I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
5 Plan A went wrong, so let“s go to plan B! Part 1
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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5 Plan A went wrong, so let“s go to plan B! Part 1

Lee Fei thought this as he looked once again at his reflection in the silver mirror, the beautiful dark blue eyes faced him back full of doubts, as the memories of this body told a very different story than expected.

Emery Darcy is the third son of a large noble and influential family, specifically, he was part of the Grandchildren of the Grand Duke of Aurora. The Empire of Aurora only has two Grand Dukes, six dukes, eighteen marquesses, as well as counts, viscounts, and barons.

In the great rich and noble families, there was a tradition, the first son was the heir to his father's title, the second son goes to the military camp and the third son will enter the church. The other sons received nothing of much value only a small gift and usually married daughters of rich nobles of minor status.

However, Emery's family was different, for his father was a third son who had inherited the title of his grandfather, for the lineage of the Grand Duke believed in the competence and not in the foolish traditions of the first child being the absolute heir to the title and lands.

So, all the male children of the Darcy family were raised equal, all of them being prepared to one day inherit the title of their father, but Emery Darcy is the son of the second wife of the current Gran Duke Darcy and had a 7-year difference between him and his half-brother's ages.

In the Aurore Empire marriages were monogamous, so Emery's first wife passed away and Emery's father remarried. However, the first wife gave birth to two children, being the first very intelligent but weak-body and the second child was very healthy and brave, but did not have many talents to learn how to manage a property, or rather did not want to study and was quite rebellious.

However, the second wife gave birth to two children too, a boy and a girl, there would be nothing to do with it, but the boy – Emery Darcy – had great health, intelligence and had magical powers!

Of all the children, only Emery Darcy had inherited the strong magical power of the Darcy Family, the others could only be classified as ordinary talents, so it was logical for current Gran Duque that his third child would be the ideal heir to the Legacy of the Grand Duke Leon de Aurora.

Of course, there would still be a general assessment of the skills of all possible heirs and there would be evidence to test all areas from magical control to even the creation of a combat group, to managing noble social events. In the end, when all this data was gathered is that the verdict of who would be the official heir to the house of Gran Duque Leon de Aurora would be given, then this information would be passed on to the royal family, which would put the seal of approval on this new heir of the Family Darcy.

Although the current Gran Duque Darcy greatly favored the intelligent and vivacious Emery, the family of the first wife was quite influential, plotting behind the scenes, trying to harm young Emery, who was just a child. However, to keep the son safe the Grand Duke sent Emery to the religious boarding school at the age of 12, but with the support of the Darcy family and emery's magical talents, it was not difficult to navigate those muddy, dark waters of the clergy.

So, at the age of 23, Emery Darcy became one of the church's youngest and most influential bishops. In fact, Lee Fei is surprised that Emery Darcy, despite seeing so many horrible things within the clergy and noble society, did not have a detour of character.

Of course, Emery Darcy was still a young nobleman of his time, so he went to brothels and could have affairs with some maid, this was not out of the ordinary, even though he was a bishop!

The problem is what comes next, Lee Fei's eyes now Emery Darcy stray from the mirror and focus on the desk, there was a letter paper symbol of a lion with the golden mane, that was the symbol of the Darcy Family.

His father finally got some space to handle the situation on his property and keep under control the family of the first wife, so he sent a letter to his son, warning him to return, that soon again there would be the selection for heirs of the title Gran Duke Leon. It would be a selection to choose candidates to be heirs and hold the various tests within 2 years or more of time.

Emery Darcy closed his beautiful blue eyes, for in his mind there were far more than just memories of his past life, there were fragments of what the ancient Emery Darcy did when he received this letter.

Former Bishop Darcy did not return home, for he took a taste for the freedom he had within the church as a bishop, moreover, his powers were increasing, so there was a chance of him being an archbishop and perhaps he could become a great Cardinal or even m we are the future Pope.

It should be remembered that a Cardinal had a power similar to that of a king, in any land of this continent, but had much more freedom than a monarch who is guarded on all sides as a trapped prey.

Unfortunately, even the previous Emery Darcy having given up for competition for the position of heir, the family of the first wife considers Emery's talented existence a threat to his plans, not to mention that it was a real possibility that Bishop Darcy becomes a Cardinal in the future!

Then a very Machiavellian plot was made, mixing powerful people inside the clergy and people of royalty, so a tragic end was created for the young Emery Darcy, who turned out to be an attraction inside a famous brothel!

The current Emery Darcy can only sigh with such a tragic ending, but he did not feel afraid, for now, that he had assumed this body, all he needed to do was just crush these flags of death!

Emery frowned, thoughtful, he knew he had to do something to change that or he would have a worse life than MC's, but without a demon that will help him get out of the hole.

The young red-headed bishop was thinking of a clever plan to prevent his fall, but he knew there were some obvious ways, such as preventing the MC from being raped and helping him complete the ritual with the mighty demon, preventing him from getting sick because of the hurts sings, so the MC could awaken its supernatural powers and follow the wizard's path without having to be flogged and without staying away from his family.

Of course, the MC would have to leave this place and return home, but Emery Darcy, or rather Bishop Darcy could help the MC with it, he would only give a letter of dispensation to the MC's family, stating, that the MC did not have the vocation and that the church would feel better if he would be more useful at home, logically he would have to ask for some financial concession so that it would be more authentic.

However, why doesn't Emery stop the MC from finishing the ritual with the devil? The answer is simple, this powerful demon was already interested in the MC, so if Emery hinders this ritual wouldn't be the same thing as provoking the devil?

"We're not going to get involved with the troubled ML. It is better I deal with the current MC who's a cute kid. Dealing with demons never seemed easy to me when I read the novels or watched movies," Emery Darcy thought already scratching the Demon Marquis from the list of people he would have to get involved in.

The Demon Marquis cannot be separated from the MC since without the demon there is no way the MC can control its powers. The power of the pact with the devil is what makes the MC's powers awaken and he discovers to be from an ancient lineage of wizards, but the volatile emotions and the MC's too young body cause him to lose control of his powers. In the novel is ML that helps the MC to have a black magic teacher, who is also an alchemist who deals with poisons.

In other words, there is no powerful MC without the support of ML, even if the MC does not want the demon's support.

Of course, Emery wants to prevent the MC from suffering this great trauma, but even then, there was one thing called fate and something else called the plot of life. There was still the villain who was inside this Abbey, who will try everything to ruin the life of the MC.

Well, Emery Darcy would do his best to prevent MC from being tainted by the villain, even if it delayed the awakening of his magical talents. Emery would have to throw this problem of awakening the magical powers to the ML of the novel, then he would wash his hands!

"ML should be grateful that I save the MC, because of this trauma, the MC takes many years to finally accept that he likes men and wants to eat ML tofu," thought Emery Darcy with a smile a little shamelessly on his beautiful face.


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