I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
12 The tragic life of the MC and the angel boss flag of death! Part 2
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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12 The tragic life of the MC and the angel boss flag of death! Part 2

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Emery Darcy wanted to take care of the MC until finally the demon marquis couldn't stand it and decided to possess the MC. Claro, Emery Darcy wanted to take care of MC's health, because of the injuries of both sexual abuse and violence by breaking his hand and possibly one of the ribs that teenager. Since these bruises would make the MC very weak, in addition to the violent exorcism he was going to receive days later.

The truth is that Emery Darcy felt a little guilty about failing to stop these horrible things from happening to MC, moreover, for Emery who has memories of his life as Lee Fei, it was hard to see a fragile teenager be so mistreated.

In fact, seeing all this child labor situation and ill-treatment of all these young people made Emery's heart hurt, but he kept an expression of indifference in his beautiful face, here the weak were devoured by the strong. Showing weakness means death!

Even if he felt sorry in his heart, Emery couldn't do anything about it, he was trying his luck to help the MC.

Yes, Emery considered himself a little bad and a bit hypocritical, but he had transmigrated a few hours ago into this new world, he couldn't fill up with luggage when he didn't even guarantee his own safety, could he?

"Human, his thoughts are strange" the male and sensual voice of the supernatural being echoed again in Emery's mind, which felt his skin chill for a few seconds.

Emery Darcy again cursed himself mentally, mainly the sensitive and shameless body he was now forced to endure.

"It's just a voice! Tsk! What a weak body!" thought Emery as he kept walking to the kitchen of section 5 to find the MC that should have already come back there, trying to get back to work normally.

However, MC's hand was disabled because of the villain, who broke MC's hand for no reason, just because he liked to cause pain to the handsome MC. Of course, in the future, the MC will respond in the same coin, but for now, he is just a teenager who was abused until he rags and was trying to hold on things that seemed safe and normal in his life. How to wash the dishes and help prepare the food.

Sometimes our brain gets so confused that it needs everyday things to get supports the traumas of life.

However, with his hand broken the Chef and the priest responsible for this section of the kitchen, do not want the MC to remain at work, considering the MC as useless and, of course, as an easy person to commit bullying.

In addition, the priest responsible for section five of the kitchen, he witnessed part of the violence committed by the villain against the MC and did nothing to stop or comfort the teenager!

On the contrary, this priest wants the MC to leave his service area and go elsewhere so as not to be implicated with the villain if something goes wrong. Even if this priest believes that the villain will go unpunished because he has a powerful family and is a talented exorcist, but he wanted to play on the safe side and keep the MC away from his desktop.

"Don't ignore me human!" the male voice echoed again in Emery's mind, which was already thought lost again in the plot and in the next scenes that were unfolding or were going to happen in a few minutes.

"I'm busy with proper business, so I don't have time to play with you!" replied Emery in his mind of a bad mood because he felt strange with the presence of the supposed angel.

That BOSS flag of death!

"If he were an angel Shouldn't I feel good and refreshed? Then why do I feel hot and unstable?! Clearly, that's a demon!" thought Bishop Darcy with a helpless smile.

"Cheeky human, I've said I'm an angel! Don't lower me to the level of these god-forgotten creatures!" the male voice seemed very angry, at the same time tremors took place in the abbey.

"Okay, I'm wrong! You are a very good and very wonderful angel! But now I'm solving serious problems here, so I'm sorry for my momentary blindness and forgive me if I offended you, oh great angel lord!" said Emery Darcy in his mind trying to placate the fury of this divine entity or something.

Bishop Darcy really wanted to swear loudly and even swear in his mind, but refrained from doing so, for the angel could in his fury destroy the abbey!

"That's not an angel! That's a death flag!" Emery had that feeling in his heart, so the angel could not read these "emotions", otherwise, the abbey would have really fallen into the head of our current hero!

"Foolish human!" the male voice seemed calmer and the tremors stopped, Emery sighed relieved and prayed mentally to any divine entity that this angel-shaped death flag would go away from him.

"I can hear your prayers!" said the supposed angel with a voice between anger and fun, because this human was acting very foolishly. Emery Darcy acted as if he had done nothing and did not answer the angel, but this time the angel was not angry and remained strangely silent.

Soon, Emery Darcy, along with his butler and the 14-year-old novice, they arrived in the kitchen of section 2, there the novices were doing their chores diligently, but in the left corner near the huge sink where he had a pile of dishes, was a teenager with his mud-stained clothes and with broken right hand.

Next to this teenager was a priest with a black cassock and a chef with his clothes stained with food, it seems the two adults were scolding the teenager, but the teenager had empty eyes and a sick pale face.

That teenager is the MC of this dark BL novel!

"Finally, I found this person! This is going to be my first step into my beautiful quiet life," Emery thought with joy, even if his pretty face only showed disinterest in everything.

"Do you have human facial paralysis?" the supposed angel asked curiously. He could read Emery's mind and knew his "emotions", but he also saw the face without expression of the human, which was quite strange and funny.

"It's called acting! Be quiet, I have to play well!" said Emery in his mind.

"Play well? What are you playing?" asked the angel curiously, since there were no games in that room, only frightened young humans, dishes and food, with two adult men who looked evil.

"How to be a despot villain to these scum people. Isn't that a cool game?" said Emery mentally to the angel, he seemed a little fun with that thought.

"But if a person is a villain against people who are scum... Shouldn't that person be a good person? What you're saying doesn't make sense!" the angel replied even more curiously. The mind of this human seemed broken or with some problem, the way of thinking of this person was very out of the pattern.

"That's why I said I'm going to act in a game. Be quiet and watch, then you will understand" said Emery to the angel, wanting this supposed angel to shut up quickly.

Don't you see the handsome young MC who needs my help?

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