1 Chapter 1:Birth of Toshiro
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Author :Tito_swxxay
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1 Chapter 1:Birth of Toshiro

"Toshiro...That will be the boy's name."*coughs*"Take care of him."Ne yong had a few tears rollong down her face."Senior Wanari..."

Wanari was on her death and she was showing symptoms of rheumatism.

Her maidservant, Ne Yong,was sitting beside her madam holding her baby.Wanari was on her last breath and her skin was smooth and pale."He's a gracling...Hide him from he's father as he will use him as a ruthless killing soldier. I have yet to discover the boy's talent, but i have a feeling he's special."Wanari was smiling even in her death bed.Her eyes had a glimmer that silently shouted how much of a proud mother she was.

Toshiro was a white-haired pre-maturely born baby.He's right eye was dark blue in colour while he's left was grey.According to legend,a grey eye meant a blessing from the heavens.Not one gracling had been born with a grey eye in a millennium. If kings were to know that today a grey eyed child had been born they'd kill each other for him.Ne Yong knew the dangers of raising such a child who attracted unwanted attention but her master had asked her to do so.Wanari's corpse turned into a gray aura and disappeared into the night.Ne Yong packed all her belongings and travelled to a remote village and she placed a seal that prevented the outside world from entering,not even a divine lord could sense any movement nor any living species from their perspective. She cultivated for 3 days with the Toshiro crying endlessly, but she simply ignored the baby's cries and continued meditating.When she was done she transferred all the energy into the baby's dantian so the baby can grow faster.

Yong raised Toshiro as her own,and even gave him the surname Yong.Yong split her soul and she went into deep seclusion while half her soul raised her baby.A decade quickly passed while Yong gained insight on her former-master's teachings. Toshiro was now 10 years old but he's special bloodline made him look not a day older than 6.He's powers were still unknown to him and Yong.After 3 months she undid the seal and ventured with Toshiro into the Kyi Yin Divine City.Yong had been away for so long that she didn't know Toshiro's father was now the Divine lord of Yin City.

"Aunty Yong, I think it's time I started training as a warrior and try to figure out what powers I possess."Yong knew this time would come, so she only responded with a sigh and motioned a few seals to make Toshiro's eyes to appear black.Toshiro was slightly suprised but he quickly became serious."I'm going to help you reach Yellow divine realm,warriors twice your age take years to master it."Yong was looking forward to teach Toshiro something since he's powers were unknown.They took up residence in Kyi Yin Cloud village.Training began...


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