Fei Ling
8 Breakfas
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Fei Ling
Author :Just_cny
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8 Breakfas

Early the next morning, Fei Ling woke up a bit early than usual and head off to find the kitchen.

As she find her way to the kitchen, she came across a maid who was preparing for the day.

"Excuse me," Fei Ling walk up to her.

"Yes Jie Jie?" She turn around and smile.

"Do you know where the kitchen is?" Fei Ling ask.

"Why do you ask? You don't look like you work here?" The girl said.

Fei Ling didn't wear any similar clothes like her. Rather a dull brown kind of color against the maid light blue clothes.

"Oh I'm new around here. I just arrived last night," Fei Ling said.

The maid smile and show Fei Ling the to her room.

"My name is Xiao Hua. What's your name," she try to start a conversation.

"Fei Ling," Fei Ling answer.

"Well Fei Ling, welcome to the Hwang mansion. I guess you haven't got your outfit. I'll let you borrow my," Xiao Hua said and lead Fei Ling to her share room with a couple of other maids.

"Thank you," Fei Ling smile and follow her into her room.

Xiao Hua help dress Fei Ling up and lead her to the kitchen. Just seeing the kitchen made Fei Ling bloom a smile.

"I'll have to leave to prepare for the day. I hope we can meet again when I come get the morning meal," Xiao Hua said and smile.

Bidding their for well, Fei Ling start cooking a bunch of food she manage to make. Some of the chef didn't even know who Fei Ling is and why was she in the kitchen with an maid outfit. But seeing her make a bunch of food, they thought Fei Ling was just a newbie and given the wrong clothes.

When the sun finally rise up. Xiao Hua came back to fetch the food with a couple of other girls.

"Fei Ling, can you help us bring the food?" Xiao Hua ask.

Fei Ling nod and smile, picking up the plate with the steam fish and vegetables. She walk out with Xiao Hua and some of the other maids to a outdoor dinning room next to a pond.

"Did you hear about master and his chosen Wang Fei?" Xiao Hua ask Fei Ling.

"What about it?" Fei Ling set the plates down.

"Master Huan has chosen a Wang Fei and just got back yesterday at dark. I heard that she isn't noble, a low class," Xiao Hua said and turn to Fei Ling, "I wonder how she is like. Is she nice or mean?"

"Well what do you think?" Fei Ling ask.

Fei Ling wanted to know what people think about her. How a low class girl like her is going to be the Wang Fei of Huan.

"I really don't care. If she's nice then it'll be much better. Status is just a rank, not in heart, but in body only," Xiao Hua explain.

"Oh they're here. Let's go line up over there," Xiao Hua said and grab Fei Ling's hand.

They line up and bow as their master, ma'am, and mistress came by to sit in their seats.

Xiao Hua explain who was who to Fei Ling so when she stumble across them, she can at least show respect.

There was a total of three ma'am and six mistress. Master Hwang and Master Huan was left to come. Just minutes later a gorgeous woman walk in with her head up high when she took her seat next to ma'am Hwang, the first wife.

"She is Li Lihun. The favorite niece of her highness Ying," Xiao Hua whisper to Fei Ling.

"Why is she here?" Fei Ling ask.

Just before Xiao Hua can answer. Huan's grandfather walk in when announce. Fei Ling and Xiao Hua with the other girls in the room bow their head down.

"Huan isn't here yet?" Master Hwang said and sat down on his chair.

"Huan is still finding his Wang Fei. She went missing and haven't been found yet," ma'am Fa, the second wife, said.

"Bring him in, we cannot eat without our favorite grandson. Quickly before the food go cold," Master Hwang said.

A girl two girls away from Fei Ling, bow her head before leaving.

A couple minutes into the conversation of the Mistress and Ma'am, Huan was announce, but without his wife.

Anger was about to burst through him when the servant announce him to join the morning meals or they won't be eating.

Walking in, he didn't spare a look at anyone. He sat on a table alone. The seat next to him was suppose to be his Wang Fei, but she was no where to be found.

"Welcome back grandson. The chef made plenty of food for your return. Dig in," his grandfather smile.

But Huan didn't make a move to eat the food. He didn't even look at the food. He wanted Fei Ling, he wanted to eat her food and only hers.

"Do you not like the food? We can tell them to make something else?" Ma'am Hwang said when she saw how her grandson just sat there.

"I don't want to eat this," Huan said.

He look at the food and stop when he saw the familiar dish. Steam vegetables. He pick up his chop stick and grab a piece of vegetable off the plate and into his mouth. The familiar taste touch his tastebuds. He smile knowing his Wang Fei made it.

A couple people in the room was shock that he broke a smile. He rarely never smile and if he does, it's mostly about killing.

"Do you like the steam vegetables? It looks plain. Why don't you eat the chicken?" Lihun blush recommending the dish.

Huan tried a piece of the chicken meat to only spit it out.

"Is your chicken not good?" His grandmother panic.

"My Wang Fei didn't make this," Huan said.

People turn towards each other whispering. The Wang Fei made the morning meal?

"What do you mean she didn't make it?" Ma'am Hwang burst out.

"I will not eat any other food if it's not made by my Wang Fei," Huan stand up to leave.

His eye scan to the group of maid. When his eyes met Fei Ling's, he storm towards her.

Xiao Hua and the girls bow down to their knees in fear of Huan, but Fei Ling didn't. Xiao Hua notice and pull Fei Ling down.

"Who told you that you can pull my Wang Fei," Huan pull Fei Ling over to him.

Xiao Hua shook in fear for her life. She let go off Fei Ling and bow until her head hit the floor.

"T-This servant d-did not know m-master Huan," Xiao Hua bearly said.

"50 wip and toss her out," Huan order.

"No, Huan please. She didn't know and I didn't mention," Fei Ling move away to protect Xiao Hua with her arms wide open.

The servant on the ground look at each other shock. How can she call him by his name so informally.

"How disrespectful of you. My grandson can do whatever he want with the people lower than him," Ma'am Hwang said.

"This Fei Ling is also lower than Huan. Wip me instead," Fei Ling stated.

"Fei Ling!" Huan shout in angry.

Not only did the servant around them bow until their head touch the ground, but also the servant around bow to their knees until their forehead touch the ground.

"Throw Huan's anger at Fei Ling instead. Fei Ling was the one wrong here. Fei Ling left to make morning meals for Huan's family and didn't tell Huan. Xiao Hua was just looking out for Fei Ling," Fei Ling went on her knees.

Anger boil inside Huan, he was furious on Fei Ling's behavior. Not only did she want to get wip in replace of a low class servant, she also call herself one of them.

"Get the wip ready," Huan order.

Someone brought in the wip and hand it to Huan. In fear, the servant step back immediately. Fei Ling stand up in position to be wip.

One after another, the wipping got stronger and after the 15th hit, Fei Ling fell down. The pain was a bit to much to handle. Blood drip out of Fei Ling's leg and stain the white cloth over her skin.

Huan left right after Fei Ling fell. Not once did she scream out like she did when Jian bruise her wrist. He felt like he had committed a crime for hitting a woman who just wanted to replace in another woman's place. Huan couldn't face Fei Ling after what he done.

Fei Ling was help back to Huan's quarter by the help of Xiao Hua who was streaming a river of tears. She help Fei Ling lay down and prepare medicine.

"Xiao Jie, Xiao Hua didn't know Xiao Jie was Master's Wang Fei. Please forgive this low servant," Xiao Hua sob cleaning up the wound.

"Xiao Hua didn't know. Please call me Fei Ling. Fei Ling isn't fit the title Xiao Jie nor Wang Fei,"

Fei Ling held in the pain as Xiao Hua place medicine on her leg. Fei Ling felt like it was right to stand up for Xiao Hua who didn't even mean to pull her down. She was a low class just like Xiao Hua, maybe even lower.


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