I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
3 Analyzing the plot of the novel Dark BL! Part 1
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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3 Analyzing the plot of the novel Dark BL! Part 1

Lee Fei was a librarian at one of the Universities of Hong Kong, he was a graduate and even had a master's degree, he always loved the books, which were always with him in the best and worst moments, so he chose as his profession a place that was full of large amounts of books.

Lee Fei was 30 years old at the time he died, he had a great thirst for knowledge, being very curious for everything, also had a rare talent of photographic memory, so he read all kinds of books, from building bridges to obscure readings as pornography between men and black magic books.

This young Chinese was one of the rare people who had no prejudice against any kind of knowledge if it did not reach the limit of absurdity as the case of a flat earth, so he also read novels of transmigration and reincarnation.

So he had some knowledge about this kind of plot, but that didn't mean he was satisfied with his situation, since normally the characters who transmigrate like villains or extra characters have to somehow cling there someone powerful, be it the hero or some female leader or male leader if he wanted to survive in this world of romance.

However, quickly Lee Fei amazes these thoughts, he could not change his body and had no idea what expected him in this world, moreover, the MC of this book was a very pitiful boy.

After all, this is a dark BL novel!

Lee Fei once again lamented being very curious about this kind of content, he should have taken a bl light book or even a shonen-ai!

"Damn I should have taken that candy cookbook from Srilanka!" thought Lee Fei lamenting about his curiosity about this BL world.

The name of the book is Black Corner and it is a dark BL with elements of black magic, demons, angels and exorcists, besides of course contain tragedies, cruelties, and a little sadism, this is a very terrible world!

A world much like the medieval age of the earth, the church has a lot of power and the nobles crush everything and everyone by its way.

Cute boys and girls have very terrible destinies in this world, commoners usually suffer a lot in the tyranny of these lands, there are few places in this world where an ordinary person can live well.

Here the world is plagued by pandemics, health units are quite precarious (in some places neither has healers, let alone some medieval health post) and diseases that have already been eradicated in the Earth of the 21st century, here in this world are extremely diseases dangerous and that can easily take the lives of hundreds of people!

The MC is a young man of just 16 years old, who was the third son of a wealthy and influential family, he was sent to serve in the church since 12 years old, was now finally finishing his "course" as a novice to then be able to begin training as an exorcist, or as a healing priest or become only a common priest.

The problem is that his identity would only be revealed when he began learning the exorcist craft, until then, because he was a shy boy he never talked much about his family, so no one knew he had a large and powerful family that supported him.

Of course, there have been some incidents in the past that have caused the MC to be transferred to Matteo Abbey in place of the abbey of the capital. These incidents also caused THE MC documents to take time to reach Matteo Abbey.

Which led people to believe that the MC was more of an orphan and he was intimidated by the priests and administrators of Matteo Abbey.

Who would have thought that the MC shy and weak, without even a drop of the nobleman's proud was the brother-in-law of the current king of the Kingdom of Dawn?

Everyone should imagine what a mess was like when it was discovered... Only the MC has been bullied silently for two long years!

Could things get worse for the MC?

Well, it's a dark BL, of course, they could get worse!

Then on a cold autumn night, a prestigious priest and famous exorcist from another country, who came on a mission to visit Matteo Abbey again, he became interested in MC. This famous exorcist is the main villain of history and who brings great disgrace to the MC at the beginning of the novel, which begins 12 years earlier. The real unfolding of the plot only happens 12 years after this incident between the villain and the MC.

MC was a very lonely boy, but he had a very special and powerful soul. Only a single priest who had some power inside the abbey realized the potential of the MC and decides to protect the 16-year-old.

This priest is called Lattanzio Sarami, he is a 50-year-old, in this world, few reached the age of 40, so 50 years old was already considered quite old. This priest is not an exorcist or has any important office in the church, but he has some powers that make even the Pope have to be respectful of him.

Lattanzio Sarami thinks MC is a lone boy, so he suggests to the villain that he is quite young for a famous exorcist, between 20 and 22 years old, who befriended MC because the MC was increasingly isolating himself.

However, Lattanzio later realizes that the villain has a kind of the wrong inclination toward the MC, so Father Lattanzio warns the villain to stay away from the MC, but it's too late, as the villain begins to feel interested in the MC, a very obscure interest.

Adding this to the fact that the villain hated Lattanzio and he had a narrow mind, which he thought everyone should hate Lattanzio, those who had positive feelings for Lattanzio should be eradicated or punished.

Of course, that MC had positive feelings for Lattanzio, who was his best friend and protector inside the abbey when the villain discovers this, he feels envious and angry. He is jealous of Lattanzio for having someone who has feelings of tenderness for him, but also feels angry because the villain himself had no one like that in his life.

This all added to the fact that MC was very beautiful and had a very pure and naïve aura, looking very sweet and smooth, so the villain goes crazy because he ardently desires the MC, but hates that feeling of wishing another man.

In the end, on a cold fall night, as MC prepared a snack for his friend Lattanzio, the villain appears and upon realizing that the MC was treating Lattanzio so gently, he freaks out and sexually abused the MC!


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