I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
7 Supposed Angel or something like that Part 1
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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7 Supposed Angel or something like that Part 1

Emery Darcy took a deep breath and responded to the person at his door, soon he let some novices enter his room, which helped him dress properly, with his clergyman's clothing that was of a gloomy color, as if it were gray, with embroidery of gold and silver, which showed the richness of the superiors of the church.

"Time to become a tyrannical little villain!" thought Emery concentrating to act well.

Despite the excitement in his heart, he was a little nervous and agitated. But thanks to the stone face with which the original Emery Darcy was born, he showed no emotion on his face. Of course, whoever looked more closely, could see the animated glow in Emery's beautiful dark blue eyes.

Passing his fingers fixing his short red hair trying to shape his strands to a more behaved shape, which were not equal to a bowl. He put on his refined leather boots and with the help of a novice, washing his face, soon he passed a product on his teeth to clean them.

It should be remembered that this type of hygiene product was generally used by nobles, ordinary families, who owned some land or trade, had similar products, but much weaker, while the humblest commoners had their yellowish and dirty teeth.

While he was being helped to fix his clothes, Emery realized that novices kept quiet and their eyes never fixed on his face, the young bishop can't help but sigh when observing this behavior.

There was a rigid hierarchy within the church, novices were far below this pyramid, they were only considered a member of the clergy when they became a priest. In ascending order, there were priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals, and the Pope.

Within these classes of the clergy there are several paths, also going from the ascending order there is the path of teachers, scholars, speakers, healers, exorcists, divine knights, heavenly summoners, divine messengers and saints.

The exorcists and heavenly summoners are the fighters who fight the invasion of demons who roam the human world and the powerful demonic aristocrats of hell who are summoned by wizards and dark wizards.

There are also nobles that summon demons, usually, these nobles are worse than witches and black wizards, the ambition of these nobles bring many misfortunes to the commoners of the kingdom.

Of course, exorcists are the basic fighters and take care of demonic possessions and minor demons, already the heavenly summoners, they summon warrior angels to fight demons that have nobility within hell.

They can use three different energies to summon supernatural powers or use them in combat. Sacred Energy, Mana, and Vital Energy. Of course, that in addition to these energies they can use other energies, but it would depend on their luck or the lineage of their families. The least to become an Exorcist is to have control over the Holy Energy, after all, it is with this energy that exorcism and purge of demons are realized.

To become a celestial summoner, he must reach the transcendent exorcist level before the age of 30 or have some divine attribute in the body. The exorcist levels are divided into five kingdoms, Apprentice, Initiated, Intermediate, Advanced and Transcendent.

When the exorcist arrived at the transcendent stage, legend and studies say that two options for evolution are given. Exorcists can choose to follow the path of divine executors or heavenly summoners.

In the history of the church, there were only two divine executioners in more than 1000 years of history. The path of divine Executioners is almost like a legend within the church and was a mystery of how the powers of the executioners worked.

"Would it be nice to be a Divine Executioner? The name looks cool. But why do I feel an icy chill on my back when I think about it?" thought Emery as he analyzed the information in his mind.

Of course, Emery threw this idea to the bottom of his mind... After all, he was going to let go of the exorcist's path as fast as he could.

Divine messengers and saints are those who can be considered the true face of the church and why the church of the Rising Sun is so powerful. Divine messengers generally received a message from the angels or saints who were in paradise, these messages would talk about the future and destiny.

The saints are human beings who have attained the highest divine merit and therefore have the chance to become divine servants in paradise, thus raising the power of the church, which gains many benefits by producing a saint.

Divine knights are the military forces of the church, which keeps the strength of the kingdom under control, so kings cannot eradicate the religion of their kingdoms, it is also these military forces that help the kingdom maintain order within the country and help the army of the rein prevent other countries or barbarians from attempting to start a war or invasion.

Healers are the health agents of this world and are practically the pillars of any organization because without them pandemics and diseases would have decimated the entire population. Generally, healers are also scholars and teachers, because they spend much of their time – when you don't have a pandemic – within laboratories studying diseases and creating new products to improve humanity's health.

Healers have two types of energy, divine energy and the energy of nature, the first type serves to help expel curses or diseases caused by inferior demons. The second energy is used to heal the bones and mortal wounds, which should not be related to attacks of supernatural beings.

Teachers and speakers are at the base of the pyramid, along with chefs and managers, as they are responsible for maintaining, managing, recruiting and teaching within the church organization, usually, with the exception of teachers, these professions are taken by priests who do not have much future or very useful talent for the church.

Novices are not even counted in the basic hierarchy of the church, they are apprentices of the official, who when they graduate priests will still take the aptitude test to find out what path they will follow.

In fact, the original Emery Darcy was a final Advanced level exorcist. Soon he would reach the transcendent level and could become a celestial summoner. Moreover, he was also a healer as his second profession, but the people of the clergy neglect this fact, for becoming a divine summoner had more prestige than a mere healer.

The problem is that novices are very mistreated by higher-level office, who want to suppress the desires, emotions and even the mental strength of novices, brainwashing complete, and there are some clerics who comment on physical, mental and even physical abuses against these novices, which are usually at the age of between 14 and 17 years.

"What did you expect human? Didn't you want this result, creating little obedient lambs for your obscenities?" a hoarse and sensual voice sounded out of the environment, the voice carried a sarcastic tone and deadly coldness.

Bishop Darcy was alarmed by that voice, but he did not demonstrate in his beautiful cherub face, as he realized that no one else heard the male voice that seemed to echo in the room.

Emery mentally cursed his luck or his lack of luck, he well knew that listening to voices was not a good sign, it meant it was a spirit or was a demon, other supernatural creatures would have to maintain a tangible shape in order to communicate with the living.

"Insignificant human, I'm not a demon!" the hoarse, sensual voice seemed angry, the air got tense and even the novices seemed to feel like something was wrong.

Emery cursed in his mind again, for this supernatural being could read his mind, but he did not believe that voice was not of a demon, for if it were a ghost the energy would have cooled completely around them.

"Don't confuse my noble existence, with these renegades from heaven!" the male voice was even angrier.

Then the white feather - the one on the side of the cartridge on top of the desk - which had golden spots among its feathers, began to emit a sacred glow, like a small sun inside emery's stone room, but only Bishop Darcy could see this phenomenon, the novices only felt vague that there was a powerful presence around, but they could not define what was that supernatural being.

Does that mean this supernatural being is an angel?

"Why things got more complicated?!" thought Emery with a crying heart, though his face is calm and serene as on the surface of a lake.


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