I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
1 Transmigrating like an extra character Parte 1
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I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!
Author :Take_the_Moon
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1 Transmigrating like an extra character Parte 1

Lee Fei opened his eyes suddenly, his body arched panting and he sat on the bed. He breathed hard, trying to keep some air in his lungs, around him was all in the darkness, but he couldn't see anything right.

Lee Fei was sweating and shaking his body was sore, he felt his throat dry and his head was throbbing. He closed his eyes briefly and tried to calm his hectic breath, but he felt nauseous and pain.

Suddenly his throbbing head worsened, and he grabbed his head with both hands and returned to faint again, images and memories that were not there before emerged in his mind as a long film in which he cannot pause, Lee Fei felt as if he were having his head divided into two.

After a few long minutes of suffering, Lee Fei finally calms down, but he remains unconscious, inwardly he was analyzing his new memories.

When Lee Fei woke up again, he sat slowly in his bed and took a deep breath, his body was still sore and his head was throbbing, but he calmed down and was no longer agitated.

His bed is very comfortable, there was a pillow made of goose feathers, the sheet covering his bed is made of high-quality fabric, the blanket that was covering it was made of the best quality wool is soft and warm.

His room was quite spacious, there was a glossy wooden desk, with several sheets of paper, of course, were sheets of poor-quality paper, at least Lee Fei thought so when looking at the yellowish leaves. However, his "new" memories reminded him that this was a very luxurious material for this world.

Next to the papers, there was a cartridge and a long and elegant feather, Lee Fei didn't know what animal that feather was, but it was so bright that he could see even a layer of gold dotted in the white downfall.

The chair, which fits the desk, had a kind of luxurious upholstery and red color, there was an armchair next to the fireplace and a small table with two elegant chairs next to the window.

The whole room is made of stone, the floor was covered with a soft and well-crafted carpet, next to the bed there was a furniture that had a jar of water, next to there was a glass of wood of law, a refined ceramic tin to wash the face and a used cotton cloth to dry the face, below the bed there were two copper basins to make basic needs.

There was a piece of fabric on the diagonal side of the room, it was a wooden fabric used for when it needed to bathe in a large bowl, next to the wooden fabric there is a small wooden bench, which is used by a servant or novice that would help bathe someone.

Near the wooden door, there was a sleek and elegant chest, which must have their clothes and things, the chests were widely used to store objects, there was no ease of cabinets or wardrobes, not in a place like this.

After his vision adapted to the semi-darkness, Lee Fei groped near the bedside table that stood next to his bed and achieved something like a match, but in fact, it was a magical wooden tool that when pressing the button created a small golden light.

Lee Fei felt that something was being extracted from the hand that held this magic tool, was that his Mana?

He pressed the magic tool button. The golden light was warm and smooth. Lee Fei shook the light wand and the little good light wandered in the air and lit the candlestick next to his bed, illuminating the room that was in the penumbra. The small ball of light was extinguished after lighting all the candlesticks in the room.

Lee Fei was a little stunned by this magical lighter, but he was too tired to cheer up with magic in this place, he wanted to look for a mirror and a book, the first to see his figure and the second to understand this world a little.

With the flickering lighting of the candles he managed to observe the décor that had a bit of luxury, but in general showed a simplicity when compared there are some noble rooms, which he saw in photos and paintings in his past life.

There were three large windows on the northern wall that were covered with heavy velvet cloths of wine tone, but even so, it was possible that the sun partially illuminated the environment, but the cold breeze of that autumn did not pass through the velvet curtains.

Looking at all this, Lee Fei knew he wasn't in 21st century China if he wants to be in China in any century, in fact, he doubted if he was on planet Earth!

The last thing Lee Fei remembers is that he went to work that fall morning and, in his break, read a book he bought a few days ago, so everything went black in his vision and he fainted.

That's the simple one!

Lee Fei can't help his lips form a sarcastic smile, that was very ironic, he never thought he would die like this without warning, without a horn of a bus, truck or car, just sitting on his work desk and erecting a book... That didn't make much sense!


Die and reincarnate somewhere so far from China that it might as well be on a different planet!

Lee Fei got up and went to the chest, his footsteps were half faltering and his body was begging to get back to bed, it looked like he had taken a beating, his body hurt everywhere.

His movements were not very natural as if he were adapting to his new body, which was of medium stature, slender and flexible, very different from his tall and well-worked body of his past life, he felt a lack of strength of this body.

The clothes he was wearing didn't help his movements, it was a long sweater that length reached his feet that were too white and even were small and delicate, but they weren't pretty enough to be female feet.

However, these feet showed that he was not in a body of someone who worked hard, the delicacy of his new feet said that this body was from a nobleman or someone from a very wealthy family.

Opening the chest, Lee Fei sought quietly between the layers of clothing, which were usually loose pants, loose tunics and there were even clothes worn by the clergy, which were wide tunics of dark colors with elaborate embroidery of the dominant religion of this world.

Lee Fei stopped a few seconds contemplating the clothes of the western clergy, his look was calm, and he showed no agitation on his face, so calmly he scoured the chest for a few minutes until he found a silver mirror, of course, it wasn't like the cheap mirrors and more beautiful of the mirror in the modern world.

The small mirror was in a frame rich in detail and some precious jewels, the frame was gold and the smooth surface of the mirror was all silvery. Then he went to the window and opened the curtains letting the sunlight penetrate the gloomy room, so he can finally see his reflection in the mirror.


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