the country's military. Duke Francine, who is responsible for 50% of the country's finances and Duke D'Lucas, who is responsible for 50% of the country's magical combat corps.

To counterbalance the powers of the Dukes were placed two marquises for each duke, each marquis had 25% control of their respective areas. Of course, all this could only be so, because the power of royalty was mysterious and strong, with a formidable army behind the royal family, thus ensuring the "loyalty" of Dawn's nobles.

Giovanni was sent to the monastery when he was ten years old for his complementary ecclesiastical education, before being sent to the abbeys of dawn temples to begin his course as a priest and follow the path of the exorcists, as the duke of Luca's family s was one of the families with the greatest scope of magical power in the kingdom.

Duke D'Lucas thought that having a family member as a clergy person who could manipulate sacred powers would increase the power of his family and could keep the family safe if the monarch tried to usurp the power and lands of the Duchy D'Lucas.

Then young Giovanni was sent to his first abbey at the age of 14, lancer abbey, in honor of the angel Lancer the pious. There he lived for two years, but because of some problems – sexual harassment against Giovanni, the archbishop responsible for the abbey afraid of this boy's family sent him to another abbey – he was transferred shortly before the autumn to Matteo Abbey in honor of to the angel Matteo the gentle, but his documents had not yet arrived.

Soon Giovanni D'Lucas, who was a very shy and fearful character, did not reveal the information of his birth and erroneously the priests placed him as a common novice, thus began the saga of this 16-year-old working in the kitchen of the main building of the Matteo Abbey.

The fools of the clergy squandered their talent with magic and their vast knowledge of the ancient language. Unfortunately, he was easily targeted for bullying by other priests, the poor boy could not smile or laugh, who would soon be punished with sticks on his back or if he spoke too loudly – which was practically all the time – he would have to kneel in the hard grains for noon to "learn" to keep quiet.

Yes, the MC of this novel has very pitiful adolescence, culminating in the most terrible act of being raped by a top-level clergy employee, thus destroying any faith the MC could have towards the god of light!

Now Bishop Darcy was going exactly to find this MC who had lost all faith in the god of light, who also lost faith in humanity with the death of his best friend and protector, Father Lattanzio.

Emery Darcy along with a novice, which he does not know the name, and his butler/servant disguised Louis, they arrived in the kitchens of Matteo Abbey, in the main building of the official clergy staff area.

It was not uncommon for there to be illustrious figures entering this kitchen, as these people generally came to make demands or order more refined dishes, such as sweet pastries stuffed with starry fruits – they are rare fruits that only nobles consume, are of Dark blue color and has a light blue juice, are star-shaped and has a sweet and bitter taste – or order more meat or order more Eggs from Gouves.

Only remembering the Gouves are animals that resemble rabbits, but are slightly larger, have blue eyes and very white hair, in addition, these animals are sacred and lay eggs. The exterior of eggs is like jade, literally has the value of jade since it has healing properties and can increase vitality, they are sold by the church. The clear and yolk of these eggs have magical properties that help in the growth of exorcists, in addition to having a taste of smoked meat, which is much appreciated by humans.

The clergy superiors also went to the kitchens to make some irrational demands like better cutlery, plates, and glasses, or just come to complain that something was not cleaned properly, so there would be a round of punishment to novices and punishments monetary measures to other officials.

Then, in addition to the nervousness, novices, the chief and priest responsible for this section of the kitchen were not surprised by the arrival of Bishop Darcy and his servants.

Emery Darcy searched among the novices who had their heads down their some trembled with nervousness and others held a cloth between their hands, squeezing and stretching the cloth.

The figures of clergy authorities when they came to the kitchen, was usually to demand better food or the best treatment, but sometimes came to pick up some novice and make him their private prostitutes, some had a slight luck and became lovers of these powerful people, only usually these novices became whores of these people of the clergy.

Then Bishop Darcy understood perfectly why all novices were nervous, of course, in addition to the fact that if the clergy authorities thought these novices were disrespectful, there would be a severe punishment as a beating with wooden rod in hand or in the Back.

Yes, this world was very cruel and the soul of Lee Fei who was now in Emery Darcy's body trembled inside, he who came from a pacifist and human rights-filled education, so knowing all these atrocities that is commonly practiced in this world made Emery feel it. desolate, but hardened his attitude to survive the wicked world in which he was now incarnated.

"So, I have to help the MC now and quickly run away from this damn abbey," thought Emery mentally reinforcing his decision of a quiet and peaceful life away from these power-fighting things.

His dark blue eyes scoured among the novices in silence, while Louis his servant, who is a bodyguard and butler, he talked to the priest responsible for this section of the kitchen. The priest could only serve Louis with enthusiasm and sincerity since he was one of Bishop Darcy's people.

They pretended not to know that this very friendly servant was passing silver coins into their hands, of course, all done with the utmost care. Anyway, the novices had their eyes on the handsome Bishop Darcy, in the looks of these novices he was afraid and curious, they had never seen an employee of the high clergy so closely.

At least a high echelon of the clergy so young and beautiful, but that he had an expressionless face.

Generally, the people of the clergy had contemptuous or lascivious expressions, rarely they had good expressions, but it was rare to see someone who kept their faces serious and without showing their emotions.

As novices are at the lowest level of the hierarchy, almost like servants, the high echelons had no concerns to show their true colors or hide their emotions deeply.

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