Fei Ling
9 Jian
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Fei Ling
Author :Just_cny
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9 Jian

The next few days, Xiao Hua took care of Fei Ling in Huan absent present. Huan couldn't bring himself to step into the room with Fei Ling.

Fei Ling slept alone hoping Haun to walk in. Feeling the uncomfortable bed without Huan. She felt lonely and unwanted.

Do Huan not want Fei Ling anymore?

She question herself.

Those few days, Fei Ling slowly heal and could finally walk if someone hold her arms. Xiao Hua been helping out as Fei Ling's personal maid.

"Xiao Hua, can you help Fei Ling to the garden?" Fei Ling ask.

"Yes Xiao Jie,"

"Please don't call Xiao Jie. Just Fei Ling is fine,"

Xiao Hua nod her head down and help Fei Ling to the garden. Upon her slow movement, she tried her best to walk a bit faster. She also tried to ignore the people talking about her and her low status.

"Don't listen to them. They don't understand anything," Xiao Hua said and help Fei Ling sit.

Fei Ling can only nod and smile.

"Does Fei Ling want anything to drink or eat?" Xiao Hua ask.

"Green tea and some tangerines would be find,"

"Xiao Hua will be back shortly," Xiao Hua bow and left to get what her Xiao Jie want.

Fei Ling was left alone after Xiao Hua went to get her snacks. Thought that it'll be quiet in the garden, but instead was talked down.

The servant around the garden spoke of Fei Ling and her ways of getting in the Hwang's mansion. Some said Fei Ling use black magic and some said Huan only pity Fei Ling after curing him.

Not once did Fei Ling talk back when the servant said it out loud to anger her. But Fei Ling didn't feel anger, instead she felt embarrassed and stupid.

I shouldn't had come with Huan knowing no one likes me.

Fei Ling grip her sleeves and bite her lips. She didn't want to be in the garden anymore.

"Fei Ling, Xiao Hua is back," Xiao Hua walk straight to Fei Ling with a tray of tangerines and fresh green tea.

"Thank you," Fei Ling said quietly.

After finishing her snack. She ask Xiao Hua to help her back to her room. She didn't want to be a bother with others around.

"Xiao Hua, do you still have my clothes?" Fei Ling ask.

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"I want to wear my clothes. These are not my to wear and not my to own," Fei Ling said.

"Y-Ye," Xiao Hua hesitated and left the room to retreat Fei Ling's clothes.

Xiao Hua came back with Fei Ling's clothes and help Fei Ling dress.

"Fei Ling, are you sure you don't want to wear the clothes Huan chose?" Xiao Hua ask putting on the last piece of clothes.

"Huan's stuff does not belong to Fei Ling. We are not marry nor am I going to stay here," Fei Ling said and turn towards Xiao Hua.

"Not going to stay? Did something happen that I didn't know?"

"No, Fei Ling don't like it here. I want to go back home," Fei Ling stand up using the table as support.

"Fei Ling does Master Huan know that you are leaving?" Xiao Hua ask helping Fei Ling to where she needed to be.

"No, Huan does not want Fei Ling. Fei Ling can only leave," Fei Ling said and walk out with Xiao Hua.

"Who said Master Huan does not want you anymore?" Xiao Hua ask confuse.

The last couple days, Huan been asking Xiao Hua about Fei Ling's health. Not once did he look happy when Xiao Hua answer the same question with the same answer.

She is still recovering.

"Fei Ling haven't seen Huan these last few days when Huan have his free time. But today he left to the palace with important matters. This is the only time Fei Ling can leave Hwang's mansion," Fei Ling said.

"But Fei Li-"

"This is the only time to sent you away,"

Both Fei Ling and Xiao Hua turn towards Ma'am Hwang.

"Fei Ling great Ma'am Hwang," Fei Ling bow with Xiao Hua.

"Since our guest here is leaving injured. I'll gift you Xiao Hua as return," Ma'am Hwang smile.

"Fei Ling is greatful to have Xiao Hua. May Ma'am Hwang have a wonderful day," Fei Ling bow again.

"But Fei Ling never told Nian Zhen that Fei Ling was promise to another men before my Huan," Ma'am Hwang said.

"My apologies but Fei Ling was never promise to anyone after Huan took me here," Fei Ling said confuse.

Who will do such a thing and say that she was promise to someone.

"Ling," a male voice behind Ma'am said and slowly reveal himself.

"Jian? Why are you here?" Fei Ling surprisingly said seeing Jian.

"I'm here to take you back home,"

"I can go by myself. You didn't need to come," Fei Ling said a bit annoyed with Jian.

"With injured leg. I doubt you will last the journey home," Ma'am Hwang said with a smile.

"My legs are for me to concern an-"

"Your legs injured!" Jian brust out and walk ahead to Fei Ling.

"Jian it's not you to concern. Please don't touch me," Fei Ling took a step back and fell.

"Fei Ling!" Jian and Xiao Hua shout out.

"I'm taking you home. I can't let you live like this," Jian bend down and carry Fei Ling up.

"I can go by myself Jian, let me down," Fei Ling look down and towards Ma'am Hwang.

"As I said, you may take Xiao Hua with you. I request that you can leave with your current groom than alone Fei Ling," Ma'am Hwang said her last forwell and left.

One of the servant showing the way out. Fei Ling was place in a carriage and back to her village with Xiao Hua beside her.


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