I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
4 Analyzing the plot of the novel Dark BL! Part 2
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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4 Analyzing the plot of the novel Dark BL! Part 2

Things only get worse for the MC, because in the early hours of the day his best friend and protector is found dead!

The priests said it was suicide, even though MC didn't believe it. As if sexual abuse wasn't enough, the villain kicks the MC and breaks his right hand and one of his ribs, then tells him to clean up his dead best friend's room.

This only gets worse, because the MC's friendly priest was making an invocation of a demon, but since he was old and had a fragile body, he ended up dying of blood loss before completing the summoning ritual.

So, when the MC went to clean up his dead friend's room, he ends up cutting his finger and his blood fell into the convocation circle, thus completing the ritual, to MC's unhappiness, which was soon possessed by a very powerful demon.

A week later the MC, who because he was brutalized by the villain, had not treated his wounds, because the main villain gave orders for the MC not to receive any proper treatment, eventually fell sick and at that moment the powerful demon took possession of the MC's body.

Things are getting worse and worse, to the point where the MC was "violated" by the demonic entity the demon was staging the scene of abuse committed by the villain days ago.

The demon does libidinous acts with MC's body and was screaming in his demonic voice about what the villain had done to the MC that early fall.

Because of this, the villain, who was along with three more exorcists who were performing exorcism in the MC, ends up missing in the sentence of a phrase of exorcism, thus condemning the MC to have a permanent pact with the powerful demon, besides, the demon got stuck in the dimension of humans, even if he could hide his shape from human eyes, this was a nightmare for both the MC and the powerful demon, who felt humiliated that he could not return to hell.

Then the church scared of MC's family when they discovered that his family had powerful connections, soon plotted his false death. After the exorcism went wrong, the superiors ordered the teenager to whip him until he passed away. They threw the poor MC out of that abbey, thinking that with these serious wounds the MC would die in a few hours or a few days.

Top-level clerics falsified some documents stating that the MC was dead for fighting a demon and thus elevated him to the post of the saint, to appease the powerful MC family and avoid an investigation of the kingdom. Thus, the MC in addition to losing his place in the course of the exorcist, he also becomes orphaned on the same day.

Worst of all, the damn exorcist who destroyed MC's life was just excommunicated and sent back to his country to live with his wealthy and influential family, moreover, this villain still thought the MC should die for making him excommunicated, blaming the MC for seducing him and calling the MC a bitch!

"That's a disgusting man! If I could, I'd kill that scum myself!" muttered Lee Fei by remembering that part of the plot. He who came from a modern world in which he had little violence, yet he felt compelled there to kill this kind of criminal scoundrel.

Then the MC betrayed by the church, abused by the superiors and condemned eternal damnation because of an exorcism that went wrong, he has only now in his company the demon who was forced into an eternal contract with the main character, because of the wrong ritual of exorcism.

From that moment begins the adventure of the MC to become stronger and discovering its supernatural powers, of course, also begins the journey of the devil discovering what it was like to have feelings and how he could live in the human form, most importantly, the relationship between the devil and the MC developed to such an extent that the demon's soul was being purified.

Of course, to get to these happy moments there was still a portion of suffering that the MC and the demon had to face.

In the middle of the bl dark novel, the demon who had harmed the MC at the beginning of the novel, he becomes ML and is submitted by the MC!

Yes, the fragile and cute MC becomes a dominant and wild gong, while the previous wild and dangerous demon becomes a soft shou, becoming an ML cute and rebellious!

Lee Fei, who is now in the body of a character of insignificant support, his situation is quite special. This supporting character witnessed all that misfortune and ordered the leader of that temple and abbey to petition the Pope for the villain to be excommunicated and could not put his feet in the church again.

This supporting character is a very influential and prestigious person, also, the identity of the MC is revealed. In this way, the villain has no way to escape the condemnation and to be excommunicated.

After that there were no more appearances of this mafia character, incidentally, nor was his name quoted in the book BL, this extra character only made a brief statement along with the other superiors, thus ordering the expulsion of this rotten exorcist priest.

Lee Fei's name in this world is Emery Darcy, or also known as Bishop Darcy or Dawn Exorcist or as Emery of Aurora. Since he is from the Empire of Aurora, only he was allocated to the Lancer Abbey that is in the capital of dawn's kingdom. However, he ended up at Matteo Abbey temporarily, which is where the MC was ending his spell as a novice.

Lee Fei, now Emery Darcy, although he was only 23 years old was already a bishop who had a great chance of becoming Archbishop before the age of 30, besides, he had a powerful family that supported him and had links to the royalty of the country of Aurore, adding to his talent as an exorcist and his intelligence, there was no way Bishop Darcy's life went wrong.

However, this does not match the information he received from his new body, for his new memories told him that his death would be imminent!

Forget the scum villains in this bl dark novel, but why does a side character have to have a more horrible ending than a villain?

Emery Darcy is not a good person, but he is a long way from being a complete scum!

Lee Fei is crying in his heart and cursing the god of the church in the Rising Sun!


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