Fei Ling
6 Ying Yi
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Fei Ling
Author :Just_cny
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6 Ying Yi

Two weeks went by quickly while Huan took care of Fei Ling. Even when Fei Ling's wrist healed, Huan still insist her to sit still while he do all the work. More like asking someone around.

"Huan stop I can do it. My wrist is heal," Fei Ling stop Huan grab the laundry basket out of his arms.

"Fei Ling, I do not want my future wife to do choir work," Huan said and grip the basket.

"Then who's going to wash your clothes if your wife is not even allow to wash clothes?" Fei Ling ask a bit annoying with Huan.

"I have people who can do that. I don't want my wife hands to get dirty," Huan said.

"Huan, please let me do it," Fei Ling plea.

She knew the man will not give up until she plea.

"Please don't," Huan sigh, he knew the Fei Ling will plea to get what she want.

"Huan, Fei Ling been by herself and done everything herself. Please don't take that away from Fei Ling," she plea again and held his arm.

"Why are you like this," Huan smile.

He knew he fell in love with the right woman. She didn't greed for riches and jewels, but strength and honesty. Fei Ling never wanted the money, but independent.

Huan gave up and slowly hand the basket to Fei Ling.

"If my wife is doing it, Huan will also do it," Huan said.

"Huan, you have never wash clothes with your hands before. Please just sit back while Fei Ling do so," Fei Ling push him to sit while she move to the lake.

Huan smile and watch as she took out clothes and a thick wooden stick. She soak the robe and put on some oiment. Slowly she rub the robe together before soaking it with water again. She starting hitting the robe when running horse decided to shake the ground.

Huan stop smiling and stand up. Fei Ling also had stop what she was doing and stood up.

"Huan what's going on?" Fei Ling ask.

"Get inside the house," Huan grip her wrist but not fiercely and quickly walk inside.

"What ever happens, I want you to remain in here until I come get you," Huan said and kiss Fei Ling head before walking out.

Fei Ling can only watch as he shut the door. She quickly realize and hurriedly went to shut the windows. With only a dark pitch black and a crack through the window. She walk to her bed and crawl under the blankets.

Huan walk steadily back to the chair before sitting. Just when he was about done with the plan out, horse approach and surround the house.

"Huan, Ying Li thought it was going to be difficult to capture the the duke. But it seem that there's only you," Ying Li said.

Ying Li is the third prince born from a loved consort. From his mother being love by the king, he was also love by both parents although he wasn't Crown Prince.

"Who said that I'm going to get capture? If so they must really want their head as my trophy," Huan said not even a hint of fear.

Ying Li fist his hand and bit his mouth. Although he want to kill Huan, he want to at least insult and teach him a lesson first.

"Of course, but there won't be a trophy case for their head. I hear you found your Wang Fei and maybe Ying Li want to see who this woman might be. Not to mention, a peasant worthless girl," Ying Li said and smirk.

Huan can take the insultment that is thrown towards him, but never his Wang Fei. With just one quick move, he knock Ying Li down with his elbow.

Ying Li fell as if he was a toy being toss around.

"You dare harm the third prince. Capture him!" Ying Li said and point at Huan.

"Touch me and your hands will be cut off. You might be loved by the king, but the king isn't even this foolish to kill Huan," Huan step on Ying Li's right hand earning a sharp scream.

"The king might had kill me if I was a commoner, but I'm the duke," Huan brought his hands up and a black figure came out of the shadows, giving Huan a sword.

"I want both of your hands as my trophy,"

Ying Li confidence went from one hundred to zero. Realizing his fear, he tried to pull back his hand which was still under Huan's feet.

Just when Huan was about to slice his hands off, a soft voice stop him.

"Huan, don't cut his hands," Fei Ling quickly walk up to them to stop Huan.

"Fei Ling, I told you to stay inside until I come get you," Huan let go and hug Fei Ling, hiding her face in his chest.

"Please don't cut anyone's hands. They need hands to feed themselves, to feed their children and their wife. So please let him go," Fei Ling beg.

But the truth was, she can't stand to heard someone else cry in pain.

"Bring the horse," Huan said.

The black figure man nod down and whistle. A big white horse came out in the forest and right to Huan.

Huan set Fei Ling on the horse and got on behind.

"My Wang Fei want me to spare your hands, so I'm going to grant her wish. But I'm going to tell the old man to deal with you," Huan grip Fei Ling's waist with his left arm.

One swift move, the white horse ran out the house and towards the west.

"Huan where are we going?" Fei Ling ask.

"Home," Huan smile.


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