I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
9 The structure of the Abbey and its shady secrets parte 1
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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9 The structure of the Abbey and its shady secrets parte 1

Everyone near the abbey yard was surprised by the thick golden ray that fell into the centuries-old fig tree that was in the center of the courtyard, the tree that was struck by lightning became practically powdered instantly.

The most mysterious thing is that as soon as the lightning fell into the dark clouds will disperse from the sky and it became very sunny, despite being autumn! That was very scary!

"This is God punishing our abbey because of Father Lattanzio's suicidal!" said one of the priests who was talking earlier about this fatality.

Of course, only Emery Darcy knew this wasn't any god or king of hell who sent the lightning to break this centuries-old tree.

"This guy is very strong!" thought Emery Darcy feeling the cold sweat flowed down his back, but he's pretty face still remained expressionless.

"Human, now do you believe in my words?" asked the male voice with a fun tone while observing the young bishop's lack of expression.

"I believe my ass! What kind of angel destroys an innocent fig tree?!" thought Emery with a little pity for the poor tree, of course, he was just talking to cover up his fear.

That's a powerful supreme-level BOSS before him!

Tears of blood fell from his heart! (extreme mental damage)

Emery Darcy heard an arching breath as if the owner of that voice was surprised, so there was no sound of the supernatural being. The priests who were still gathered, now they were terrified but did not fail to gossip about the suicide of Father Lattanzio who brought the wrath of the god of the church.

Emery Darcy was not concerned about the body of Father Lattanzio and neither by the gossiping priests, or the other three bishops who appeared in the courtyard at this time, he was thinking of the MC, who was now with the body badly bruised and the heartbroken by the death of his best friend.

The truth is that he himself would want to beat the old Lattanzio if it weren't for that person's interference the MC would have a difficult life, but he would still keep his dignity intact and he wouldn't have to worry about the demon marquis anytime soon!

"Now I understand why the people of the West said 'Of good intentions hell is full!'. Clearly, this Father Lattanzio had good intentions, but it only destroyed the peaceful life of the MC!" thought Emery looking at the unrest around him. Of course, for him, this agitation was like floating clouds that he looked at with indifference.

Now the MC was finishing cleaning up his dead best friend's room with his broken hand and full of bruises on his body, as well as having his bottom deeply hurt due to the villain's act of violence.

The bishops who arrived, to the place where the former fig tree was, organized the priests silencing the gossip. Soon the bishops began to argue among them - along with Emery Darcy, for they were afraid bishop Darcy would mirror gossip to the superiors - to put a small altar in place of the fig tree to placate divine wrath, so the three bishops left to find the Archbishop responsible for the temple and abbey.

Bishop Darcy was not a bishop who was assigned to this abbey, was only temporarily allocated to this area, soon would receive the call to return to the capital and act in the abbey there. For this reason, Emery can only issue some opinions, but he cannot take any concrete action within that abbey.

It should be said that the temple and abbey are different places, the temple is where "ordinary" people attend to make offerings and prayers for God, which is also the face of the church. The abbey is the place where god workers live that is where the organization of the clergy trains the new novices, where bishops, priests, exorcists, and noble visitors can stay while on trips.

Something to be emphasized is that priests who have good support from their families or the employees of the clergy of greater office usually have their own houses and land, so they only come to the abbey to show presence or spend some time with their colleagues, of course, everyone shows up at the abbey if there are problems or if the superiors come to pay any visitors.

With the exception of the management positions of the abbey and the archbishop responsible for the local abbey, most clergy officials above the office of priests usually spend four days in their homes and properties and the other three days they sleep in the abbey.

Of course, the abbey is where the most atrocious things happen such as sexual abuse, violence, bribery, pedophilia, and murders. The church of the God of light is against the practice of sexual relations in its clergy, but many of the clerics, who have some real power or a powerful family as support, do not comply with this rule.

Unfortunately, the former Emery Darcy was one of those clergy employees who did not abdicate these mundane acts and had a very active sex life in his home country.

It should be remembered that abuse and sexual relations are not the same things, there were noblewomen and men who maintained sexual relations with some senior clergy officials, either for pleasure or benefits, but there were also priests, bishops and archbishops who also had lovers or frequented brothels.

The abuses occur against the novices themselves or against the servants who attended the abbey, sometimes if the priest or someone in the clergy wished an ordinary person or the wealthiest family, they committed murders or set traps for accusations of heretics to then capture their objects of desires. Generally, this led to the almost complete death of that person's entire family or ostracism by the community, even ridiculous accusations of seducing god's men!

The abbey was located on a large plot, in which there were several courtyards, six buildings and some plantations such as tomato, potato, and eggplant plantations. There is also a large farm and a small pasture for some dairy cows, sheep, and Gouves.

Gouves are creatures similar to rabbits, but they were much larger and mostly have blue eyes like sapphire and very white hair, technically it is a sacred creature (Just imagine that Gove is an Easter bunny!). The Gouves are herbivores and give jade-like eggs, and the contents of this egg are clear as gold and tasty as meat, its bark can be sold for cash or exchanged for high-value goods.

These animals, which only exist on the Central Continent, reproduce through magic, when they want to have puppies, they join some materials including the shells of their eggs and conjure a new life.

In the world of Lee Fei or now Emery Darcy, that would be demon thing! However, here this was called a sacred animal.

Of course, Gouve is not used to be eaten. Only eggs are enough, to which gouve's meat appears is harmful to humans.

Therefore, Gouve's status as a sacred animal remained, after all, if humans could eat meat it is likely that this animal would be treated like an ox or a chicken.

Humans are not lenient creatures with other species!


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