I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
8 Supposed Angel or something like that part 2
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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8 Supposed Angel or something like that part 2

The novices were slightly restless, but they were not too agitated, as they feared to cause Bishop Darcy's fury, these poor teenagers knew that the superiors were strict and horribly punished novices for any mistake.

"An angel? Impossible! In the novel Dark Song, angels were hardly quoted in the book! There were only allusions to angels and ironically!" thought Emery mentally denying what the supernatural being, which only he could hear, could be a heavenly being.

"Do you believe in demons, but don't you believe in angels? Are you really a clergy person?" the male voice seemed a little fun and didn't seem angrier, as if you found Emery's thoughts very interesting, like an act of circus comedy.

"Of course, I'm from the clergy! But angels cannot communicate with those who are not pure in heart and body, unfortunately, I am not pure person to be lucky to be able to communicate with a being as superior and wonderful as an angel!" thought Emery in a pitiful tone, because having an angel as a friend would save him from being sold as a male prostitute in brothel in the future, but that was just a distant dream!

Yes, Emery Darcy, he was no longer a virgin, at least his body was no longer pure, which left the current Emery distressed because when he was Lee Fei, he was still a virgin and had never had a girlfriend in his previous life!

The male laugh of the supernatural being was loaded with sensuality and indescribable charm, which even the depressed Emery felt his heartbeat very hard on his chest and a boiling heat his blood.

"Interesting!" the male voice seemed whispering in Emery's sensitive ear, which felt his body get all goosebumps, being his skin very pale and creamy, quickly his face turned red.

"Bishop Darcy, are you very well?" the novice's voice took Emery's mind out of his erratic thoughts about this supernatural being.

"I'm fine, will you tell me what happened to Brother Lattanzio?" asked Emery trying to refocus on the problems present.

As a novice came to knock on his door to warn of what happened, it was to be expected that some superior ordered him to call him, so this novice must have the information that the superior of that temple wants to inform him.

Emery Darcy is from the Empire of Aurora, but the religion of the Rising Sun, whose greatest divinity is the god of light, is a rather large religion that spans several countries of the Central Continent.

Then, when Emery reached the post of the Bishop in the Empire of Aurora, he was soon temporarily transferred to the Dawn Kingdom, under the influence of some nobles, who feared the exponential power of the family of Gran Duque Leon, Emery's father.

So, Emery was supposed to be in Dawn's capital but was in a town near the capital to act as a guest exorcist while waiting for her relocation to the capital.

"Bishop Frau said that Father Lattanzio committed suicide and that now he needed the help of your excellency to send a message to the capital, to deal with the body of Father Lattanzio, for he has a relatively powerful family" the novice recited the information for Emery, who kept a face without expressing his emotions.

However, even without expressing their emotions this face remained beautiful as the painting of an angel, Emery's beauty was almost heavenly, which made novices even more nervous, for they wanted to steal some looks at that face of divine proportions.

"Strange... Lattanzio had a powerful family? In the novel, there is not much talk about it, since Lattanzio is a sinner who died of suicide. Well, I should know that not everything would be exactly the same as the novel I read in my past life." Emery thought without showing a slight surprise on his face, despite feeling agitated internally.

However, he felt relieved by the plot still being similar, Lattanzio's death is proof of that. Emery felt in doubt when this supposed angel appears at this time since this was not in the plot of the novel. Or maybe it was something hidden and said in a veiled way, that he hadn't noticed?

Of course, he knew that not everything would be exactly the same as the novel, as is the case of Father Lattanzio having a wealthy family supporting him. Since this is supposedly a real world, then there would be more things than the novel could detail, but even then, Emery was hoping that most of the plot didn't change much, since only then would he have a notion of what to do in the coming days.

However, Emery sighed a little sad, because the horrible things the villain did with MC in the novel must have happened already.

As Emery left with the novices around him, a dark-energy strong could be felt, clearly, someone was performing some kind of summoning of the creatures of hell.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for the MC, only Emery was able to feel the spiritual changes of this clover pact, all others only felt a slight malaise, but everyone thought it was due to Father Lattanzio who had committed suicide committing sacrilege throughout the abbey, thus causing god's anger.

Of course, the most experienced exorcists would know that this energy is the source of a convocation of the devil, but most exorcists were dispatched to various locations on the continent, due to the recent plague that has reached the population.

It was only a few months since the church managed to extinguish an extremely serious disease, which killed almost 10% of the continent's population, including priests and bishops of churches, so there was little skilled labor within Dawn Abbey.

"Didn't you say it wasn't pure? So how did you feel the dark energy of the pact? This is a subtle energy that uses elements of nature and the vitality of human blood, so it should not cause a commotion large enough to alarm anyone" the male voice of the supernatural being again echoed in emery's mind, which felt his heart shoot with fear and excitement.

"What has my purity with my sensory powers?" asked Emery sarcastically.

The supernatural being remained silent, but in his mind, he reflected on the infinite knowledge he possessed in his mind. He knew that only beings of pure souls or that they had extraordinary souls could feel the energy of the covenant of darkness.

"It seems that the MC just made the pact with the Marquis of Hell," thought Emery worried about the MC, because he knew that the body of the 16-year-old was broken, thanks to the damn villain who was above good and evil, committing abuses against this young man without caring about the consequences.

In fact, for this kind of priest who was a young and talented exorcist with possible fortune to become a divine summoner, the church would cover this kind of atrocity normally, of course, the MC family will be revealed afterward and the villain has no choice can only be excommunicated, for the church is afraid of the MC family.

The irony is that even if the villain was not excommunicated, as this villain is a perverted pedophile, there would be no way he would become a divine summoner, but the church that was practically rotten inside, especially at this time when many good priests and bishops they were killed by the pandemic, didn't know it or pretended not to know.

Quite possibly there would be false celestial summoners or heavenly summoners who lost their divine powers due to rot in which they got into the church.

"Oh, so you know about that unfortunate Arabeth!" the male voice echoed again in Emery's mind, interrupting his long remarks about the plot. Bishop Darcy continued to walk with the novices until he met the other superiors who were talking "excitedly" about the death of Father Lattanzio.

"God is very fair and merciful, allowed until Arabeth had a new chance" commented the male voice as if thinking to himself.

"I know, I also think Arabeth got a new chance, but the price the MC will have to pay to help this marquis of hell is going to be very high!" hit Emery with a little pain in his heart because he knew that very bad things were still going to happen to the MC.

"Um... the price is always high. But the reward is always generous and fair," said the male voice with a touch of irony.

"As I thought... You really are a demon!" countered Emery unhappy with the tone of the supernatural being.

"I'm not a demon! Foolish human, I'm an angel!" said the voice a little angry.

"Then I am the lord of light!" replied Emery with sarcasm, his beautiful rosy lips bowing in a slight smile.

"I didn't know my father had turned into a shameless human!" said the male voice thinking funny how this human communicated.

"Your father?" asked Emery a little surprised, after all, he had only made a random comment.

"The lord of light is the father of all creatures with soul and soulless of this world, not only of this world but of the worlds outside these worlds!" said the male voice full of pride in his tone.

"Of course, of course, if that's true that lightning cut that sky and falls into that tree!" thought Emery looking at a tree of figs that grew majestically in the abbey courtyard.

Then suddenly the sky became dark and a thick thunderbolt gold as an elephant's leg fell from the sky, hitting the leafy fig tree, turning it into dust.

Emery Darcy: "..."

All: O_O

Fig Tree: X_X

"Okay, I believe you. So, don't kill me please?" said Emery who cried in his heart, even though his face didn't can to changed his expression, even seeing a large lightning strike a tree and turning the tree into dust. His face continues with the same expression. A serious expression with red and delicate arched eyebrows.

Emery Darcy didn't know how he had activated a death flag anytime soon!

He had just come to this world, how is it possible that a boss-level death flag could emerge now?

"Hey, author the plot is wrong!" Emery cursed in his mind. If he could catch the author of this novel, he would shake that person up to put some common sense in this evil person's wind-head!


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