I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
6 Plan A went wrong, so let“s go to plan B! Part 2
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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6 Plan A went wrong, so let“s go to plan B! Part 2

It would be better for the MC not to awaken his powers now, because it was too dangerous for all people around him, since the MC without control of his powers may end up killing himself without even realizing or worse he can actually be executed by the people of the inquisition if for discovered by the clergy!

The ML could not act freely within the walls of the Abbey, after all, there were bishops and archbishops stationed at Matteo Abbey. Which could prevent ML from helping the MC control its powers... So, it's better to let the MC be free first and ML could capture the MC later!

"That would change only the beginning of the plot... It won't make a difference if the MC becomes a wizard before or after being expelled from the church. Only I'm going to have to play a bad person and chase the MC out of the church, " thought Emery reflecting whether his plan was not going to distort the plot of the novel too much.

"Well, if he's expelled from the church, even if we're both faking... I think it's going to be okay! The point is, he has to be kicked out of the church so as not to run away from much of the main plot!" Emery thought positively. In the end, he was too lazy to worry about it, he was going to throw it all on ML's back to settle with the MC.

Emery Darcy took a deep breath and already with a plan formed in his mind, he felt safer to change his own destiny. Emery did not think about assuming the duty of the Grand Duke, he wants only a part of the inheritance and a small land to plant and live a good life.

"Being Gran Duque gives a lot of work! I just want to live a quiet and isolated life, who knows how to learn more about magic to remedy my own curiosity?" thought Emery Darcy making a rather bizarre move as if holding a magic wand.

What was pretty funny to see, Emery thought he was alone. He did not feel a pair of piercing eyes that observed every bizarre move of him joking to be a powerful sorcerer.

The pair of piercing eyes later arc half a moon looking like they were having fun, seeing Emery act like a five-year-old, although he appears to be an adult.

The owner of the pair of piercing eyes decided to observe in silence this young human for now... But he felt curious... Should he approach the human and remedy his curiosity?

Emery Darcy realized nothing strange around him. He was thinking about how to deal with the family of his older brothers without getting too involved with conspiracies and power games. If they don't provoke him, he's not going to do anything about it. However, if they continue with their evil plans, it can only retaliate.

"But I can't kill my older brothers... After all, who would inherit the title of Grand Duke of Lion if they died? You still have the other possible heirs... So troublesome!" said Emery muttering, he sighed then when he thought of the future interaction with these rivals.

There were only two things right in Emery's mind, the first is that he had to go back to his father's land and the second is that he should give MC a little help to that novel so that the MC becomes strong soon. So, he would make a good impression and if in the future he needs help... The MC could at least lend a hand, right?

However, life will not go on as humans wish.

"Bishop Darcy, something terrible happened to Brother Lattanzio!" someone began knocking on the wooden door and a soft but urgent voice sounded across the door, taking Emery out of his deep thoughts.

Lattanzio... That's the name of MC's best friend and was also his protector inside this abbey. In this world, the clergy officials call themselves a brother, unless the other party is from a higher position, for example, between a priest and a bishop, or between a bishop and archbishop.

"It's too late!" murmured the stunned young Emery and now his mind thought furiously of a new plan.

For if this brother Lattanzio died it meant that the villain of the story had already abused the MC and the demonic ritual was already underway. So, Emery Darcy would have to rule out saving the MC from the abuses and having his hand broken. So, missing the first chance to make a good impression on the MC.

Now, Emery Darcy missed the right time to get a hug on MC's strong leg, logically speaking this is a ridiculous thought, but according to the books he's read in his life as Lee Fei, if the novel's extra character fails to ally himself with the MC of the story or ML or FL then can forget to survive in this world or change the sad fate that awaited Emery Darcy in two years.

Well, Emery didn't think about literally clinging to the MC, it was more like helping in a time of crisis to be remembered as a friend in the future. Since he had decided to go to the Empire of Aurore to return to the home of the father self. The MC spends his entire journey traveling, but has never been quoted that he goes to the Empire of Aurore.

That's why it would be very difficult for MC and Emery to meet again in this life! However, Emery wanted to make sure that at least he was not an enemy of the MC or ML, as this could somehow lead to his death.

As the ML of this dark novel is a powerful Demon Marquis very proud soon Emery has already ruled himself clinging to this type of character, not to mention, that this demon marquis only obeys and appreciates the MC.

Another way to survive in a novel world is usually to ally with villains and cause them to change their malicious attitudes, but it was impossible in this dark BL novel. The villains are either sadistic perverts or are ambitious freaks (the kind that seeks pacts with the devil), they are either pedophiles or are abusers (physical or mental).

So, there's no way Emery Darcy, who has the memories of his life as Lee Fei, who was raised in a world with human rights and has minimal compassion for the weak, allying himself with these kinds of dirty villains.

In short, all it remains is to him to leave a good impression on MC so that even if things don't work out too well for Emery, he can hide along with MC in the future.

Of course, Emery hoped that at the very least he would get a small secluded land somewhere in the Aurore Empire so he could live his life in peace.

Peace in this world of a dark BL novel is a luxury that is hard to achieve, so Emery's thoughts were quite simple.

1. Leave a good impression on MC;

2. Walk away from dawn kingdom as soon as possible;

3. Return to his father's house in the Aurore Empire;

4. Learn enough about his father's territory;

5. Get enough money for a good life;

6. Graciously give up the title of Gran Duque Leon;

7. Disappear subtly and live somewhere quiet.

Those were Emery's goals for this his life, wasn't that much, right?

After all, the MC will become a powerful wizard and will have a powerful demon that will serve his forever ever, who else would be as powerful as the MC in this dark BL world?

Emery Darcy is just a forgettable and side character!

"So, after helping the MC we're going to stay away from him! All to live a good life!" thought Emery with a very happy smile, forgetting the poor novice that was on his doorstep.

Emery for the first time was glad to be an insignificant side character... That meant his actions wouldn't mess with the central novel much and that MC and ML wouldn't involve him in their adventures, right?

"Plan B, let's control the damage and make a good impression on the MC, then I'll think about the rest, first I have to rescue the MC that will be in a very pitiful state!" thought Lee Fei already feeling compassion in his heart when imagining the sweet and cute 16-year-old MC that it was as beautiful as elf and as delicate as a flower.

In other words, Emery Darcy did not have a plan, would only try to survive as much as he could until he could send the answer to his father so he could leave without looking back.


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