Fei Ling
7 Hwang Family
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Fei Ling
Author :Just_cny
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7 Hwang Family

Just when the sun start setting and the red sky turned dark, Huan's horse ran through the capital gates. People were alert that the duke is still alive and back, but brought a girl along.

Who is that girl?

Everyone whisper and gossip. Who was the girl with Huan? Why is she sitting with the duke on his precious white horse?

Soon, gossip spread like a disease through the air. When dark consume the sky, news about Huan's return with a girl also spread in the palace and hit the king ear when he was happily enjoying his late night meal.

Before Huan can even get to his living area, his grandmother pop out.

"Oh my Huan. My precious grandson!" She cried out and quickly walk to Huan for a hug but stop when she saw a girl.

Huan stop and got off the horse. He place his hands around Fei Ling's waist and gently help her off the horse.

Huan ignore his grandmother calling and just before Huan can walk off with Fei Ling, his grandmother shout.

"Huan!" Tears roll down her face, "Can't Huan even greet his own grandmother?"

"Huan greet his grandmother," Huan bow and held Fei Ling's hand tightly.

"Fei Ling greet grand-"

"What rights do you have to call me grandmother," Ma'am Hwang said and glare at Fei Ling with her teary eyes.

Fei Ling was surprise on Huan grandmother outburst.

"Grandmother," Huan warn with his voice.

"Fei Ling is sorry. Fei Ling greet Ma'am Hwang," Fei Ling bow her head.

Huan pull Fei Ling to the other side and walk to his living quarter leaving his grandmother.

"Huan ge," Lihun start running after them when she heard that Huan was back.

Fei Ling turn to see a girl running their way for Huan. She stop her track and look at Huan who turn to look at her.

"She is calling for you. It's rude to ignore Huan," Fei Ling said to Huan.

Huan can only sigh and look over to Lihun. With a blank expression, he waited for her respond.

"Lihun was so worry when Lihun got news that Huan ge got ambushed. Is Huan ge alright?" Lihun said and tried to touch Huan.

Huan move away from her touch.

"No need to worry. My Wang Fei here has taken care of me when I was injured," Huan said and turn around to leave again when his grandmother spoke.

"Where did you get injury? Call the physical doctor here now!" She shout in worry.

"No need. Huan will take his leave with his Wang Fei. Huan will like no disturb until tomorrow," Huan order annoy with everyone around him.

Want to leave as fast as he can, he lift Fei Ling who was caught in surprise.

"H-Huan put me down. I can walk," Fei Ling said and at the people staring.

"H-Huan ge," Lihun start to tear up.

"I want my Wang Fei to rest, but my Fei Ling can't stop when Huan just want to ignore everyone right now," Huan said and smile.

He shut everyone out and start walking away not even sparing a glance up at Lihun or his grandmother.

"You ungrateful grandson," Huan's grandmother breathe heavily to control his anger.

"Hwang ma," Lihun cried out.

"Oh Lihun, please do not cry. Hwang ma will find a way," Ma'am Hwang wipe Lihun's tears.

"Lihun did everything for Huan ge. Why can't Huan ge see Lihun as someone too," Lihun cried out more not willing.

"Huan is just under her spell. Do not fear, Hwang ma will find a way to kick her out," Ma'am Hwang said to cheer Lihun up.

Although it's a slim chance knowing how smart her grandson is, she will not take a low class girl as Huan's Wang Fei.

While she try to cheer up Lihun, Huan walk into his living quarter and into his bedroom.

He set Fei Ling down on the soft bed and bend down to take off her shoes. Like every night at Fei Ling's house, Huan will always take off Fei Ling's shoes before sleep next to her.

"Huan," Fei Ling call out.

"Yes," Huan reply and look into her eyes.

"I don't like it here," Fei Ling frown.

Because of Huan grandmother's outburst, her confident was wash away for a first impression to greet Huan's family.

"Would Fei Ling like to have another room? Huan can get a servant to clean a room you like?" Huan said and stood up to call a servant.

Fei Ling held his sleeves to stop him from calling a servant this late at night.

"The room is lovely, but Fei Ling doesn't feel safe here," Fei Ling look down as she spoke.

Fei Ling didn't like how people look down on her because of her status. Never have she ever felt so low on herself. Being a loss class girl was ashamed enough, but being hate on was worst.

"Huan will make Fei Ling feel safe here. Huan will protect and be there when his Wang Fei needs him. Am I clear Fei Ling?" Huan place his finger under Fei Ling's chin and lift it up to make eye contact.

"Yes Huan," Fei Ling whisper and softy smile.

Huan smile just seeing Fei Ling smile. He lend in and capture Fei Ling's lip for the first time since he lay his eyes on her.


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