I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
2 Transmigrating like an extra character Parte 2
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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2 Transmigrating like an extra character Parte 2

There he saw his reflection, which reflected an unknown in his eyes, but that also did not stir him, after all, he had already recovered all his new memories and found that he had died suddenly in his past life, now he was reincarnated in a new body.

On the silver, surface was the image of a young man with short red hair, a very old-fashioned bowl-shaped hairstyle, beautiful blue eyes that were as sparkling and gloomy as the night sky, his rosy lips looked like two petals of fresh flowers, his face seemed carved delicately like an angel and his teeth were clear and aligned.

Clearly, that wasn't the image that Lee Fei had until a few hours ago when he was reading his new book, there was no more golden tone on his skin, neither his black hair nor his oriental traits, which he greatly appreciated.

His reflection in the mirror only confirmed what he already knew, he had died very young, and reincarnated in another body, of course, it could also be that he only recovered the memories of his previous life and had died years ago.

"I still reincarnate like an extra character in the novel I was reading?" thought Lee Fei with a little resentment in his heart, after all, he had died, that at least he was the MC of this world!

Of course, Lee Fei was not dissatisfied with his new appearance, which was similar there is an angel, although he found he had some somewhat childish and somewhat feminine features mostly soft and chubby cheeks and on his small, delicate nose.

He was a little vain because of his face that was as beautiful as an angel, at the same time felt regret, because his face in the past life was also not bad, the worst was his new body that was soft and flexible because his anterior body was well worked and agile.

However, the biggest surprise for Lee Fei was to feel peculiar energy circling gently in his body, he stopped a moment and thought of something, then snapped his fingers and at the tip of his fingers, colorful and gentle energy gleamed delicately.

The young boy had a smile on his face as he observed this magical energy on his fingers, but soon the smile disappeared, because the situation was not very good, after all, Lee Fei reincarnated in the novel he was reading earlier before he died. He remembered that the situation of this world was not very good, especially for young beautiful boys with the face of angels and flexible bodies.

Lee Fei clearly recalled that this novel was quite profound and interesting, addressing some topics, such as the acceptance of male homosexuality, about **** among men (which should not be ignored and should not feel ashamed to have suffered such abuse, but face the reality of being a victim and fighting never to go through it again), about overcoming these traumas and how to move forward without having to take revenge.

Of course, the villains didn't think so and went after the MC to seek death... Yes, these villains died for thinking too much! Since MC was living a good life and didn't care about things like revenge, but how the villains came to knock on his door looking for trouble...

There's only one horrible death left for the villains in ML's hand!

Yes, the MC had its revenge, but in the end, all the deaths of the villains were orchestrated by ML! He accompanied the entire journey of pain and suffering of the MC, even before they became a couple!

It was epic scenes!

In short, it was a very good book with great teachings if you erase parts of violence, rapes, demonic possessions, witchcraft, theft of children's souls, abortions, among other barbarisms, which in the book brings deep meaning but reincarnating in a world like this... It really sounds like a nightmare!

Yes, Lee Fei reincarnated in a dark BL book, in which sex was quite pornographic and exciting, on the other hand, there was something sadistic in many actions of the characters in this book, anyway it was not a good world to reincarnate.

Human rights? It doesn't exist!

Compassion? It's just a dream!

Good people... as rare as the feather of a phoenix amid the feathers of the chickens!

Fair laws? As illusory as a rainbow!

Lee Fei lowered the mirror and looks out the window, where he could see a large courtyard and a little further away could see other buildings that looked more like some kind of inn or dormitory, but there was a beautiful building in the middle of all those buildings, there was even a beautiful path made from a cobbled street, where bright green bushes and trees, which had their red leaves due to autumn flanked that path.

The most striking and beautiful construction was the Matteo Temple, which is also the place where the novel BL begins dark.

"At least I'm not the villain of this world," though Lee Fei consoling himself mentally while sighing in resignation for accepting the fact that he reincarnated as an insignificant character of this dark BL novel.

The villains of these dark books were the worst, being people without salvation, something like rapists, pedophiles... Finally, people who could not be forgiven or reformed!

If Lee Fei had reincarnated as a villain in this story and had already done the barbarities with the MC, there would only be death and endless repentance in this life, for as a villain like this could live in the same world as MC? Even if he fled into the mountains the plot would kill him miserably in the future!

Lee Fei looked at the item above the fireplace, there were the sun and a moon attached to a double ring, this was the symbol of the god of light, who is the god of the Religion of The Illumination church's Rising Sun, which is the predominant religion throughout the continent.

"Besides being an unimportant character in history, I'm still a bishop..." Lee Fei muttered a little resentful. He was not religious in his past life since his parents died when he was only 15, he stopped believing in a divine entity.

However, observing the symbol of the church he can't help but feel a shiver throughout his body, it was now undeniable that Lee Fei had some fear and belief in the divine.

After all, he had transmigrated and reincarnated in another world, if this were not the work of a great sadistic god, whose more would be the blame?

"But... be a bishop... Isn't that too much?" thought Lee Fei a little downcast, after all, believing in the divine and being part of the clergy of a church was very different things!


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